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May 17, 2010

Ooh Bother...

As Winney the Pooh would say.."Oh bother..." That's just what I feel like saying right now. My computer is quite sick...actually, I think it's more like comatose. According to the techies at London Drugs, it has "malfunctioned". Curious? Indeed, this is the second time in less than 6 months that my computer has been in to the doctor. So for the time being, I will not be able to post regularly on my dear blog. At the moment I'm borrowing my mom's computer to write this update :P Thanks mom!

So no...I have not deserted you and I don't intend to; just keep holdin' yer horses!

God Bless!



  1. Fussy computers are sooooo bothersome. I hope it gets well soon so you can get back to posting...I was wondering where you had gone...even though I don't always get a chance to read all of your posts I like seeing them pop up frequently on my dashboard.

  2. Ooh. Now that is seriously bad. Sad to say, mine has been acting up too. Methinks we've got a virus that somehow managed to dodge scans.

  3. Mine was doing that last week.


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