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April 14, 2010

Christ Thinks Me Worthy!

Hey Folks!

  I wrote a little poem after reading the book "The Final Quest" by Rick Joyner. I guess this is kind of my reaction to the writing...I don't know; it's a cool book though! 

  I hope you enjoy the poem :) 

Christ Thinks Me Worthy!
By Squeaks
Pure light through doorway,
I look and there is light...
The door is open,
Calling me; I must enter.
Slowly, one foot before another,
I step inside.
The brilliant, blinding light shines.
Powerful, Exhilarating!
Yet where is the Source?
I see a hallway. White,
Gleaming hallway.
It turns ahead; I know the
Source is there, around the turn.
One step at a time. One foot, then the other.
Around the turn; shield eyes and
Lower head.
A voice calls softly
“Dear One!”
I look up, surprised to see Him.
Dressed in white robes, white and gold crown,
Silver sandals, silver rings.
I back away and whisper
“Guilty, guilty, I am guilty”
He stops; smiles; laugh!
I wait to hear his voice, it echoes so nicely
In this chamber...this gigantic, never-ending chamber.
“You have been freed!” He shouts in joy.
“You are free!” He laughs and holds out
His arms...those hands with scars.
Reverently, I approach.
He is the Source; He is Truth and Grace and Wisdom.
Tears flow and I embrace my Lord.
“You are loved.” He whispers.
My back tingles, like a thousand drops of water running down.
Then I see, His tears.
“Lord,” I bite my lip and wonder,
“Lord, be comforted.” I kneel and wait.
His tears turn to joy and to laughter again.
My puzzlement must have been
Written on my face. He stopped and pulled me to my feet.
“For what is to come, I weep.
For hardship, trial, testing, and pain.”
“Why weep, Lord, when it is I who must endure this?”
“If I did not weep, you would be unable to endure.”
With that truth echoing inside my heart,
I smiled and walked with Him.
He showed me His decrees, etched
Upon walls of sapphires,
And paintings that made emotions well up
From the pits of my soul
I walked for a long time,
Drinking in His love and holy presence.
After a time, He turned and spoke,
His green eyes glistening with love.
“You wonder at this chamber and
Its treasures. Yet, there is much more
To be seen, for this is but the lowliest of My Father’s
I wondered at how this could be.
“You need not know the reason now;
Only do this:
Tell every living human that I will freely give
Them this...and much more, because I love them.”
Wrapped in His embraced, I pondered,
Would I, too, part with all I had
Because of Love?
The Lord, the Source, bent and
Kissed my forehead.
“Let this be a sign
Of how much I love you.”
He pointed to a mural; I turned and
Fell upon my knees.
Such brutal imagery! My God
Nailed upon a cross! A Crushed Rose!
His eyes...streaming with tears and love!
I could handle it no more and
Turned my face away.
“For you I suffered, for you I endured the pain
Above all pains. A deep sorrow.”
My heart trembled,
“And I would suffer again.”
“Why Lord?” He looked and smiled
“Because you are worth it!”


  1. Wow... that was BEAUTIFUL Squeaks! It truly brought tears to my eyes, but in a good way :-) Thank you for sharing.

    God's care,

  2. Wow. That was great. It magnificently protrays Christ's love... Wow.

  3. Thanks guys! It is my prayer that Jesus will touch people through what I write :)


  4. Sweeto! this is a really cool poem! Keep up the good work!

  5. Ya, great work Squeak's. I believe that this poem will touch a ton of hearts. God is using you as his messenger so that he can touch other people and I believe that you have already started to fulfill that.


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