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Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

The Fellowship

July 14, 2010


Guess what...okay, before I spill the beans, I must apologize for posting so many times today. :P I really am over excited and now I have even more news to tell that is about to cause me to literally burst with happiness!!




I got a new computer! Yes yes, close your mouth, I'll give you a chance to stop gawking like that :P Indeed, the retailer had a sale on computers and so I was able to get one! It's beautiful...Vista, Windows 7, Sony (white interior and exterior)...I'm very thrilled! Unfortunately, the only thing dampening my enjoyment is the lump in my stomach. Yes...remember I said my mom was baking today? Well...the result of every baking ordeal usually is lots of goodies laid out across the counter. :P Being the way I am, I think I over-enjoyed the sweet goodness, and the flour's in the cookies were heavy flours...soooo, now I'm paying for it with a tummy ache XD

Okay, the real reason I'm back (aside from telling you that I'm writing this from my new computer) is that I wanted to give my description story-telling a shot. I'm looking at a beautiful scene outside the window right now and I want to give a go at describing it (even if I do fail miserably).

Sunlight dances down through the branches of the tall cedars. It caresses the leaves of the cherry tree, causing a warm brown glow to emanate from the bark. Birds chirp noisily; they perch on branches and sing songs of a melody so rich in tone even the deer stop to listen. Shadows fall softly behind the sentinels, the trees in their long watchmen adornment. A little brook bubbles cheerily in the background. Its blue, cold water foams and happily gurgles between the rocks as the pools fill and empty continuously with its freshness. Look! A warbler perches on a tiny branch, puffing out his chest with pride as he coos to his mate. His yellow breast reflects the sunlight; such a lovely pair they make, like king and queen. A cricket strums his strings behind some unknown bush, playing a ferociously fast harmony that adds colour to the opera of life. Softly, oh so softly, a wind brushes through the trees from the mountaintops. It stops at each guardian, cooling and calming only to rush off as silently as it had come. The forest calls Him, beckoning its Creator time and again to look down and smile.



  1. *smacks palm into forehead* Oh no! I completely forgot, in my haste to write my descriptive paragraph, that I didn't include the sense of smell and touch!! :( *hopeless sigh* When will I ever get it right.


  2. oh!!! my favorite part is "the opera of life". Very good!!!

  3. I usually have a problem with this stuff too--when I was editing the Dark King a couple of days ago, I literally rewrote an ENTIRE PAGE of description into there--on all of the stuff I missed. The funny thing is, the original sentences numbered only two. But now people will think even more that the place is heaven... *sigh* I must do more revision to correct that.... :)

  4. Hey, that was pretty good. I love to describe things. I think my problem is in making my sentences to long though, not the other way around. *le-sigh* I too will get it right one of these days. :)


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