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The Fellowship

April 4, 2010

Morning Mist

Morning Folks! Happy Easter Sunday!

Today is usually a day when I don't do much...I go to Church, have dinner with someone, and just enjoy the fact that this was the day picked to commemorate our Lord's resurrection. If the world were to follow my ideas (lol) then I would love it if every store were closed on Easter Sunday and everyone was out visiting other people and just enjoying time with one another. But, of course, that's just nonsense to our fast-paced technologically based world. I'd love it to be different...guess it won't happen in my years.

Sometimes I wake up and look at the Creation around makes me wonder how glorious our God really is if he could create such a majestic world (minus pollution and sin XD ). It's kind of like in the "Echoes on the Edge" series...if you play music, another reality is going to show up. I guess our prayers are kind of like spiritual music...if we pray, we are able to set our spiritual eyes on another reality. Pretty sweet eh?

Well, I must admit that aside from writing down posts and doing diddly, I haven't been working on my novel much lately. I can't really think of any good ideas to jot down...nothing fresh. It's like stale air in a stuffy room. Gotta get that breeze blowing again. Perhaps it's a small case of writers block; maybe I'm just being lazy :P It doesn't really help that I'm only about 3000 words into it; I don't have much room to go and elaborate or edit...perhaps I need a bit of fresh air myself. That's one of the disadvantages of writing under the Lord's direction (it's not a bad thing, just kind of annoying sometimes). You ask Jesus to give you ideas and speak his message through your words...but when he's quiet for a bit or wants you to work on something else, anything you try to add on to that story looks like garbage attached to fine evening attire (it just doesn't go). So I guess I'll just have to wait on the Lord for this one :P

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