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August 27, 2010

Blue Eyed Gerbil

How's the weather out there? Any odd things happening (any blue eyed gerbil's peeping from the sky)? Well where I am we just finished having a hot week. Then bam! it hits. The wind speed yesterday rose uber high; sagebrush and tumbleweeds were flopping and rolling about on the ground, wheeling past the house as though they were on fire (which they weren't, thankfully). It felt as though the whole house was going to be lifted from the ground and dashed somewhere. Well...perhaps not SO dramatic (I can be dramatic eh? oh well).

This morning I woke up freezing cold. And then I found a horse on the deck. Talk about weird! My fingers burn from guitar practice and now they're frozen. Thankfully they're cold rather than hot; I dislike the heat; 30 degrees is much to warm for me. I prefer it around 23.

Anyways, this is just a random post {with inspiration taken from Jake's blog "Pen in My Hand"} so I hope you enjoy my rant about the weather. If anything strange has been happening your way feel free to comment about it :) Disasterous weather scenes in fiction novels always go down well (and I take my inspiration from real life weather).

Signed with Fervour,



  1. Ah, I wish that I could have nice weather... It's back up to ninety here, unfortunately. :P Come quickly, Winter!

    EDIT; Interestingly enough, my 'Word Verification' says 'Raneway'. Is that a sign? XD

  2. Exactly the same thing happened yesterday. The wind picked up and blew a major dust cloud into the valley where I live. Weird.


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