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The Fellowship

August 28, 2010

Happy Happy Happy!

  • I have finished Venom and Song!! (V&S)
  • I also have another book to read :)

The ultimate post of a happy person is a short post that portrays that happiness with gusto. :) 


 I have read V&S...I have read V&S...I can't believe that I read it because I waited so long for it but now I've actually read's kind of hard to contain this excitement. I hope this is have no clue how elated I am :) :) :) 

Signed With So Much Fervor My Pen Broke, 



  1. I'm sorry your pen broke. I'm in the middle of reading V&S myself. I'm having a hard time picking it back up, though. Was it good? NO SPOILSERS, PLEASE!!

  2. Was it good? Was it marvelous? Was it crunchy?

    And what's this 'other book'?? :)

  3. @Eldra, yes it was grand...the end is a bit shocking but I felt pulled through the whole was, I believe, put together quite well, especially since there are 7 main characters :S

    {btw, my pen didn't literally break lol}

    @Jake, Yes, it was good, marvelous...very crunchy; this other book...well, you'll see, I'm doing a post on it :)



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