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April 9, 2010

[News Release] -- March 9, 2010

Here is the latest news in bloggosphere!

Nathan R. Petrie, author of Whispered Roars, has just been interviewed at Write Big. He will also be hosting a Starlighter book giveaway soon; more details to come on his blog.

Nathan has also written a post called "CCC Part Four - Girl Power!"; if you want to find out more about heroines and their place in a story, do make sure you check this out. The comment section has also boomed as other writers agree and disagree with what Nathan has said. 

Isaac Permann has released a novel called "Sir William: And the Return of the King". You can find more details on his blog The land of Natac

Can one man save an entire kingdom?
Even when a evil lord comes into power?
Journey as we take you long ago.... the land of Natac!
Were the adventure never ends
And the battles never cease. 

Wayne Thomas Batson's contest of "Kill this Thread and Win Venom and Song" has picked up popularity very quickly; it is currently at 349 comments with many many more to come. 

Son of the King has taken it upon himself to transform his blog into The Christian Writers Haven; despite his inexperience as a writer, I find his hunger to learn more quite thrilling. If you feel like giving a new writer a hand, spin over to his blog (linked above). 

Nicole White has blogged on the topic of "The Artist and The Writer" at her blog "The Pen and Parchment". Not only has Nicole dealt nicely with the concept of being multi-talented, but she's also give us a taste of her wonderful artwork. If you don't feel like reading, at least go to check out the drawings; they're amazing!

If you head on over to Bryan Davis's blog "Dragons in Our Midst & Echoes on the Edge", you'll be able to check out the new poster he's acquired for his latest release, Starlighter.

I think that'll be all for now folks! Here is a snap preview of what is coming up on my blog:

- Another excerpt from my newest writing project
- Writing Exercise #2
- Maybe I'll throw in a little review on a book ;) 



  1. Hi, One your Awsome Blogs page said if someone wants there blog to be on that page to comment on your latest post, so here it is,
    the blog is my own (not trying to be proud or anything)just was wondering if you could put it on your page. it is...

  2. No problem Isaac...the deed is done :P I'll add a comment as soon as I become more familiar with your blog.


  3. Hey Squeaks, thanks for mentioning my blog on yours. I'm glad you liked the artwork, and I'm ejoying your writing, now that I've found your blog. Keep it up! :)

  4. You've been tagged, Squeaks. ;) Head over to my blog if you care to do it!

  5. I do! See ya there!

    (ps. you up for a writing challenge? I'm trying to get participants for a contest I'm posting in honor of C.S. Lewis and the college being built in his honor. Check it out on my blog, and if you like the idea, would you mind spreading the news? I don't want to be the only participant!)



  6. @ Star-Dreamer,

    I'll have to consider it. I'm pretty sure I will, but I don't know if I'll be able to get back to you over the weekend. I should have a definite answer by Monday. In the mean time, I will definitely spread the news! :)



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