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September 30, 2010

A Bit of News

There are several important news-related things that I wish to mention to you folks. First, let's start with all Squeaks pertaining stuff and then we'll move on to the more interesting gab :P

If you haven't already noticed, please do now: Hidden Doorways officially has 50 amazing followers! Can you believe it? I remember the time I had 1 and I wondered when more would come...more who would listen to my blubbering and blabbing. And guess what? Now there are 50 of you guys along for an amazing ride! So I'm very happy to announce that and I also want to thank all of you who have been with me from the near beginning (family members too!). And big thanks to Jake for all the great comments :) You're the top commenter so far and I really enjoy your input. That goes for the rest of you too; you're all great people and I'm glad the Lord has blessed me with your attention to my writing :)

The next newsworthy thing is that there are now *7* awesome entries into the Green Giveaway. I'm very excited for tomorrow, since the voting then begins! So if you haven't gotten your entry in yet, I encourage you to do so...I think this will be a close competition! Rules will be coming up as to how voting will commence. For now, those of you who have already entered, if you haven't looked over the other entries yet, please do.
Rules for Entering the Green Giveaway
Current Entries into the Green Giveaway

Now for the "other" news ;) This stuff is great! Now that the Green Giveaway is coming to a close, those of you who want more opportunities at getting interesting stuff...there are other giveaways to enter!

Jake is holding The Fantastic Flaming Giveaway over at Teenage Writer. Enter if you dare! You could have a chance at winning Wayne Thomas Batson's amazing book "Isle of Fire". This is a definite must if you don't already own a copy, make sure you check out The Fantastic Flaming Giveaway!

Eldra is holding a Giveaway at A Day On Daremo. Get in for a fantastic ride! To my current knowledge, Eldra only has two or three entries. The prize? A hand drawn picture of whatever you choose, done by Eldra's sister Leauphaun. I checked out Lea's website and let me tell you, her drawings are pretty great...this is an awesome opportunity to get that personal sketch done ;) Only set back though, is because Eldra is an awesome Canadian (like me *smiles*) she won't be able to send the drawing to the States, so she'll email it.

Noah from Books I Recommend (if you don't follow already, I highly suggest you do!) is having a Star Curiously Singing giveaway. To get entries you have to perform various tasks, most of which require little effort and all give you a shot at getting the prize...which happens to be the well spoken of book "A Star Curiously Singing" by Kerry Nietz. But wait! Before you enter, consider me...Squeaks...I want that book XD So maybe you shouldn't enter...ah, never mind, it'll only make the competition more fun, okay *sniff sniff* go ahead. :P

Nichole from The Pen and Parchment is having a First Chapters Contest (extra rules are found here).  The amazing thing about this contest is it's all about First Chapters! So if you're writing a book you can enter the very first chapter (plus prologue if you've written one) and you'll be entered. Short story writers can also enter. Winners? There are two of them! First place gets to choose between "Submerged" by Alton Gansky and "Dragon Rider" by Cornelia Funke, second place gets what's left over. I'm personally eyeing "Dragon Rider" get in the fun while it lasts! Nichole is looking for more entree's!

And last but not least, Nahla from Alone with Waning Candles and Ink is holding a Short Story Contest. The prize? BOOKS! Everyone loves books right? All you have to do is read the rules; to get in on the contest you'll be asked to write a short story based on three starters that Nahla has provided. So if you've got an itch to write, check out the offers Nahla has and you might just be holding some cool books sooner or later ;) (by the way; no one knows what books she's giving away, but she said she will reveal that secret information soon).

Here are some of the above giveaway's cool buttons...take them if you want...or rather, if you dare ;)

Jake's Fantastic Flaming Giveaway Button

Nahla's Giveaway Button

So that's nearly it for the news. To tell you the truth, I've only entered two of the giveaways (can't tell which). I'm promoting the rest because all of those bloggers deserve the promotion; they all have great blogs and well, even if they weren't excellent bloggers I'd still promote em because I like doing that kind of thing :)

Now for my last piece of news before I rest my peace XD Check the sidebar on the right and you'll see that Children of the Song has jumped 3,000 words! I've finished chapter 3 in one sitting and my word count is now officially at 13,131. You'll also see another story I'm's called The Raven's Curse. The tale behind that can be viewed here. I started on a creative writing exercise and then poof, it transformed into a wild story line. What you read there is going to be my tentative prologue. I'm fleshing the details out still, but here's the gist of the story:
Jenny was involved in a life changing accident that left her in a coma for over a year. She now has to deal with amnesia and a blurred past. Someone, or something, is out to get her. And they left her a rude awakening...a child. Her child. She has no husband, she's only 20, but this child, so the nurses say, was birthed by her. Jenny grabs a hold of the Jesus she once knew so well and prays for help. With the sudden appearance of a charming young man named Ty, Jenny finds herself swept into a story that was hers. Time is running out and the demons of her past are literally on her heels; will Jenny overcome them and embrace the destiny God has for her, or will she fall into the snare of the Devil?

Perfectly chilling! I think it will turn out grand, but it's not my main priority right now. So the word count on The Raven's Curse is probably going to go up slowly compared to that of Children of the Song.

Also, I intend to have a page up soon with a teaser and first chapter from Children of the Song, for your enjoyment :)

God Bless!

Scrawled with utter excitement,



  1. Thanks for the "endorsement" Squeaks! Oh, and Jake's blog is Teenage Writer, not Teenage Writing. Also, I love the transparent background!

  2. *Gasp* There will be more of that story. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!

    I so wish I had the time to enter your contest it is so cool but inspiration and ideas failed to strike. I am looking forward to having a chance to read all of the entries.

    You are awesome Squeaks!

  3. Saweet. Can't wait to read your first chapter!...again. ;) If ya know what I mean...*shhh*

    Thanks for the exposure, by the way, on the giveaway. I still need to get ahold of 5 more entrants in order to give away my second copy of IoF. :) But tis going good, I think.

    Good writing! (perhaps that should be a goodbye, like 'good day'...hmmm...)

  4. @Eldra, O.O! I can't believe I misspelled that XD *fixed*

    @Jessica, Thanks! I'm glad you liked it...and yes, there will be more, much's actually turning out to be veering towards the horror spectrum of Christian writing. I'm curious because I don't read much horror :P (just a bit of Frank Peretti and Dekker).

    @Jake, *scowls* you're not supposed to know that! *grins* but then again, I knew you'd end up guessing...oh well. And I really like that saying "good writing"...I think I'll try and make it more fashionable among the blogger world. Just like the rabbits *wink*


  5. lol hay, thanks for the promo!!!! and yeah, the exerpt was great!!!!!


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