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July 14, 2010

New Theme??

How do you folks like my new theme? I spent quite some time trying to find something mysterious...but the options are few because I'm picky about how I want my sidebars and acquiring a blog template from the web doesn't give me what I desire :P I've set up another poll *gasp! Not again* yes...sorry :P But I really am trying to make things fit here. It's been a while since I've cleaned this place up and I feel like it deserves this makeover. If you guys ever see something while perusing the web and you think of Squeaks here, don't hesitate to let me know about it (I'm talking about templates lol).

This should end my furious rage of morning postings. I have so much more to write about (including the fact that I'm probably going away camping from Thursday till Monday) but I'll have to elaborate later because I've got packing and work to do!

God Bless,



  1. This is it squeaks! I give you two thumbs up.

  2. AWESOME!!! perfect: this is the right one.

  3. I really like it as well. It's (for lack of a better word) soothing. The colors are really muted and relaxing. Quite beautiful.

  4. Wow... Mysterious--fits the owner. XD You're attending a wedding? I'm leaving today to attend a wedding as well. :D Funny.

  5. merci! Thanks guys! I'm glad it's fitting. I'm quite exhausted after trying to find the right one. :P

    @Jake, yes, my cousin is getting married! I'm quite excited :P This time of year must be prime for getting your relatives hitched XD (I always did enjoy that word lol).

    @Eldra, that's what I was hoping :P I would have liked something more along the lines of a cave or a path leading somewhere mysterious...something that makes you wonder what's around the bend. I suppose this will do...and I do like the grey tones :P soothing as you said.



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