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September 11, 2010

Mumbling and Muttering

I felt compelled to write a bit more today, even though I really wanted to keep that 9/11 post up at the top :-( But my pen (or in this case, my keyboard) is dancing glamorously before my fingers, begging me to punch it. So I am.

I must explain several things. First of all, I did my BISC121 exam today. It was a biggy and it was difficult, but I have completed it and I am now officially done my bio course. What were the questions on? Well, there were 26 questions: 18 multiple choice and 8 short answer. Huh? You say that's not a problem? *huffs* It was more difficult that it sounds. I don't remember much of the mc, because it went by quickly, but the short answer...that's another deal.

One question was on the lac operon, its layout, and how it worked. Then there was a question on how scientists determine if transformed bacterial contain recombinant plasmids (you know; the stuff involving X-gal medium, beta-galactosidase, and the lacZ gene?). Another question asked how lactic acid was created, the process by which it was created, and where it was stored (the anaerobic fermentation process; waste stored in muscle). The last question asked about the action potential of a neuron and wanted me to go through the 5 steps and talk about ion movement in the cells (toughy). There was also a question on the transcription of mRNA and the post-transcription modification process (you know, adding the 5' cap and polyA tail to the strand of exons).

Oh right, and then there was that one about the nephron structure...I know I got one wrong: I chose to match the afferent arteriole to the point that said "leads blood into the glomerulus" but it actually should have been "leads blood away from the glomerulus". And then it asked about what the vasa recta did...I had no clue, but I guess and I got it right (I checked in my text book after I finished). There was another question about hormones during pregnancy, what released them and how they worked (trixy).

The mc was interesting. There were a couple questions on the Krebs and Calvin cycle; there was also one "no-brainer" but *chuckles* I don't remember what it is now. Another mc asked what organism has the Malpighian tubule excretory system...I answered insects, because that's the only logical choice (I remember seeing a very well defined image of a grasshopper in my textbook with the words "Malpighian tubule" next to it XD so you can't go very wrong there).

Anyways, that's about all for my exam. It was interesting and tough...I hope I get a good high mark; it's worth 60% of my course mark (my assignments are only 40%). The stress of that is off my back so I am left to deal with the other terrorizing things of my life.

I'm overjoyed with my wonderful find (or should I say, Google's wonderful find) of the photo-editor "Picnik". If you search it up with Google it'll come up right away, but if you use Picasa then you can just edit your photos with Picnik by clicking the edit button (they've now joined with Google). This is the reason why I've taken a sudden liking for photo-shopping and picture-snapping. I'm quite surprised at how "professional" I can make my photos look by using Picnik.

Now to counter my over-enjoyment of Picnik, I must bear some very very sad news. *holds back tears* I saw a rabbit today while my mom drove me to the exam center. It was a rabbit gone to heaven. It was in the middle of the road, lying as still as roadkill. I think it forgot to pack its lunch properly in its tum tum because it was all over the road :S (ok, that was kind of gross). I was just reading Jake's post about flobbits, which reminded me very much of rabbits, so I decided I'd better tell you folks this news.

I'm very happy to announce (yes this post bounces from good news to bad news to good news) that I have officially welcomed 2 new followers onto my blog! Now normally I don't do this, but...two more followers means two more closer to reaching 40 followers, which means two more closer to the start of my giveaway :-) Sooo...I welcome to Hidden Doorways:

Now it is time for me to scoot for a bit. But before I do, I must explain this delicious feeling right now.

The sun streaks through the window in warm, autumn tones of gold and brown. It hugs the clouds with its fuzziness and strokes ones skin with an absolutely delightful touch. It seeps through clothing and regenerates cold bones. What a gift from my Lord! The sun peeks out from the clouds, smiling and waving. I cherish these days, for I know that when winter comes, the sun will hide from the fury of the storms; it will hide behind large snow clouds, only chancing to peek out once a week to tell you "I'm here, I have not left". All the flora and fauna soak in the radiance, willing their tender bodies to relax under the heaviness of the soft blanket. It is a luxury that we must enjoy before Frost comes and steals it away.

Signed with Delight,


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