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July 11, 2010

Blue's the New Green

Yes, some of you might be wondering "Why on earth did Squeaks choose blue...with hummingbirds!?" Don't fret my friends, it's quite a short story, but I'll tell it to you the long way :)

Yesterday I was out and about studying and completing random missions around the base (aka. home). It was really hot outside (35 degrees C, although it can get up to 40 where I am); I dislike the heat, it seems we just don't go together, like oil and water. So there I was, disgruntled about the blistering weather when I decided to go on my blog and perhaps, if I was in a good mood, write something. can guess what happened next. I opened up my blog and sucked in a breath of air; it was green...not blue.

If you're wondering why on earth I'd make a fuss over green and blue, hear me! Green is a spring's slightly warm and reminds me of sun filtering through rough branches in an overgrown forest. Unfortunately, during summer, green is not the colour of best option. Blue is my choice because it resembles cool water and clear skies. It feels refreshing and smells like Febreze (just kidding lol).

Now the hummingbirds are cute, no doubt about that, but I am looking for a way to get rid of them. Of course, I might have to hold off until September (the yellow/brown/golden start of autumn) but in the mean time, fret not because blue's the new green :)
Oh yeah...and before I move on, the short story is simply as follows: I was overwarm and decided to choose a blue blog background. End of story. :P

So now for something a bit more interesting. Perhaps I'll clue you into who I've followed most recently. I found two more excellent blogs (that are apparently really really popular already): ~With Love And Kisses~ by Bleah Briann and Excelsior by Taylor. Also of current interest is Singing In The Rain by Guinevere (I've followed her for some time now; her blog is fun and I like to hang out there every now and then).

I suppose that's all for now. I can't think of much more to say and I can't say much more about my thinking :P I'm just chipping time off the time-block until I get to pack up and go to church.

Signed with Fervour,



  1. Oh, I love how you said what blue resembles, feels, and smells like! Perfect. And so very writer-like. :)

  2. I love your new look and the hummingbirds add the perfect touch.


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