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The Fellowship

August 26, 2010

My Apologies

If you are missing a follower then I might be a possible culprit and thus offer my apologies. You see, I have followed so many sites that I can't keep track of them all and my most dear "friends" online here are getting bumped aside as I try and keep up with everything. I believe I was at 100+ sites that I followed, so after much scrutiny, humming, and hawing, I managed to bring that number down to 48. I know I'll miss many of the sites and writers dearly and may add them back after a while, but for the current time I simply cannot process all the babble coming into my dashboard. If I no longer follow your site then please accept my apologies; I might be back later :)

Yours Truly,



  1. Wow. I only follow a dozen blogs, though I often wish I had more encouraging posts to read. Any good suggestions?

    By the way, I'm honored that you chose to keep me around for at least a little bit longer on your dashboard. haha.


  2. Well, unfortunately I must admit that your blog is the only one I follow that is dedicated to devotionals and that type of Christian content. The rest are writers blogs. If you're interested I could always recommend a few but I'm not sure if you're into writing all that much. :P

    And yes, I don't think I'll be removing you from my dashboard any time soon, particularly because yours is my main devotional site I go to XD


  3. I am honored to have been kept checked, Squeaks. :D

    I follow around... Uh, let me check...yep, 26. It's manageable for me--most of them blog less than once a day and more than once a week, so I don't have an overwhelming amount of posts to read after I come back to the 'Net after two weeks. :) If I ever have to cut, there'd be no way I'd cut your blog, however. This was one of the first blogs I followed...ever. :D And still one of the best! ;)

  4. Haha! Same here, Jake. Yours was one of the very first blogs I followed too; and by far is one of my favorites (actually, both your blogs are great) :P I won't ever be scratching those two from my list :)



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