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July 27, 2010

A Blogger of Interest: Derek W.

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After browsing Bloggosphere I came upon the most intriguing blog by a folk named Derek W.(that's his online alias). Derek W.'s blog is called Dwibble's Wordcrafting. Derek is an aspiring illustrator who will be attending college in the fall; he likes to write in his spare time.

Since Derek is new to this whole Bloggosphere thing, I would suggest for you to check out his very cool blog. Currently, the main feature of "Dwibble's Wordcrafting" is to make up words and pin definitions to them. For instance, if you saw the word queron would you think of a sea bird floating over the sky with a big belly full of fish? Perhaps not; Derek invented this word and added the following meaning to it: a query in the form of a debate.

Other words of intrigue include: cenueraughtscapi, pedipple, salleradious, and gobsmokkle. I dare say, some of these words would be brilliant additions to tales. Perhaps Derek will be the forerunner of a new thread in the English language!

As a lover of the odd, genius, and unexplainable, I conclude that Derek's blog is one of the most interesting I've come across during my stay in Bloggosphere. As a member of this community (however small or large, tiny or ginormous it be) I would like to recommend Derek's blog to my followers...

*hint hint* It might also be nice to check it out over there because...despite the amazing info pouring out from his blog, there are only two followers at the moment :P Although I am enjoying being one of the only folks to read this magnificent stuff. Makes me feel....oh...special. :)



  1. Ya know, I think I was Dwibble's second or so follower. :) Maybe... I can't view the followers on this faulty computer of mine. :P

    LOL, he actually joined CH's and WTB's COTSK forum and made a blog shortly after, so that's how I knew about it.

  2. XD nice. He only has 2 followers on his blog "so far". I bet he'll have a lot more. It's a pretty sweet blog. Btw, now I'm uber anxious about the result of that first question on your blog :S I hope to hopes I got this second guess right XD there are so many incidents with the palantir that I can't remember all of them! But there are several burned in my memory :) HOpefully one of them is the right one XD


  3. ...Wow. All I can say is that I'm speechless...and that I'm glad that I'm typing. Thanks for the postive critique, Squeaks! Today got a whole lot brighter!...even if it is dark...ah, well. To show my appreciation, I'll just give you a new word right now! And here it is:

    Nowler - a person who is in the general vincinity at a certain time.

    Thanks again,
    Derek W. (That's my real name, by the way.)

  4. :D Well, check out my blog and find out if you got it right... I just replied to your second guess. XD

  5. @Derek, sweetness! I'm glad you like it...I tend to just uhh...write posts about people every now and then :P

    @Jake, WOOT!! Well, I don't have to explain to you how I feel about getting that trivia question right...but for every one else, well...I feel so stoked. Uber happiness. In Derek's terms: Bedostlinath!!


  6. Hey Squeak!

    I thought I'd just drop you a note to say I appreciate you following my blog :) I am also very interested in writing!


  7. Sounds interesting, I'll go over and check out his blog! :)


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