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--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

The Fellowship

March 31, 2010

Kill The Thread!!

I highly suggest all of you who are looking for a bit of fun and a little competition to head over to Mr. Batson's blog "Enter the Door Within" to check out his newest post "Kill this Thread and Win Venom and Song".

The point of the game is to be the last person to post on the thread. So if you post and no one else puts down a post for 24hrs after you post, you'll win a free copy of the second book in the Berinfell Prophecy Series "Venom and Song". I have a gut feeling that this game is going to be going on for quite some time, so keep your patience rolling in at a high rate and you should be good. In the mean time, if you haven't read book 1 already, "Curse of the Spider King", I highly suggest that you read it. It's action packed and ... if you have a fear of spiders like I do (and I think most people do) then you'll probably want to start reading it waay before you go to bed. I made the big mistake of reading before I went to sleep. I kept waking up in the middle of the night worried that some crazy arachnid was going to pop up the side of my bed and bite me!! Aside from the slight scare it gives to all of us spider-haters, I must agree with most people that it has excellent morals and is an awesome book.



March 25, 2010

Authors = Friends

Sometimes we tend to think of an author as another species. Truth is, they're just like you and me...they've got the same faults, have bad habits, and spill egg yolk while cooking. The only difference between them and us is that they've focused their eyes on a goal in life (to write a book) and have pulled through with it. Thus the reason authors have blogs. Blogging provides them with a way to connect with their readers. It lets them appear more friendly; if you ever think you'll never be able to contact your favourite author without picking up the ancient scroll of paper and quilled pen, think again! Searching up an author's blog (and hopefully finding one!) allows you to read what's on their mind and even converse with them. Why don't you give it a try? Here are a few blog sites for my favourite authors:

Donita K. Paul: A Writer Writes...Sometimes and Dragon Bloggin'

  • Dragon's of Chiril: The Vanishing Sculptor; Dragons of the Valley (soon to be released)
  • The DragonKeeper Chronicles: DragonSpell; DragonQuest; DragonKnight; DragonFire; DragonLight
  • Picture Books: The Dragon and the Turtle
  • Romance: Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball; Escape; To See His Way; The Heart of a Child; Out in the Real World; City Dreams; Christmas Letters; Woven Hearts; Kaleidoscope; The Prairie Romance Collection
  • Teen Writing: Camp L.O.S; The Haunting Past; Where Love is Needed; The Wedding;

Bryan Davis: Dragon's in our Midst & Echoes from the Edge

  • Dragons of Starlight: Starlighter
  • I Know Why the Angels Dance
  • Dragons in our Midst: Raising Dragons; The Candlestone; Circles of Seven; Tears of a Dragon
  • Oracles of Fire: Eye of the Oracle; Enoch's Ghost; The Last of the Nephilim; The Bones of Makaidos
  • Echoes from the Edge: Beyond the Reflection's Edge; Eternity's Edge; Nightmare's Edge
  • The Image of a Father
  • Spit and Polish for Husbands

Wayne Thomas Batson: Enter the Door Within

  • The Door Within Trilogy: The Door Within; Rise of the Wyrm Lord; The Final Storm
  • The Berinfell Prophecies: Curse of the Spider King; Venom and Song
  • Isle of Swords; Isle of Fire


Beyond the Summer Land

Amazon is offering a really cool deal on "Beyond the Summerland" (electronic edition) for only $0.99. You can get it here. Check out other sweet offers at L.B. Graham's blog (author of BOTB series). For those of you who don't use Kindle you can get it for free at that link back there (click on Kindle), or you can try out other mobi supporting readers, such as Mobipocket.
Remember that I don't know how long this book offer is going to stay the way it is, so do me a favour and check it out!! :)


March 23, 2010

Wingfeather Saga

Here are the awesome cover pictures of the Wingfeather Saga books 1 and 2 ("On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness" and "North! Or Be Eaten". Hopefully I'll have the time to write up a nice review on the two books soon! Keep your eyes open for more information coming up.


I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More Of It!!!

So, I was sitting contentedly at my seat, editing my latest English 101 essay only to freak out and spastically swipe at my hair. After finishing “Curse of the Spider King” by WTB and CH, I was already paranoid about multi-legged arachnids creeping around my house...the funny feeling on my head rightfully sent me to the edge of bedlam. Thankfully, it was nothing major. My headband just slipped and tickled me...thus the fit.

Lately I’ve been gobbling up books by the two-fold. I finished “On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness” and “North! Or Be Eaten” both by Andrew Peterson...they’re part of the Wingfeather Saga. I also read “Curse of the Spider King” by WTB and CH and “I Know Why Angels Dance” by Bryan Davis. Four books in just three days! I’m telling you, I love my novels! (Now I have four more to add to my growing collection)

Which of the above four did I like the most? Well...I’d have to rule out the Angels Dance (it is really good though), mainly because I’m not too keen on topics of death. The Spider King was also very good but it didn’t move forward fast enough to my liking. The Wingfeather Saga series is so far the top on my list. I must admit that the personable writing style and funny characters have earned themselves a soft spot in my heart. I’m definitely looking forward to the third book!

What is it that I enjoy in books the most? Well, for one, I love good plots. If the story gets to the point and uses lots of detail and has lots of action then I’m satisfied. I’m finding lately that new authors tend to dish out the best stuff, mainly because they’re new, but also because they have fresh ideas. Once an author becomes ingrained in his or her genre, they tend to repeat what they’ve already said...except they use new backgrounds and characters. What I look for is something genuine and thrilling. Gore doesn’t impress me...a little bit is ok, but too much is not good. The Binding of the Blade series is an example of expertise gone slightly awry. I loved the overall plot and the characters, but the constant focus on gore and battle got tiring after a couple books.

Bryan Davis’s Echoes on the Edge series was absolutely excellent! Mr. Davis offered his audience new ideas and concepts, fresh characters, and intriguing themes. I was immediately hooked and have read the series three times already! To me, they’re like the new Chronicles of Narnia (not that there is anything similar between them, but I relate them because of how often I’m sure they’ll be read!).

The DragonSpell (and so on) series by Donita K. Paul was also excellent, although I haven’t read all of the books through twice. I loved the setting and characters...again, the ideas were fresh and captivating.

So if you’re planning on writing a book for me, please make sure that your ideas are original and the plot is complicated. That’s one thing that I didn’t find too much of in the Wingfeather Saga...complication. I could see right through to the plot about the Jewels of Anniera at about halfway through the book and I guessed about Peet the Sock man’s identity (correctly) by ¾ of the way through. On the other hand, most of Bryan Davis’s works have kept me on my toes.

Three cheers for all authors and writers out there who are working hard to please their readers and get the Word out to them! I admire you all and hope to see my own name mentioned alongside your own when I grow up :)


March 22, 2010

Things Are Never What They Seem...

Imagine with me scary music...*dun dun dun*
...frigid weather...
...a gut wrenching scream...
Now think about the sunniest day in your life and the fun you've had...
...scouring a tree fort in the middle of a mountain...
...climbing a hill to see you've got one more to go...
...licking the remains of dinner off your plate...
Oh, right, I said FUN! :P That reminds me...
...of swinging on my rope swing with my little brother waving a branch like a sword to 
"capture the mighty dragon!"...
...jousting with wooden poles on horseback hoping you won't loose a tooth...
...screaming like a lunatic as your brother holds the twig against the neck of your noble steed...
(uhh, that's supposed to be *gasp, oh no!* not *hehehe* got it?)

So what exactly is imagination? Well, I'd put it plainly: Things are never what they seem. In the realm of the imagination, anything and everything can happen. I woke up this morning thinking about pigeons crawling under the tree roots to reach the last of the honey on the telephone lines. Kidding...

  Let me explain; imagination is a gift from the Creator. Those who proudly puff their chests out and bang their fists on tables while stating "I'm an adult now...imagination is for babies...for children." I'll just giggle and probably end up living to watch their eyes widen as they listen to a well woven tale of dragons and snarfblaggles and bidnickers walking on the same dirt. Some people have to liven up and smell the cheese whizz (mmm...). So in the mean time, I intend to use my imagination to its fullest. 

  What's a better way to express your imagination than through meaningless blabble? I enjoy a bit of meaningless blabble from time to soothes the nerves and...

Oops, got to go! My brother is swooping down from the rope swing on the back of his fire breathing dragon. I think I need to save the rest of the town (e.g. 4 dogs and a cow). 

*swings away in superhero style*

Squeaks (as in the name, not the sound)


March 19, 2010

Rehash or Originality?

After shoving aside my writing for a little while I've finally decided to start moving slowly again. I must admit, computers have been getting on my nerves...a lot. First, they're so terribly slow. Second, I hate it when you type something and it takes a couple seconds for the machine to register your request and proceed with action. Third, they crash...and last time my hard drive blew (probably from information overload) so I completely lost the novel I was working on :(. Yeah, I know, I've got to get an alternate back-up source (which I now have!!).
As I was sitting down trying to figure out what I should write on next, it came to me that perhaps I should try to be a little more original. I've started 13 books and finished 2 or 3 short stories, but none of them had original meat to them. It was like rehashing the veggies you were supposed to eat at dinner time. My new novel (although I can't divulge any details) might not get published, but at least I'll be smiling when I think about how original it is.
While we're on topic, what is it that gets you folks to think original thoughts? Do you brainstorm? Grab the first three ideas, tape them to juggling balls, and choose the one you can juggle the best? Well, I've tried all of these ideas (except that last one, lol), and I've decided that the best way for me to think of something original is to pray to Jesus. You might be thinking..."Okaaay, now how does that make it original?" Well think of it this way. If Jesus is God and He rules the entire Universe (oh yeah, AND he created it), then wouldn't he be a pretty darn good original guy to go to? I can't even dream up new chemicals without having know about old ones! So I've learned the long way that it's really important to work hand-in-hand with my Creator when I write. It's like a work environment, I want to write but don't have the ideas and He has the ideas and wants to get His Word out to the nations. The solution? He gives me the ideas and I get the word out :)
If you're starting to wonder what type of writer I am, don't shirk when I tell you I do fiction, period. That includes anything unrealistic. My favourite genre is undoubtedly fantasy, but I must admit that I've read several plain fiction books (based on true history) that have captured my fancies.

Now a little more on my writing character...

I've been writing ever since I could write :) Of course, my first stories were usually brief and to the paragraph with the entire plot in about 15 words. Now those stories haven't gotten anywhere except my memoir books, but they're a good example of how much I loved the art of writing. It was only in grade 10 that I actually became interested in doing longer stuff. I was 14 at the time and my teacher said I had talent. My response? I started bouncing on my tiptoes, raring to write (mentally not literally). Both my English teacher and my Social Studies teacher realized that I had a knack for language and they encouraged me. I hope their encouragement wasn't in vain! I really would like to get published...if I ever can cooperate and finish a book completely!
Now, with a couple years behind me, I've begun to hone my skill under my new teacher (who happens to be super super picky on grammar...I'm talking like, if you've got college level grammar she wants more :S mhmm). Despite her pickiness, I think I can learn a lot about how important grammar is to writing. In grade 9 I was learning and using college level grammar, so my grammar is up to date but a little rusty from the bash it took in high school (I was doing a program from the USA; whoa Canada, you're behind the times!)

Now that you know a little bit more about my writing and my likes, I'll stop yammering. Since this is my first post you can expect it to be me-centered :P (or maybe not...) Nevertheless, I am hoping to post more educating topics later on and I might even throw in a book review or two.

Cheers! And God Bless!

Squeaks <><
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