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March 19, 2010

Rehash or Originality?

After shoving aside my writing for a little while I've finally decided to start moving slowly again. I must admit, computers have been getting on my nerves...a lot. First, they're so terribly slow. Second, I hate it when you type something and it takes a couple seconds for the machine to register your request and proceed with action. Third, they crash...and last time my hard drive blew (probably from information overload) so I completely lost the novel I was working on :(. Yeah, I know, I've got to get an alternate back-up source (which I now have!!).
As I was sitting down trying to figure out what I should write on next, it came to me that perhaps I should try to be a little more original. I've started 13 books and finished 2 or 3 short stories, but none of them had original meat to them. It was like rehashing the veggies you were supposed to eat at dinner time. My new novel (although I can't divulge any details) might not get published, but at least I'll be smiling when I think about how original it is.
While we're on topic, what is it that gets you folks to think original thoughts? Do you brainstorm? Grab the first three ideas, tape them to juggling balls, and choose the one you can juggle the best? Well, I've tried all of these ideas (except that last one, lol), and I've decided that the best way for me to think of something original is to pray to Jesus. You might be thinking..."Okaaay, now how does that make it original?" Well think of it this way. If Jesus is God and He rules the entire Universe (oh yeah, AND he created it), then wouldn't he be a pretty darn good original guy to go to? I can't even dream up new chemicals without having know about old ones! So I've learned the long way that it's really important to work hand-in-hand with my Creator when I write. It's like a work environment, I want to write but don't have the ideas and He has the ideas and wants to get His Word out to the nations. The solution? He gives me the ideas and I get the word out :)
If you're starting to wonder what type of writer I am, don't shirk when I tell you I do fiction, period. That includes anything unrealistic. My favourite genre is undoubtedly fantasy, but I must admit that I've read several plain fiction books (based on true history) that have captured my fancies.

Now a little more on my writing character...

I've been writing ever since I could write :) Of course, my first stories were usually brief and to the paragraph with the entire plot in about 15 words. Now those stories haven't gotten anywhere except my memoir books, but they're a good example of how much I loved the art of writing. It was only in grade 10 that I actually became interested in doing longer stuff. I was 14 at the time and my teacher said I had talent. My response? I started bouncing on my tiptoes, raring to write (mentally not literally). Both my English teacher and my Social Studies teacher realized that I had a knack for language and they encouraged me. I hope their encouragement wasn't in vain! I really would like to get published...if I ever can cooperate and finish a book completely!
Now, with a couple years behind me, I've begun to hone my skill under my new teacher (who happens to be super super picky on grammar...I'm talking like, if you've got college level grammar she wants more :S mhmm). Despite her pickiness, I think I can learn a lot about how important grammar is to writing. In grade 9 I was learning and using college level grammar, so my grammar is up to date but a little rusty from the bash it took in high school (I was doing a program from the USA; whoa Canada, you're behind the times!)

Now that you know a little bit more about my writing and my likes, I'll stop yammering. Since this is my first post you can expect it to be me-centered :P (or maybe not...) Nevertheless, I am hoping to post more educating topics later on and I might even throw in a book review or two.

Cheers! And God Bless!

Squeaks <><

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  1. Good start! I sure hope you will finally finish a book. It would be great to finally read one of your books that have been completed!!


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