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--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

The Fellowship

September 8, 2010

Journey to the Unknown

Note: This post was written Friday evening.

The sun dips down over the mountains, slicing the clouds in half. Its bright fury slowly wanes with time as it puts down its sword and gloats over the blood it has spilled during the day. Fire dances across the west, illuminating the somber stance of the steadfast mountains. The azure sky dwindles to a mellow blue and then fades to gray; its patient expanse envelopes the world, reflecting the thoughts of men.
I sit in a loaded car, squeezing my fingers painfully to type as I crowd my elbows in towards my side, avoiding the harsh console on my left and door handle on my right. I’m off to another cousin’s wedding; it’s a beautiful day. How many times do you get to enjoy a good mountain sunset? Rarely; at least where I live. You only get the good ones for a short period of time during the autumn and then *poof* they disappear and you have to wait till next year.
*sniff sniff* O.o You don’t want to know what I smell right now. No? You do? Oh, okay…well, we’re driving past some farms right now and (you’ve probably guessed it by now) I smell the very *ripe* fertilizer they use on their fields. Isn’t that lovely? Just when I thought I was about to hurl I get woken up good by that terribly awful/wonderful smell. It’s kind of a love/hate system going on here. The smell is terrible because it’s really quite gross (especially if you think about it too much), but at the same time it’s nice because you don’t smell that smell very often.
I find it curious as to how the trees on one side of the road are simply black shadows, while those on the other appear to be sleeping green giants. It has to do with the time of day…the sun is still partially illuminating one side of the mountain, but the trees that are closer to the sun than we are appear black. It makes a nice contrast.
Aha! I see the river! That means we’re getting closer to the big farming area of this district :P I always do enjoy traversing the short flat stretch. The river just makes everything better. I look at it and, instead of like most people, I don’t see a river: I see a dancing stream filled with crystals and shining water creatures. I also see the foam that results from the rapids; it’s like a dainty wrap that drapes around the shoulders of the river.
Oh yes, and I cannot forget the evening minstrels (aka. Stars). They’re the highlight of every evening for me. I could gaze at the outside world for hours and hours, just watching the stars shimmer and shine and blink like little nomads. Of course, I get annoyed whenever I see a satellite waddle past my heavenly portrait…it’s so annoying! They look like stars, but then you realize they are just machines of metal and foil, not gases and rock.
The best of the whole star-gazing experience, in my opinion, is to see the shooting stars. They zip across the heavens as though they’re late (XD like the rabbit from Alice and Wonderland but *peers over at Jake’s blog* I won’t get into that today, lol). It’s as thrilling as watching bubbles form from fresh soap suds; they lift themselves into the air effortlessly and then give a satisfying *snap* and then *poof* they’re gone.
 Sometimes I wonder why it is that some people are so pessimistic about our world. As a writer, no…not just as a writer, but as a creative being, I love to dwell on the beauty of Creation. God made everything so perfectly and so dainty it just thrills me to watch it and then try and describe it to you (which is the hardest part). For instance, have you ever taken the time to sit outside and watch a maple tree as it loses its leaves during autumn? The leaves rustle, pull, and yank at their restraints until they finally are released to float to the ground. Then you get this beautiful flotilla of colours rushing all about you.
Oh yes! I see it now! The very first star of the evening! It’s peeking at me from just above the waning sunset (definitely a bright one to be out so early). The light is nearly gone now; there are a few shades of orange and dull yellow in front and to the sides the sky is painted in dull grays and a bit of slate.
The one thing I dislike about car trips (aside from not being able to walk around) is the noise. Once you enter the urban areas you get these big pick-ups flying past you with their noisy engines rumbling, or there are the jock cars that scream and whine the whole way up the hill, then fly down the other side as though they have nothing to worry about.
Ah well, life is life and there isn’t much I can do except steer my ship down the straight and narrow (no pun intended) and enjoy the scenery as I go (not to forget…I also have the benefit of trying to flag other ships down and hope they’ll follow me).
Until next time!



  1. Hey Squeaks!,

    I seen you added my photography button to your sidebar. Thanks! I didn't see a comment on my blog though so, just to clarify, did you want me to put your name in the drawing for my contest? Let me know.

    In Christ,

  2. Wow, nice post, Squeaks. :) I like the 'journal' feel of the post. Especially the present tense description at the beginning. :D Love it.

  3. I came across your blog via a mutual friend and enjoyed your talent for description in this post. A simple drive through the countryside became a feast of well-chosen words. Keep up the good writing!


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