News: Since April of last year I have managed to accomplish several monumental things in my studies, but I update you now to tell you that three nights ago I had the best sleep since I last visited my aunt's house (years ago) and probably will never have another good sleep like it for years to come *nods sagely*.

--12 March 2017 --

Quote: I really dislike how glasses slide down your nose impetuously when you're glaring down at your unfinished work. -Me

The Fellowship

May 12, 2010

15 Random Things To Muse On

  • Creamy peanut butter mixed with honey all in a bowl makes a delicious snack
  • If my mom sends me 7 more emails she'll have sent me 900 emails since I first opened up my email account!
  • Human conversation is rated at 60 decibels
  • Children under the age of 6 months don't have depth perception but can recognize the difference between objects of varying complexity
  • Deer have really long tongues
  • Ice cream only tastes good when it's vanilla (note: biased opinion)
  • Postage stamps taste gross (note: biased opinion again)
  • The 5 second rule (or 10 second in some especially lenient locations) doesn't exist
  • McDonald's is called McDogfood by individuals who dislike the restaurant
  • Raisins are actually dried grapes
  • The best sauce in the world is sweet chili sauce (note: biased opinion here)
  • Cats really do get hairballs...just like Puss in Boots in Shrek 2
  • Gravol, a sleeping pill for travelers, has a warning stating that some children may be affected in the opposite manner and get really really hyper
  • Skinner, the scientist who created the Skinner box, did an experiment where he actually made pigeons become superstitious!
  • Yawning is psychologically contagious


  1. Yawning is *so* psychologically contagious I yawned just reading that! :) And licking postage stamps or envelopes make me sick. :P

  2. I thought it was the 15 second rule.... :D

    I protest that it DOES exist, though. I [note; people easily nauseated should not read next part] use it on a regular basis.

    lol. :D

  3. I awarded you Squeaks!


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