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April 2, 2010

Blow Your Horn!!

How many of you have heard the story about Joshua and Jericho? Remember how the Israelites have to walk around Jericho once each day for seven days and then on the seventh day they had to walk around it seven times and then blow their horns and shout? (...and the walls came tumbling down...)

So, what does this have to do with today and with writing? First of all, Jericho was an important step in the Israelites journey through the Promised Land. Therefore, it's an important Biblical event. The reason I bring this up is because Jericho ties strongly into our Christian faith, especially on today (Good Friday). You see, when Jesus died for us on the cross He tore the veil that originally separated God and man. His final cry was the trumpet call that broke the wall between the natural and the spiritual so that, as Christians, we can walk over into the Promised Land. Isn't that just awesome?

Christ has broken down the wall...unbelievers are like Israelites that have seen the wall get broken down yet they are unwilling to go and collect the spoils of the land (outrageous eh?). Christians are those of us who are willing to take that step of faith through the rubble and the follow our Commander into the Promised Land. If you want to be recruited to the all time adventure they you might want to scramble on board ASAP!! Because no one knows when the train's going to leave for good :P

Alrighty, now that I've given my little sermon I have to answer the question of how this ties into our writing. As Soldiers of the King, it's our job to warn the public about what's coming up. If you knew that an bomb was going to explode an entire state, would you warn the people? Of course you would! No right-minded individual would let innocent women and children die! Well guess what...the same goes for Christians. We know what's going to happen to those who don't believe right? So why aren't we warning them? The point of the matter is that many writers waste their amazing talent on doing little scribbles and scrabbles about meaningless nonsense. If we're going to write fiction and fantasy, why don't we give it purpose? Blow your horn, but don't just blow it because you can blow it (although there are some people that do that), blow it because you have a purpose in mind, whether it's to practice your blowing or to actually send out a message.

Moral of the story: Put purpose in your writing.

After babbling about for a bit, why don't I just nicely sum up what I've said?

  1. It was an important event when the Israelites took down Jericho.
  2. The Jericho incident can be linked to Jesus' death on the cross when He tore down the wall between the physical and spiritual realms.
  3. People have a choice of whether to sit in poverty outside their "Jericho" or grit their teeth so they can enjoy the spoils of war.
  4. Blow Your Horn and let the world hear about the Good News!!

For those of you who are interested by this post but feel you want more (or perhaps your a romance fan), then I highly suggest that you go check out Nathan Petrie's blog Whispered Roars. He just finished posting an absolutely amazing, and moving, piece on the Bride of Christ. You can check it out at:
Whispered Roar's: The Romance of Good Friday


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