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The Fellowship

July 26, 2010

Jake's Tolkien Giveaway!!!

For those of you who don't already know Jake, author of Teenage Writer, here is your chance to follow his blog and possibly win a draw! Jake is giving away ... well, how about I just let him explain that :P I have copied and pasted his original post (he published it today) concerning the rules of the giveaway. Please make sure you check out his blog, even if you aren't interested :)



It's here. Finally.

The giveaway.

The Tolkienish Something.

The Whizz-Bang.

All of that. Teenage Writer's first giveaway begins NOW.

How do you try to win that Tolkienish Something? You get entries. As you know, I gave a chance to guess the prize earlier and so get an extra entry, but, unfortunately, no one guessed it. :D

Anyway, there are THREE ways to get entries.

1) You must follow. Automatic entry (although this requires a comment to claim your entry) to those who already follow. To those who don't, please comment if you do decide to follow. :)

2) You must blog about it. I'd appreciate if you'd either contact me via email (see the page titled 'Contact Me' below the title of the blog) or comment on here to tell me that you blogged about it and give me the link so I can make sure that it's legit. :)

3) And for those smart cookies out there who are thinking, "It wouldn't matter if I did both of those; so will everyone else, and I'd have the same chances as if there were only one way to get entries." So that's why I have this; every day, Tuesday through Friday, I will have a post with some sort of LOTR trivia. The first person who answers correctly gets an entry. But if that first person answers correctly without looking it up, he or she gets a BONUS entry. :D I'll be relying on you guys and gals to be truthful, though. :)

Just for clarification, if that first person who answers the question correctly looks the answer up, but someone else who hadn't looked it up answers correctly after that person, the bonus entry doesn't count. :)

But what's the Tolkienish Something?

It's a The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Boxed Set, 1977 Ballantine edition. With a golden box. :) The edition I own is a little more faded and slightly frayed around the edges than this Amazon picture, but the books are in great condition for their age.

But wait! If you're thinking it's just some old copies of LOTR, prepare to be amazed. Literally just a little bit ago, I found this page on Turns out this edition is quite collectable--and expensive. :)

The funniest thing? I bought it at a Goodwill for a dollar. Literally a dollar.
Two more notes;

One, I am happy to announce I will be able to ship to Canada! :D So no worries, those of you who live in Canada.

And two, if you are closely related to me, you cannot participate. ;)

Let the Giveaway begin!

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