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The Fellowship

April 12, 2010

Land of Mazes

Here is a little snippet from a book I started writing but just haven't managed to get past the second chapter XD Again, it's under the same licenses as before; enjoy!

“Have a nice stay?” Thia shook her head, “How can the sign say that when all we’ve been doing is fretting and worrying about how to get home? We don’t even know how we got in here!”

“That’s what I’m here for.”

The kids swung around. A man with white, frazzled hair walked towards them. The wind blew his tunic sideways and it seemed as though it were moving in and out of focus. Thia looked at Rick and Davy, then she slowly put one foot in front of the other.

“Sir, are you here to help us?” Thia’s voice trembled. She forced herself to remain calm.

“Indeed I am.” The man approached her and held out his worn, grey hand. Thia clasped it in welcome, relaxing slightly when she realized he was old enough to be her great-grandfather.

“You see, I’m here to help the visitors get through the Mazes and care for them. What can I do for you, my friends?”

Davy cleared his throat and glanced at the sack on the man’s back.

“Well, we uhh...just fell in here, I don’t quite know how. Uh, we’d like to go back home. If you please would tell us how we’ll be going on our way.”

At this the elderly man laughed and sat down on the ground in front of them. The three friends, somewhat unnerved, also sat down. It would be rude if they kept standing and staring at his white head, right?

“My name, friends, is Milkweed. I’m the Keeper of the Mazes, in fact, I was here when my Creator built them and I know every twist and turn and dead end.” He winked at them, then continued on, “I know your story. You were tossed to this planet by an angel who saved you from the clutches of a demon and his trouble making. Good news is, you’re alive and have survived the transition safely. Bad news is you cannot go back the way you came in, you must go forward.”


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Land of Mazes by Squeaks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.


  1. Wow, great starting Squeak's. I encourage you to keep writing!

  2. That was fascinating Squeaks, that taste makes me hungry for more of the story. Keep Writing. :)

  3. haha thanks! Unfortunately, it sounds too similar to the Echoes on the Edge Series, so I think I'm going to shelve it and work on something else lol :P At least until I can come up with a unique twist XD


  4. Wow, that was great. Hey, I have a personal question not labeled personal; have you ever finished a book? If not, what's stopping you from finishing them?

    Oh, and here's a little bit of rambling I feel I need to do.

    Have you ever read a sentence and just feel, "Wow, great sentence." It's hard to explain, but some sentences and the way they're protrayed just attracts you. I read one such sentence on Donita K. Paul's blog, and I find two here;

    "Good news is, you’re alive and have survived the transition safely. Bad news is you cannot go back the way you came in, you must go forward.”
    -Your blog.

    It's just one of those sentences. So, I hope you keep on working with this idea or any others.

  5. @Jake,

    I don’t really know why I’ve never pulled through with writing a book. I guess it has to do with the fact that I tend to be a perfectionist...every time I look back on my writing I grimace and wonder how on earth I could have written something so immature. I’ve finished several short stories and many poems; my goal has always been to write a fantasy trilogy. One of the things I’ve never accomplished is getting through the ¾ point.

    I wrote one story about a girl in an orphanage and how she traveled to another world to battle an evil king...of course when I look on it now it’s so terribly immature and the plot is a mess, but I got to the ¾ point and stopped writing because I almost didn’t want to know how it ended XD. I have over 13 stories started but none of them ever made it to the end (except the short stories). Ah well, I guess I’ll manage to finish one of them in the future :P.


  6. I suppose the key to finishing a book is just revising the stuff you thought was immature. That's what I had to do. When I finished my very first novel, I sat back, stared at the screen, and said, "Wow, this is the worst thing ever written." Or, at least, that's how I felt.

    If I'm thinking it's not good enough, I ignore the thought, and I tend to get a lot more done.

    Take your best work, and relentlessly write, write, write, no matter how bad it is. That, in my opinion, is the key to finishing a novel. I hope it helps you!

  7. Hey, I was just reading your comment again, and I noticed you said you can't get past the 3/4 point.

    Same here... Well, sort of. The 3/4 point is the second hardest point in my novels (after the first chapter). With my first novel, I was stuck at 3/4 of the way through for almost a year. Keep on working, though, and tell us all when you finish something!

  8. Lol, this has to sound weird but that is about the same with me. I have been writing for...well not too long (I just got into a few years ago) but have always had a hard time getting past the first, third and fifth chapter. I just find that I don't have anything else to say!
    Another problem that I have is finishing the story too fast. I have a great idea for an ending but I just want to do it first instead of the beginning and middle.
    Oh, I should mention I also have a problem with getting names for my characters. I have visited about....let me see....forty name making websites but most of them tend to generate non-Christian names. If you have any good names that you want to share than PLEASE tell me.

    ~Son of the King~


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