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Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

The Fellowship

September 1, 2010

Excerpt From the Historical Documents Behind "Children of the Song"

Travel from the outer worlds to earth is fairly simple (or was, until the art was lost). According to Coreandrus the 1st of Aeno, you just concentrated your mind and you could travel.

Getting from one outer world to another is a different story altogether. Since the inhabitants of each planet could not survive well on other outer worlds, travel became very rare. In fact, no one travels between them today. Perhaps the most well known endeavour was when Coreandrus the 2nd travelled from Aeno to Ibru. The visit was so successful that a trade route was established several years later. Unfortunately, this fell apart when Barthianu, a tradesman for Ibru, stole large amounts of precious gases from the Aenurians.

Those who well on Fieka and Wvohk never travelled between outer worlds, unless attempts have simply not been documented. Residents of Aeno, Ibru, and Wvohk were often seen transporting to Earth. The Fiekans, probably because of their curious nature and form, rarely ever came to Earth.

It is a pity the art of intergalactic travel was lost. Yet, there may still be hope. Giavani of Fieka (one of the few travelors from his world) mentioned in his book "Gate Keepers, Portals, and Lost Worlds" that an ancient prophesy tells of someone who will come and bridge the gap between the worlds.

"And if yu belyve myrakles com tru, belyve ye in this: An Eafwe dweler wil brige the gap betwix Aeno, Ibru, Wvohk, Fieka, and Eafwe. Lyfe wil be peesful agan and Fieka wil no mor be outcaste."

So from this sacred document, those of the other outer worlds have searched their populations for this promised one. Yet a terrible thing has happened. My fellow Earthlings have forgotten. It was a gradual occurrence, but now only a few of us are left and still we are worth little. Scientists call us mental cases, society says we're lunatics, and our own families say we have lost it.

My only hope now lies in you, the reader. Perhaps by the time this writing has circulated much of Eafwe, it will be labelled fiction or even fantasy. The only reason I force my hand to pen these words is in hope that one man, woman, or child will believe.

The other worlds must be rejoined; if you believe then join your forces in helping the Remnant recover the art of intergalactic travel. Above all these things, pray to the Creator in hopes that he will uncover the promised one.

Blessings be yours in abundance,

Timothy of Eafwe


  1. Not bad. I assume the poor spelling in the one guy's note is intentional?

  2. @Galadriel,

    Yes, XD Giavani is from Fieka; of the 4 outer worlds (Eafwe is the inner world to which all 4 outer ones are connected) Fieka is the most intelligent. The spelling is poor, but Fiekans write things out just like their said (I hope I did a good job simulating that lolz!).


  3. Thanks so much for your comment about my book!!! It really made my day! I *especially* liked what you said about Awel! ;) That's sorta what I wanted to convey with my story——'something bigger than what we see with our own eyes'.

    Awel P.

  4. I like little rants! :) I'm at 78,778 words exact. I probably will be adding anywhere from 60 to 100 more pages to my book. It's more likely to be on the larger end of the scale too. In someways, I'm only halfway done with my story. There is a whole lot I have left to tell! :) I'm not sure either on how many words would equal 300 pgs in "novel-form"... it would depend on how large they printed your book, I suppose. :)

    Awel P.

  5. Ah... This sounds terribly intriguing. :) I love it. However, I am assuming that what stories you may write out of them may concern the prophesy? :D

  6. @Jake,

    Yes, the prophesy has something to do with it. But...that secret will be mine for now :P



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