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September 17, 2010

The Green Giveaway!!

The Green Giveaway

YES! Hidden Doorways author Squeaks (the minstrel) is officially holding a giveaway! For those of you who were here for my first giveaway, you’ll remember the excitement *crowd cheers* and flurry *whoosh* of that grand day *applause*. Ok, so it wasn’t that grand…but hey; I’m now celebrating my 100th post (this is my 113th, to see my hundredth please view: Beauty). And I’m also celebrating the fact that I have 40 followers! I can’t believe that 20 more awesome people have jumped aboard this wild ride since my last giveaway! It’s just grand :-). Now, for more about the actual giveaway…
The title of this giveaway has nothing to do with being green (just thought I’d point that out). The concept is that there will be 2 winners to this giveaway. Here are some rules:
·         To be eligible to win, you must be a follower.
·         To enter the contest, you must email me one entry (and only one) of the following choices:
o    A few descriptive paragraphs on à water, fire, earth, or air
o    A descriptive section from your book
·         Either of the choices must both be above 250 words and below 600 words. [Note: in your email, please give me a title for your work and a name (alias or real, whichever you choose) so that I know who is who].
Here’s the catch to this giveaway; you must include at least one sentence (that fits smoothly with the rest of your writing) that includes the word “green”. If you don’t have the word “green” in your writing then you’ll be “disqualified” from the contest XD
The prizes include:
·         1st Place: Advertising for your blog on Hidden Doorways and the ability to write 3 guest posts.
·         2nd Place: 1 guest post
·         Both: Your names and the names of your main blog will be posted at the top of Hidden Doorways for 1 week.
[Note: all guest posts must be written and submitted for publishing by the end of November]
I would have given away a gift card or a book or something more spectacular than just “advertising” but I can’t give away my address…so I hope you don’t mind the meager prizes, they’re the best I can get you right now :-)
So there you have it! The thing about this contest is: you don’t get any points if you tell someone about it. How will you win? Simple; email me your entry (whichever you choose) and I’ll post it on a special page on my blog. Please include a title, because I will put up a poll once all the entries have been submitted and you (the reader) will be able to vote on which description is best. The writer who receives the most votes wins the contest.
Now here is the tricky part. You probably don’t want many people to know about this contest, but now it is important! Why? Because the more people there are, the more likely you’ll have a chance at being voted “best writer”. So I encourage you to spread the word of the giveaway on your blog!
As the author of this giveaway, I will not be voting (that would just be biased lol). In the event of a tie, I will put another poll up and voting will commence again for 2 days. If the tie is still not split, then I will choose who wins first place and who wins second place.
One more important note; you cannot tell other writers which piece of writing is yours; if I catch you, you’ll be disqualified.
So that’s how it goes! My email is hiddendoorways[at]gmail[dot]com. The contest officially begins today and entries close October 1st. You may only submit one piece of writing. Voting begins October 1st and goes till October 6th. Prizes will be announced between October 6th and 7th.
*sword is drawn and slashed downwards* Let the competition begin!!

Signed with Fervour,



  1. Oh! I want to do this really bad! And I have just the piece...

    Umm... is there a limmit as to how many words the piece can be? I mean, you said a few paragraphs about the elements, or a scene from your novel. Is there a word count limmit as to how long the scene can be?

    I can't wait to send you my piece. Unfortunatly I forgot my adapter at home so right now I'm bumming on the school's computer. But I'll try to get it sent out Monday. :)

  2. Oh, wow. :) This should be interesting. From my novel? I'll look and see... ;) But I think I will write a descriptive thing, 'cause all description is tied in with the plot, like a fight. :)

    Oh, and by the way--this part I caught was kinda confusing. :)

    "So there you have it! The thing about this contest is: you don’t get any points if you tell someone about it."

    "You probably don’t want many people to know about this contest, but now it is important! Why? Because the more people there are, the more likely you’ll have a chance at being voted “best writer”. So I encourage you to spread the word of the giveaway on your blog!"

    Do you mind clarifying a bit? :)

  3. @Nichole: Yes, word limit is between 250 and 600 words; if you're a little over that's ok though (how big is your piece?)

    @Jake, what I meant was that telling people won't get you extra entries as it does in giveaways that select a random individual. You know, like when you get an entry for following, one for posting about it on your blog, one for putting up a blog button, and so on (like my last giveaway). So that means you don't have to tell anyone about it, but even though you don't "have" to tell anyone, you should. Because the winner is chosen via public voting. The more people that vote, the more likely your story will get chosen.

    I personally would encourage you to go and blog about this giveaway ;) whatever you choose to do go do it well :P


  4. Ohhhh... Thanks, Squeaks! Does it have to be from my novel, if I choose to do that? I've got a good piece from a short story...uh, but it's from the revised version of the Dark King, so it would reveal the authorship. :P

  5. @Jake, all the information concerning what is allowed and what is not allowed (and what will get you disqualified) is shown in the instructions. I've highlighted the very important parts in yellow.


  6. Even though I'm not a writer, I think I'd like to enter. I just finished writing my piece, but I'm going to walk away from it for a while and then come back to see if there's anything I want to change. You can expect it by the end of today!

  7. Squeaks, a brilliant idea for a giveaway! (And I liked your closing line: "*sword is drawn and slashed downwards* Let the competition begin!!") Epic! :D

    I have a question, you say we must write a descriptive section of story. What exactly would qualify as "descriptive?" After all, someone entered a battle scene into the competition; do action-ous scenes like that count so long as it's well-described?

    And.... I assume we only get one entry?


  8. @Whisper, yes only one entry :) Descriptive is anything describing (in detail) something else. I would prefer description about the environment around your characters but battling would do fine as well. Check out the Green Giveaway contest page:

    All of the current 5 entries have been posted; read through them and you'll get a better idea of what is being entered :)

    All the best!


  9. I was looking through my stories... and green is NOT a word I use often. It's kinda funny... One of my finished rough drafts (with over 40,000 words) has green in it one time - in a poorly written sentence that I'm probably going to either delete or re-write later! :)

    Oh, I was wondering... I can see where not giving out your address would make it hard to enter giveaways, but why do can't you give something away? I haven't given out my address yet, and I've mailed things to people before...

  10. Squeaks, I have a 950 word or so descriptive fight scene. Would that be eligible, or should I find something else?

  11. @anonymous, the word limit is 600 max and 250 min. The scene sounds perfectly fine but you'll need to cut it so it fits within the defined boundaries otherwise it wouldn't be fair for other contestants. I'm looking forward to getting your piece :) !


  12. OK thanks, Squeaks!


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