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May 21, 2010

Gaming = x.x

An excerpt of my writing from several months ago...

When was the last time you played a game on the internet? I can tell you the last time my brother played on his computer was a couple seconds ago. In fact, he still is. *sigh* Gaming makes me ill sometimes. You know, over the summer I played on my computer for hours because I was dumb enough to think that there was nothing else in the whole world to do. (my brains must have been on vacation over the summer)
So what on earth am I ranting about gaming then if I even enjoyed a bit myself (perhaps a bit too much)? I'll tell you what. When you game, your brain gets forget about the reality around you and get thrown into your own little world of adventure. Sure, it might be fun once in a while, but when you do it too much then you get ill; and you don't even know that you get ill. The reason I found out that I got ill when playing games can be found under the following list of symptoms that I've come up with from my own experience:

- Sudden snappyness or irritability
- Long visits to washrooms
- Bug-eyed look, sometimes can result in staring into nothing
- Flinching...sometimes this cannot be cured easily and may result in a trip to the hospital
- Annoying humming; most often on the theme song of a favourite game
- A sudden sense of refreshment when you step out of doors
- Astonishment at how beautiful something/someone is

If you have experienced any of these symptoms and are currently in the act of regularly playing games, then you need to do one of two things...1) ignore my information and continue on gaming only to feel more depressed in the future or, 2) follow the next few steps.

So, if you took my information above seriously, then please commit to doing the following things:

- Stop gaming or limit your time to a certain time during the day (preferably 30min to 1hr max)
- Take time to go outside and romp around. Have fun with what God's provided you with
- Enjoy some down time by reading a book and/or listening to some calming music
- Get artistic

Pretty much, the point is that you spend your time doing something other than playing a game. Each of us have artistic abilities that can be unlocked through doing things. For me, I find those abilities when I write. You might be wondering whether this is very artistic writing, please don't go back into my archives to test me on this. My blog is just a place where I let loose my creative steam. In other words, I'm giving you the last of the fruit of my trees. The best goes into my school and my writing. Whenever I feel like "jetting" I just write. If I'm in a less creative mood then I'll usually just sit down and read a book. I love Christian fantasy, Christian fiction, poetry, and plays (yes, I love Shakespeare and other play-writers).

Overall, if you find yourself addicted to gaming, just go to God and he'll let you know what's the most important thing that you should be doing in your life. I'm gonna bet that gaming is at the bottom of your list!


  1. Amen! I recently went to a home educators expo, and there was a man there who said that he allows his children 15 minutes per day to play video games. If they felt like saving up their minutes for a few weeks and then playing X-Box for two days straight, they could. But he refused to let them waste their life enthralled in video games.

    I think if our generation would spend as much time praying and reading the Bible as we spend playing video games and "surfing the web", then...well...use your imagination.

  2. Hmmm. Gaming isn't my weakness, although I'm really into the Endless Ocean game right now. TV is my biggie. Thankfully my family doesn't have cable, otherwise I would probably sit and watch tv for hours. The only thing that can keep my interest right now is hockey and even that isn't holding my attention anymore (at least not since the Penguins were eliminated!).

    Oh, and I noticed you like Gypsy Kings too. (I'm assuming that's the Spanish/flamenco band.)

    Okay, I'll finish this long comment.

    ~God Bless~

  3. What about getting addicted to reading? It happens to me... :D

    Actually, I used to be using my Gamecube waaaay to much, but ever since I've taken up writing more and blogging, I literally haven't touched the Gamecube in weeks. But the symptoms are exactly how you described. How did you know? :D

  4. @ Dakota, I agree! It would make a world of a difference

    @ Eldra, my family doesn't have TV either (a big blessing!). I do like the Gypsy Kings; they're one of my favourite secular bands.

    @ Jake, haha yes! Good one...I agree that you can get addicted to reading :P About knowing the symptoms...well...part of it was guess work and the other part was b/c I underwent some of those symptoms myself :P But the only games I have access to are like iGoogle and online ones...I don't game at all any more.

  5. Good for you, Squeaks! :D

    I don't have a TV, either, except to play Gamecube on. When I tell that to people, they look at me strangely, and say, "What?!"


  6. Hey Squeaks, I just wanted to remind you that The Bookworm Bad begins reading on Tuesday, June 1st. Come check out the blog for the schedule. We are reading Sense and Sensibility. :D


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