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The Fellowship

April 15, 2010


Alrighty! I'm excited for this!

If you have any questions that you'd like me to answer (pertaining to Christianity or writing) then ask away. If you want me to expand on a post, do some more news, or talk about anything, I'll do it for you (so long as it goes along with my values). So if you've got any questions or you're just curious, now's the time to ask!!



  1. Are you planning on publishing any of your work?

  2. That is definitely a good starter. Hmm... Well, I know I will be published one day. I would love for that day to be sooner or later, but as of current I have no completed works (other than poetry and short stories) that I could publish.

    My plan is kind of like this:

    - I want to write a novel (fantasy) but I probably won't get it published for several years

    - I would like to publish one of my two good short stories (I've written three or four but only two are really good), but I haven't found a publishing place that I like. (and I definitely need to do some editing on them)

    - I want to publish a book of poetry as inspiration for Christian teens, but I don't have enough poems compiled yet (I'll probably need at least 50 and right now I've got a total of 15, but only 9 really pertain to the book I'm hoping to compile).

    So yeah, I probably won't become published for a little while, but I definitely will get something out there someday :)

  3. Oh, how'd you find that picture? Oops, that's not my question.

    Haha, I'm going to do a regular Q & A.

    1. Have you ever thought of coauthoring with someone?

    2. Are you going to write a post on the good guys? (You know, I did a post on villains, and I'd love to read a post of yours on the good guys.)

    3. Do you have any favorite Christian fantasy authors/books not including the following? Bryan Davis, Andrew Peterson, WTB, CH, Wilderking Trilogy, Steve Rzasa, and Jill Williamson. (I probably forgot some, :) ) I'm looking for some new stuff to read that my library might actually have, lol.

  4. @ Jake,

    I got the picture off of a Google Image search for "Question Marks" lol!

    Alrighty, here are my answers for your questions...

    1. Yes I've thought of coauthoring with someone. In fact, when I was in grade 10 I started a little series (lame as it was) with another gal. So yeah, I've coauthored. I think I'd like to do it again, but I'll probably wait until I'm published.

    2. Hmm...this is definitely a thinker :P I think i will write a post on the good guys, maybe even do a series on them. Hopefully I'll get started on this post next week or on the weekend :) Awesome suggestion!!

    3. Indeed I do have some favoured authors! Here is a list:

    - Donita K. Paul (you probably know of her; if not, I highly suggest you add her books to your library)
    - Ted Dekker (probably know of him)
    - Frank E. Peretti
    - Melody Carlson (particularly "The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor")
    - Angela Hunt (I love "Uncharted" everyone should read it!)
    - G.P. Taylor (Shadowmancer and Wormwood will chill you!! You might want to consider adding these books! Even though they don't start strong as Christian books, they do have some good inputs...chilling though :P )

  5. Donita K. Paul, Ted Dekker, and Frank Perriti are some of the ones I forgot to put on the list, sorry. :)

    Speaking of Frank Perriti, have you read his This Present Darkness books? They are simply amazing... some of the best books ever.

    Angela Hunt... Hm, never heard of her. I haven't heard of G. P. Taylor either, but be sure that I'll be checking them out!

    Oh, I just got Starlighter (YES!) and I'm going to start it tomorrow. I can't wait to read it. Oh, for another question; How did you like Starlighter? (I think you said you read it in one comment on WTB's blog)

    That's about it.

  6. Do you tend to think in third person or first and which do you most often write in?

  7. @ Eldra,

    I enjoy writing in third person most, although I have done several writing exercises in first. It's definitely a challenge to write in first or second :P I think most authors prefer third, since that's what I see when I read books!

    @ Jake,

    Yes, I've read "This Present Darkness" as well as several other of Peretti's books. he's an amazing writer!!
    As for Starlighter, it was a great book...but not as good as the "Oracles of Fire" or "Dragons in our Midst" series. I think you'll like it, but be aware that by the end of the book your views on dragons may have changed somewhat :S When you finish, you might want to check out Bryan Davis's blog, since he's holding a quiz on Starlighter and I believe if you're the first person to answer a question (or a bunch of questions) correctly you could win a sword or a cape. Anyhoo, take a turn over there to check it out :)


  8. Hey, as long as it has a good characer and the usual Davis writing, I'm game. :)

    Looking forward to your post on good guy characters! :)

  9. The characters are ok...not as great as what I expected them to be but oh well. The writing is awesome though :P Hope you enjoy it :)

    And btw, the post is going to be on good characters :P Not necessarily just guys... lol


  10. Haha, very funny. :)

    Whether it's guys or gals, I'll look forward to it!

  11. Haha! Of course that depends whether or not I get around to writing it, lol! Jk, I will

  12. I cant seem to work through my writers block. Does anyone have an idea of how to work through it?


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