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July 19, 2010

Ready...Set...Go!!! {Nanananananana....somebody spilled the milk *Oops*}

I'M OFFICIALLY BACK!! Are ya happy now? XD Oh good deer. I feel so relieved to be finished traveling for the month of July (at least I hope I'm done...I really do miss being home).

{Note this post is random but I do have a question for you guys; it's the last paragraph of this post, so if you're not into the randomness stuff please please please read the last paragraph (at the least) and help me answer a question concerning word length; thanks so much!!}

But...there is absolutely no time to spend dwadling on hello's (as, if you haven't yet read Jake's amazing post, which I will talk about in a moment, on randomness then you'll know what I mean when I say they are randomnless glop). I must get to the point of yet another random post. It's really the best thing to do when you get back from a trip and need to unwind your brain after sitting in a car for many hours.

Lemme see, oh right, that reminds me... Jake (whom most of you know to be the absolutely fantastic author of Teenage Writer) wrote an amazingly awesome (although hard to follow) post on his other blog Pen in my Hand. I highly suggest (for those of you interested in random things) to check it out ASAP :) I was greatly encouraged by his rant there :)

So...on to the randomness. I was, several moments ago, considering a reply post to Jake's amazing random post but then I decided that wouldn't be random enough. So, I'm going to do something totally random. I'm going to talk about food.

Now I'm a huge fan of smelling food. I love the taste, but there are times when you can't eat (or shouldn't eat) and so you are left to waft those deluxe particles of food through your nose. I, personally, could probably live for a while without eating so long as I was provided with a bountiful supply of fresh smells. How did I find this out in the first place? Haha...

I was eating something...I can't remember if it was the quinoa cookies or cauliflower, but I found that if I plugged my nose (funny how I forgot the difference it makes even though I did it lots when I was really really really really really really really little) the food tasted way better. Oh right...and I also found that it was very useful to hold your breath while uhh...taking a trip to the most stinky of all bathrooms: the outhouse. *makes choking sound then groans* Indeed, I never was a big fan of those menacing booths that stand out in the forest like a splinter on a thumb. Or...even better, like a piece of cauliflower on a plate of dessert. Okay, I think I have to stop with this subject...because of two things: First, I have this gross feeling in my tum tum now that I've talked about unsanitary things *shivers*; second I see a cat walking; third I remembered what I wanted to tell Jake.

{Yes, I know, that was three things even though I was only going to say two...see, it's random! You didn't expect it therefore it qualifies as being random...I think.)

So, what I was going to say to Jake was this: amazing post amazing post, but you violated one of the most important rules of randomness!! :S :S :S (uh oh) :P No worries, I do it all the time. Oh right...the rule is: Never use a uhh...umm...pattern (right, that's the word, just forgot it there a moment). Never use a pattern in random writing otherwise the writing isn't truly random to its core. See, by outlining the five steps of randomness, you actually violated the rule because five steps is really a pattern (right?) and patterns are not random. People know what's coming next. If you get what I mean :P I do it all the time when I try to be random (I might even have done it in this post...WAIT A momENT!! I did! I violated it myself... :( I thought it was cool to use lots of these things () and these things ... but really I was setting myself into a pattern. Dang).

Okay, that's definitely enough on that topic. I can't stand to think that writing is not truly random. No. I won't even speak of it now. I can't. *covers face with pillow and then throws pillow away upon noticing quinoa cookie crumbs smeared into the fabric*.

*sigh* Good ol' days...good ol' days. The days when we could do the oddest things and the "oldies" would look on us and shake their heads and say "Kids." See! My life could be summed up in one word: kid. But now, it's oh-so-much-more-complicated :( Bah humbug.

Well, I've finished my stretch of randomness, which I do suppose is for your benefit :P I did want to mention one last thing, it's actually a question for you folks. If you've been able to get far through this post be relieved that I hopefully won't go random for a while yet :) Now...for the question:

I'm looking into writing children's books (just looking at the moment, mainly from curiosity but something might come of it). The age range I'm interested in is 7-12. Now the question: Do you know what the average word count is for those books? I'm thinking of writing something like "Hank the Cowdog" or similar to that. Probably the size between these two lines |      |. Or if you're not familiar with good ol' Hank then you might be familiar with the Seven Sleepers Series (I think Jake is; it's the one with the seven kids and Goel and the battles against the Dark Lord). Around that length anyways, so if you know the approximate word count for those kind of books then let me know please!! I'd be very very grateful!




  1. I've read all of the Seven Sleepers books, but I'm not certain what the word count is in them.

    If you were to write a childrens' series, what would it be about?

  2. Cats. :P I always wanted to write to kids about what animals think and what goes on in their brains. It would probably be a comedy type story about cats :P


  3. Wow, there's a lot to comment on... :)

    "I was eating something...I can't remember if it was the quinoa cookies or cauliflower, but I found that if I plugged my nose (funny how I forgot the difference it makes even though I did it lots when I was really really really really really really really little) the food tasted way better." ~Squeaks

    That's because all food tastes the same when you plug your nose. XD It must have been pretty bad in order to have been made that good by plugging your nose! But that makes me wonder... What is the quality of the 'all tastes the same'? If you plug your nose and a disgusting food and then a yummy food, what is the quality? Does it taste bland? Just a thought. :D

    And, now that you speak of it [the pattern], I agree. However, as I said in my Randomness post,

    "By saying something back like, "Hello," or "How do you do?" or running like a rabbit (for everyone knows that rabbits cannot talk--unless, of course, rabbits CAN talk--and even if they do, there's a good chance they'll run anyway instead of striking up a sociable conversation), you are continuing the random thing, therefore making it a random thread, instead of random thing. Unless, of course, you believe that threads aren't random--but if it's a random thread, then it MUST be random, and since, using the reasoning I said earlier, all threads are random, then that means you must be wrong."

    'Threads' may very well be called 'patterns'. Just somethin' to think about. ;)

    And, in my opinion, there may just be two kinds of random; Spontaneous randomness, which is the equivalent to YAHOOEY! a spurt of randomness, and threaded randomness, which is confusing randomness that is mixed with spontaneous that is in a slight bit of order. :) All spontaneous randomness must have a bit of threaded randomness in it as well, or else we would be speaking gibberish. :)

  4. Oh, and yes, I have read the Seven Sleepers, but I have no idea as to the word count. I'd guess somewhere around 30000 words to 40000 words.

  5. wow... lol. :)
    In answer to your question, I do not remember the answer right now, but I know I've found it before by googling it. :P I'm pretty sure Wikipedia or something has a word-count for different types of books, otherwise you would check with publishers to see their manuscript guidelines for children's books. Hope that helps! :)


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