News: Since April of last year I have managed to accomplish several monumental things in my studies, but I update you now to tell you that three nights ago I had the best sleep since I last visited my aunt's house (years ago) and probably will never have another good sleep like it for years to come *nods sagely*.

--12 March 2017 --

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The Fellowship

April 7, 2010

Writing Exercise #1

Write a story from the point of view of an inanimate object (e.g. the rug). Be as detailed as possible.


I watched Jenny cross the room towards me. I gave out a shrill, musical cry. She stopped, muttered, and shook her head and walked up next to me. I cried again and she scooped me up.

"Hi you want to go to the beach later on? It'll be fun!"
"Sure. What time?"
" about 2pm?"
"Perfect! See you then!"
"Yep! Bye!"

Jenny's skin was soft and smooth...and well tanned. She could use a breath mint or two, but other than that she was such a lovely 80 year old gal. I watched as she walked away towards the chesterfield. I wish that I could cry again for her to come and pick me up and hold me next to her face. She smelled of stew and suntan lotion; I always felt comfortable when I was next to her.

Unfortunately, she had found a better place to keep me. When she was younger, I used to ride on her belt buckle and chirp happily every 30 minutes. But now, I was blessed if she wrapped me in her hand once a day. If only we hadn't grown old together...if only we could have stayed young.

I listened intently as Jenny hummed and sat down to take up her knitting again. It was a pity that the chesterfield faced the window and not the kitchen. I couldn't even convince her to move me to her favourite seat...if only I had legs.

My Uncle Rodger once told me that I was purely a social bird and that when my old gal got old, she'd tire of me. I couldn't believe him then, I scoffed at him and chirped all the louder. But now, now I see what he meant.

When my Jenny passes on from the social life, so will I.


Comment: It's not that detailed or grandiose, but it's a starter to get you folks thinking. Remember, you don't have to share your piece on here...these writing exercises are for your benefit to get your imagination rolling :)

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