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The Fellowship

July 20, 2010

A Peculiar Thing...Indeed

silhouette sunset sunrise music windThe standing title for my newest project is "A Peculiar Thing...Indeed". After outlining a little bit I dove into my project with renewed energy. Hopefully this fantasy idea will blossom into something more than just a few pages. One thing I've noticed about fantasy is how it captures the mind and spins a tapestry of multiple descriptions that are ultimately breathtaking. Many times I've read a section of a story and thought to myself, oh if only I could write like that! I guess it happens to all of us eh? But if we do learn to write poetic-like prose then we should share it with one another right? That's what I'm hoping to do with my latest project. Although I won't know for a long while if this project is going to go anywhere I can at least hope that my descriptive talent will be honed to a higher level than when I last wrote a paragraph. 
Here is a short snippet from the end of my first chapter: 

Wilshire brought the car to a halt at a red light and then eased through the gears once it turned green.
“So, have you noticed anything different Sam?” Wilshire turned left, following the directions Sam had already given him.
“Not really, other than the town name. What's so weird anyways?”
Wilshire sighed and pulled up into her driveway.
“I guess I’ll have to leave it for another time. We can always talk about it at school. You’d best be getting inside now.”
Sam frowned but grabbed her bag without any further remarks and entered her house.  



  1. Sounds cool! There were a couple of parts that may or may not need a comma, but other than that, the dialogue flowed well. :D

  2. Thanks Jake, if you don't mind, which parts did you think needed fixing up?


  3. "So, have you noticed anything different Sam?” After 'different' a comma may be needed. You may also need to take away the 's' at 'anyways'--it kind of makes it sound strange. If you do that, than a comma before it may be needed. :) Hope that helps!


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