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Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

The Fellowship

April 4, 2010

Mercy! Mercy!

Here is a poem I wrote a while ago that I wanted to share with you folks, since I think it's appropriate for Easter Sunday! Enjoy!

Mercy! Mercy!

In the darkness, drums throb.
They terrify me; I know the one who beats them,
He’s cruel, a hard taskmaster.
Blood oozes from my bosom.
It drips down my arms in rivulets,
Steady and uncontrollable.

I hide in the shadows, afraid of the drums,
Scared of the blood.
Boom, boom, boom!
No! Go away!
I cry quietly as the drums get closer.
Thrum, thrum...
Their pounding echoes in my ears
It rings up my backbone.

I’m shaking, I always do.
Silence follows the last reverberating pound.
Anxiety eats hungrily at my bones.
The wind whips my hair wildly around my face.
Mercy! Please, please, mercy!
A voice tickles my ear, but no one’s there.
“Sinner, sinner, bloody sinner.”
Go away! Leave
“Spider! Drunken spider! Sinner!”
I clap bloody hands over ears, but
I see the voice comes from within.
“Harlot! Foolish harlot! Spider! Sinner!”
I sob and drop to my knees.
Go away! Blood runs with tears.

A heart-wrenching scream echoes in my ears.
It’s my scream; long, painful.
Curs├ęd demon!
The voice laughs loudly, it drowns out my screams.
A macabre dance begins.
Blood splatters walls and dirt.

Nothing. It’s gone...
A bloody mess remains.
I lie, kicking in my own blood.
Even the ground will not absorb.

A shining, bright light in the distance
Falls on my feet, exposing my sin.
Go away! Go away.
My tears have dried up,
My wound only seeps.
The light gets closer, brighter, stranger.
I push my head into the ground.
Go away! Go away.

The light is so bright it shines through the dirt.
My eyes sting. It’s too powerful.
Something soft touches my shoulder.
A firm grip picks me up and turns me around.
I close my eyes.
No, No, No!

Sweet music brushes my hair,
Soft hands encircle my face.
“Look up. Open your eyes.”
I peek through the blood at the ground.

Two feet, covered in blood and dust.
Two holes, blood stains on leather sandals.
I look upwards,
A simple, woollen garb, spattered with...
My blood? My dirt? My sin?
Two hands, soft...yet pierced,
Reaching to me.
My sin. My shame.
Two eyes, gazing with love...
Crying? Crying! For me!
My voice cracks. It hurts.
Such purity, love, hope!
A soft cloth cleanses my grime.
Wipes away blood. It’s his tunic.
“I AM who I AM.”

He kneels and washes my feet.
Kneels in blood and mud.
My blood. My mud.
Oh such humility! For me!
Fresh tears drip down my clean cheeks.
Like two streams of light.

He rises and walks backward.
Those scarred hands reach out to me.
“Come, follow me.”
I look down, my body is clean and finely clothed.
I look up. He smiles.
A tear drops to the ground.
I lift up my tunic and run
Into his waiting arms. 



  1. Wow... that was powerful. Very touching, and oh so true! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thank you! I wrote it in context of the Bible...I did it from what I remember of the Old Testament :P so I can't quite remember the exact passages, but I believe the general books include Isaiah and Proverbs (the "kicking in my own blood" part is from Isaiah and the spider comments are from Proverbs(I didn't take it from COTSK)).


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