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May 11, 2010

The Dark King

Hey folks, just a quick update today to get us started. Jake, over at Teenage Writer, is partway through his short story series of the Dark King (he's on Part 4 today). The tale has proven to be somewhat chilling yet exciting and definitely has left me on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what happens next! I encourage you to join Jake on his journey through the tale of The Dark King to find out what happens to Jarz and Szifa, two strangers who have literally fallen into another world.

Jake is a seventh grader who has, in my opinion, an excellent writing style for his level! Not only is this series an intriguing one, but throughout his blog he offers a lot of exceptionally good tips to writers. Let's give Jake a hand *applause* as he continues to show excellence in his blogging! Keep up the good work! :)



  1. I had a feeling I would be frightfully embarassed when I saw the title, but I had no idea... :D

    I wonder if the story is the reason that I jumped with five more followers in the last three days... :D

    PS; I wanted to answer your poll with a IT'S AWESOME!! meaning the layout, but you only had a 'yes'. :P :D

  2. *Adds to auplaus* good job jake!

  3. Thanks Jake! I'm looking at my poll going... "Hmm..." right now, I never thought anyone would choose the "Terrible! I feel sick every time I come on" button :S I'm going to investigate and drill my family :P They tend to do things like that lol! (they say it's to balance the effect of the poll but I think they just want to be weird)

    I'm off to write 4 snail mail letters!! (my hands already ache thinking about it)


  4. What are snail mail letters?

    And who would've put 'terrible'?? I can't fathom...

    My sisters do stuff like that all the time, though. :D

  5. *gasp* you don't know what snail mail letters are?????

    They're simply letters that you write by hand and put in the mailbox to be sent to friends/family members/ nobodies. :P You can't tell me you've never done it!

    And yeah, it turns out my brother *tisk tisk* voted terrible :P I sniffed him out and he snickered but then changed his vote :P lol


  6. lol!

    Of course, I've done snail letters and such, but I've never heard them called 'snail' letters, just 'letters'.


  7. Snail mail. *laughs* I have at least five of those that ought to have been written and sent in October of last year. So I sall join you, Squeaks, in writing.

    Aye; he better've. This is definitely NOT a terrible layout. I love the 'hidden doorway' behind the actual blog text. So cool. ^^


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