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September 12, 2010


Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep, I heard the unmistakable sound of pattering outside my window. I blindly stumbled to the sill and opened it and had to stop myself from whooping when I realized the sound was rain! The valley here has been disgustingly dry during the summer. It's not like the coast (where they get so drenched in that watery goodness), so we don't have vibrant flowers or luscious grasses during the summer. It's all bone dry...and sometimes that's a very bad thing, because fires tend to like to inhabit bone dry places.

So when I heard that rain running around last night I almost (almost) jumped for joy. The smell of fresh rain is quite exhilarating. It leaves one close to breathlessness and they inhale its dewy sweetness. It carries an earthy scent; like flower petals falling from the sky (ok, maybe not so poetic).

Now I look outside and it's dusky; the sun hasn't yet risen. I love this weather! I know, you're probably staring at the page going, "Didn't Squeaks just rant, yesterday, about how big a blessing the sun was? What on earth is up?" I hear you, but I'm really not changing my mind all that much. You see, the sun is awesome now and then, but when you get too much of it, it becomes a bother...especially when it blinds you or bakes you. The calming shades of gray from the clouds are necessary to give a human a break. Sensory overload can be a bad thing, you know.

What is it that draws me to a good rainy day? Well, perhaps the fact that we haven't had one for a while; that's always a starter. Then again, I love to see the clouds appear and disappear, mysteriously, on the side of the hill. The cloud banks touch the top of the valley and leave a cozy little nest in-between the peaks. It's like one of those sausage things rolled up with batter (dogs in a bun I think...err, make that "doggies"). Overcast skies remind me of winter and the fun and memories that come with that season. Wait! You're saying I just got excited about fall and now I'm rushing on winter? Oh, I'm sorry :P Just a bit sentimental this morning.

In the time that it has taken me to type those last 4 paragraphs (and yes, I'm afraid I type much slower than you can read), the sky has already begun to blue and I can see the greenery outside. It's beautiful! The bushes are vibrantly green, even the trees seem to dawn a new shade. Yet the most beautiful of these are the trees that have already begun to change colour; the ones where the reds and oranges and yellows are pressing out and slowly cascading down the sides of the great giants. That's one of the beautiful things about autumn. The hillside (at least where the deciduous trees are) lights up with speckles and spots of colour, intermixed with forest greens. It's quite the sight.

I kinda feel like taking my camera outside and snapping a few shots of the grayness, but I won't. I'm in a fluffy right now so I can't extract myself and leave this seat. Yes...a fluffy. I've got a nice warm blankey (*embarrassed smile*) wrapped around and it would be a big thing for me to leave XD

Well, I will have to write more later, but I can't think of anything else to say right now. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Signed with Distraction,



  1. Rain! Whoo! I love rain. And snow. Etc. :D The only problem is that rain brings humidity, and if it warms back up after the rain--well, it isn't fun. :P

  2. BTW, Squeaks--the blurb at the top of the blog (as well as a deleted Dashboard link) is indicating a contest of some sort. Can you confirm this report? :) LOL. :D Or veto the report?

  3. @ Jake, XD Oopz...There was going to be a contest (key word: WAS). Unfortunately, I found out that I couldn't get the prizes and therefore I have to wait until I think of something to giveaway that is actually worth giving away...something I can give away without revealing my address. So I'm sorry about getting you excited for nothing XD My fault :P


  4. Oh yeah, and that comment you made about the humidity of the rain? Well...we're so blessed here because it doesn't get humid where we are. :P It's always a nice dry kind of rain (if you can imagine that lolz!)


  5. Aw, no fair! :P I really like 'dry rain'. :)


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