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The Fellowship

September 16, 2010

5% Completed!

So my rough copy of Children of the Song is officially 5% finished! I know that isn't very much...I've only written some 5,554 words (my goal is 100,000), but since I'm such a terribly procrastinator when it comes to writing, I wanted to encourage myself and push myself onwards. I wrote one whole scene last night and introduced another character and her attack dog-like creatures (called Baelinur). My map is nearly complete and my plot is MOVING!

What's going on right now? Well, I've got my male MC (Benaiah; previously called Galeron) wandering around the woods until he stumbles upon a hideaway for a religious sect; he gets pulled into a plot to search for the lost sapling. My other MC (Kybris, a girl) is in the capital city of Kalendaal recovering from an illness. Her grandmother, Palaceir, has been captured by Corbus (head executioner for King Torus) because of involvement with the Marked Men (also called Chosen Ones). Kybris is debating whether or not to save her from certain death. Her Baelinur say no, because she is ill, but she says yes.

You can read an old, unedited portion (it doesn't look like this now) from Benaiah's part of the story by clicking this link. There is a bit of history and other fun stuff included.

Where do I hope to go? I don't quite know right now. I'm thinking, of course, that Kybris will meet up with Benaiah somewhere on the road. Palaceir and Stephos are both going to have a key point in leading their pupils to Elia (the Son of Shammahya). As for now, my thoughts are on getting Palaceir out of Kalendaal dungeon in a curious fashion (I haven't devised how, yet). On that path, Kybris is going to meet another person who will help her release her grandmother. Of course, once the convict is free they will all be on the run from the authorities. I can't say much more because I don't want to ruin the story for you! (If I ever do publish it)

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  1. You've been tagged! Head over to my blog for details!

  2. Oh, and congratulations! I know what it feels like to actually get something written down and completed. Now if only I could do that with my novel. . .

  3. *whistles in appreciation* Wow, that is a lot of words to live up to but with as fascinating as you writing is I am sure you will live up to it. Your story sounds like so much fun.
    Congratulations on 5% whoohoo big land mark! *throws party* :D

    Have a beautiful day Squeaks!


  4. Hi! I just found your blog (Through Exhortations by Elizabeth), and I think it's amazing! I was wondering if you ever heard of Holy Worlds Christian Fantasy Forum... We talk about a lot of stuff you post about here.

    And congrats on making the 5% mark!

  5. @Eldra :) Thanks! I will have to do that soon.

    @ Jessica, Yes it is a lot of words, but I'm sure I will hit it one day :P

    @ Abbey, I'm glad you dropped by! I've never heard of that forum, although it does sound interesting :)


  6. Woot! Five thousand! Every word counts. :) But I hadn't realized that this was one and the same as the story from that excerpt. I had quite forgotten about it until now. :)


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