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The Fellowship

August 25, 2010

The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson

Aidan Thomas is an introvert and somewhat overweight. Unlike most fantasy book characters one wouldn't consider him to be the hero of this story, but surprisingly he is.

Aidan's family moves from Maryland to Colorado. This takes out any excitement a kid could possibly have in life. Not only has he left his best friend Robby (a charming athletic boy) who at least made him feel socially presentable, but he now lives in a house with his grandfather who appears to be "losing it".

Finally a change comes that brings a whopping load of excitment to Aidan's life; he discovers mysterious scrolls in the basement of his new home. Upon reading them, Aidan's imagination is swept into a world where the forces of good and evil epically clash. He learns of King Eliam and Paragor and his heart is drawn to this new realm.

A riddle that Aidan finds inside one of the scrolls leads him to enter The Realm, where he is soon given a quest. Will Aidan step out of his shell and conquer his fears or will he give in and let evil win?

To read more about Wayne Thomas Batson, visit his website at The Door Within

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  1. WTB is one of my favorites! Most excellent. :D


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