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--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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July 12, 2010


Note to audience: this post is terribly random, so if you're not in the mood to hear a normally down-to-earth individual splurge on words of nonsense, I suggest you avert your eyes. --Squeaks. [another note, the image below is from the following url:]

So...I've been thinking about random things lately. For instance, my dearest mother baked a sweet potatoe and a yam. Yum! And then I started wondering...what if sweet potatoes were floating in a bath of acetaldehyde and grooming themselves with twigs? What would that look like? Do you think they'd blow bubbles? Or maybe they'd gargle and sing some cute little song like "We Three Mice" (or was that We Three Kings?).

What if my piano could talk? Would it say "Keep yer sticky fingers of'n my buttons!" Errr....maybe not....perhaps it would be more like a cat and purrrrrr as I stroked the back board XD

Now about those kitties slinking along my wooden floor...would they ever have a pirate accent and say something like "Arrr....the mice arrr out forrr theirrrr evening meal...*hiss*" Or maybe they boys would just say (in their effeminate voices, lol) "Mama, can I ssssssit on your lap and have a glassssss of milk pleasssssse?"

What if your paper could TALK???? Now that is something I never thought of before. As my hand swirled and etched letters with delicate pencil lead upon my creamy page, the paper would cry out in vain "No no no no no! That's not how the plot should go!!" Or maybe it would just smile and yawn and do silly little meaningless things.

What if ... what if there were no "what if's" in this world? What if (and I broke the idea again) people stopped saying "what if"? What if I stopped talking now? Perhaps your sick and tired of me already. But I've only started!

Perhaps my computer would laugh at me as I punched the wrong letter in again and again, trying to spell some silly world like dessert....or was that desert? Depends what I'm talking about right? But what if I'm not talking about anything? Where do those words go? What do they do? Do they just randomly sit in your brain and wait to be selected by your consciousness or do they skip off and leave you dangling, chomping your jaw back and forth to wonder where that one word disappeared to. That bugs me. Where do words go?

What happens when you put a word down on paper? Is it remembered for the rest of eternity or can you slaughter it mercilessly when you rip that page in half with your editorial skills and burn it with the fires of sensibility? How is it that a sentence can be comical one day and life threatening (or even depressing) the next? WHY ARE WORDS SO FICKLE!?

How come my brain is bombarded by words day in and day out...and those simple little angels (or devils, if you may) change my life inside out? How can words be living (e.g. Bible) or dead? How can they be loving or hating? Do words have feelings? What's up with these strange dudes?

What is a word? Has any philosopher ever given this question a good thinking? Have they ever torn the definition down past its sinews and to the bone marrow? Have they discovered what a word really is? Can they? Will they? Have you?

Now shucks, looks like I've wasted my limit of question marks for the day. My mind is actually sombered quite a bit now that I've re-energized myself with questions and meaningless babble. Perhaps this means something to you....perhaps not. Either way, randomness is good for the brain, soul, and everything else, so long as it is used in the appropriate doses :)



  1. A bubbling brook babbles and I think you Squeaks have turned into a brook. :)

    What was it that Soloman said? Words, words they are meaningless. Now that is quite a statement to chew on, especially coming from the wisest man in the world.

    Hmmm, babble, babble on young Squeaks.

  2. Merci! I particularly like the way that term flows: young's got something to it you know :P


  3. Haha! "Your dearest mother baked a sweet potatoe and a yam." That's funny!

    Also, love the photo. I feel that way a lot of the time as well.

  4. Oh, man... *takes a deep breath* I loved that post. :D WHOO!! GO RANDOMNESS!

    I'm surprised, though, that you didn't mention dancing turkeys in your post. I felt sure you would when I read the title.... ;)

  5. @Eldra, yes! I feel like that picture too sometimes :P And my mom bakes a pretty mean sweet potatoe and yam :)

    @ Jake, WOOT WOOT!!! I love randomness. I think I might have to do another post on it because I only started to uncover the random things that I enjoy doing (such as asking a million plus 1 questions lol). Now about the turkeys, well...turkeys are always associated with randomness, therefore they're not random right? That's why I did the sweet potatoe thing...because I doubt anyone has ever associated that figure with randomness. :P


  6. Must love randomness thanks for sharing.

  7. Ah, I see! :D I sure hope you do another post, though--twas interesting to read! :D

  8. Actually, sweet potatoes, randomness and my family go hand in hand, believe it or not!


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