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The Fellowship

September 24, 2010

The Black Feather

I originally posted this on my other blog but thought some of you might miss it so I posted it here too. It's a creative writing "teaser" kinda piece that I just wrote. Let me know what you think of it!

Jenny rolled down her window frantically and stuck her head outside. The wind and sleet stung her eyes, so she shut them against the power of the storm and took in a deep breath. Her nose tickled and she smelt the familiar tones of summer and spring and...rotting eggs.
The driver pressed the gas pedal closer to the floor and the old Volkswagon groaned in response but thankfully sped forward.
"Smell anything Jenny?" The driver asked.
Jenny didn't respond. She focused on the smells, ignoring the pain of the ice crystals as they hurled themselves against her face. Her chocolate brown hair, which was once well kept now tassled itself all over the place.
"Jenny, get inside now; you'll get hurt." The driver grabbed Jenny's arm and pulled her in, then pushed down the button that rolled up the passenger window.
The ride was silent for a few moments; Jenny heard the rubber of the wheels slipping on the ice and the slap of the storm's worst against their windshield. The wipers left streak marks and squeaked in complaint as they swished back and forth.
Oh God, they're coming! She thought to herself and buried her face in her hands.
"Jenny? Did you smell anything?" The driver asked again, looking out at the passenger from a wool scarf that was wrapped around their face.
"Yes. They're coming." She whispered.
"It's all right hun. I'm here for you."
"I know mom. But..." Jenny paused and sniffed, "NO! They're in the car!" She cried out and went to unlatch her seat belt. Her mother took one hand off the wheel and grabbed Jenny.
"Don't! If you give them a chance like that they'll get us in an accident with no problem and you'll be dead? What good will that do?"
Jenny looked up at her mom. Her normally cheerful deep green eyes were now filled with fear.
"Pray. Pray Jenny, pray. It's the only thing that will help now."
Jenny glanced backwards and recoiled in disguist.
"Oh God! Save us! There must be a hundred!" She screamed.
"Be quiet and pray!" yelled her mother. The car slipped on the ice and fish tailed sideways.
Jenny bent her head and prayed, God save us, we're going to die. Jenny clenched her eyes shut and put one hand forward onto the dashboard. The smell was overwhelming now. She couldn't take it much longer.
The sound of metal cruching on metal and squealing tires filled the air, followed by the sickening thud of flesh and the crack of glass. Then, everything went black.


  1. Whoa, hello there. I saw you were following me through blogger and decided to check your blog out. And whoa, this instantly jumped out at me. Is it yours? Because if it is or isn't, I WANT MORE!

    ~Love your new follower, Icewolf

  2. Yes, this is mine :P I'm actually adding a bit more because the story line intrigued me. The tale is proving to be very very interesting...but I think I might drop it because of the way it veers. :P


  3. N-NOOOOO! Don't! It's very very good!


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