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The Fellowship

September 22, 2010

Lizard Breath & Kybris

Yippee! 3 entries into the contest :P Looks like my earlier post stirred ya up! Well, I suppose that's a good thing. I really love the entries so far: it's all great stuff coming from great people. I can't wait to receive the rest that I know are going to be coming (*hint hint*).

So yeah, about the, I don't have lizard breath. It's just a phrase I coined (err, maybe more like someone else coined and I liked it). You see, when it comes to fancy, catchy phrases, everyone grabs at them like kids grab at candy and then *poof* they all become boring cliques that everyone knows about and no one wants to use. So I randomly generated my own title for this weird post. Yup, it's a bit random, but don't worry, it's not too random that you'll have your socks blown off by the tornado of randomness (yes there is such a thing; but don't forget the rabbits and lizards too!)

Alright, so the first thing I want to address today is a conversation that I'm going to have with my character Kybris. Yes, I'm going to have this conversation in a moment, I haven't had it yet. So *clears throat* you ready? Everyone, meet the amazing Kybris.

*Kybris enters room and looks around*
"Hey Kybris, how're you doing?"
"I'm fine I guess. It's a bit bewildering to be pulled from the story theme and plopped into this...this..."
"This blank room? I know, how about we add some colour."
*We're walking through the woods now*
"Oh, wow! How'd you do that?" asks Kybris.
"Kiddo, I'm the author here, right? I can do whatever I want."
*Kybris shakes head and twitches lip*
"You could even...get rid of me?"
*I look sheepish*
"Yes, well, I could, but you're one of my main characters in the story, I can't let you go now."
*Kybris raises her eyebrow*
"You mean there is another important person in the story?"
"Yes, you just haven't met that person yet?"
"Might I know their name?"
"No, no. You'll meet that person soon enough."
"Oh, ok." Kybris sighs, "You know, this is much better than being stuck with the dilemma of how to save Palaceir."
"Right, I forgot about that! So how do you intend to save her?"
*Kybris rubs chin*
"Umm, well, I don't know. I really think you should just let Sir Ritherwhatshisname save her."
"Have some respect Kybris. He's an important character too."
"Oh, sorry. But what about the moat? How do we get ac-"
"Not here," *points to audience* "they don't know about the moat yet. Or the castle for that matter."
"Oh. Then why do--"
"Shh! Now tell me about your home town. I don't know much about it."
"Well, I've lived there my whole life. Kalendaar is beautiful you know."
"Yes, I saw from the scenery description that it was quite magnificent. What is the castle like? Your father is the chief administrator for King Torus so I'm guessing you've been there often."
"Indeed I have." *Kybris stops walking and rests against the side of the tree*
*I stare and then realize*
"Oh, I forgot you're still recovering from your illness."
"Yes, thanks to you I'm not better yet."
"Sorry; go on."
"Well, Kalendaal Castle is big. It's made of gray stones that were transported from the southern quarries. It was grueling work and actually took place during the reign of King Torus's father."
"Oh, the southern quarries eh? I thought it was the eastern ones."
"No, that's what most think, but I know because I've read the royal diaries concerning their transportation."
"Well that's helpful for me. Continue please."
"Anyways, the outside is very impressive. I doubt many villains would ever want to try and besiege the castle."
*Kybris twiddles thumbs*
"The inside is the best though. The royal halls are bedecked with all kinds of carpets and draperies and gold or silver figurines. It really is the very picture of royalty."
*Kybris smiles*
"I used to play in those halls very often. I would pretend...Oh well, never mind."
"You would pretend what?"
"I don't know. My mind is blank."
*I ponder this and then understand*
"Oh, that's probably because I haven't filled in that section of your character sketch yet. Sorry."
"Your fault again? I see...well, as I was saying, the castle is beautiful. The only part I don't know much about is the dungeon. It's about a quarter of a league under the ground. My father has told me many stories; I only visited it once and I was too scared I think I've repressed that memory."
"No Kybris, my psychology studies have told me repressed memories are false. So, let me just check your sketch here."
*checks character sketch*
"Aha! You do know about the dungeon you just don't want to tell me. Come on, or I'll have to squeeze it from you."
*Kybris gives me one of those rebellious kinda 2-year-old glares*
"Seriously! You're not a baby any more. I expect you to act your age."
"Whatever. Alright, so I do know a bit about the dungeon. Let's see..."
We're both sitting on the ground now; it's nice and warm in the forest. Lots of little birds are chirping and insects are buzzing and bumbling all around. It smells nice too.
"Kalendaar Dungeon is well know for its horrid executioner and torturer Corbis--"
"Yes, I know enough about Corbis and I don't want the audience to know too much about him, so just leave him out of the picture for the moment, if you don't mind."
"Sure; the dungeon is cold and damp. Since the lake is near the castle the underground streams seep in through the walls and make the lower levels quite mucky. I even heard that the lowest level, which I have never seen, is never cleaned out by the guards. They leave the prisoners to decay in their ow--"
"Right, umm, how about the structure of the prison?"
*Kybris gives me another glare and then smiles*
"The layout is really fun. It's like one big maze. When I toured the upper levels I remember nearly getting lost; if it hadn't been for the palace guards guiding my group I'm certain I would have gotten lost. It twists and turns in the most unruly manner; it even has dead ends and traps (at least that's what I've heard, I've never seen the traps so I'm guessing that if they are real they would be in the lower levels). I suppose it's all just designed to keep the prisoners in."
"Hmm, that's very interesting."
"Yes; but can we talk about something else now? Prisons and dungeons and all those sorts of things just give me the chills."
"Why of course! How about your capability with the sword? Are you any good?"
*Kybris blushes and fumbles with her sword*
"Yes, I suppose I'm good. I did win the national swords competition last year."
"Why that's excellent! We'll need your good sword abilities later in the novel."
"Really? What will I be fighting?"
"Most likely Omriel and --"
"Omriel! You mean, the king's famous mercenary?" *Kybris turns pale*
"Oh uhh, yeah, I meant to keep him a secret but--"
"How about you get someone else to do that job. I refuse to fight him."
"Kybris, you have to fight Omriel. It's for the good of the other mc."
*Kybris huffs and glares and kinda pouts*
"I don't even know this other "em-cee". How can you expect me to fight for an individual I don't even know!"
*I chuckle to myself and grin*
"Oh you'll get to know this one very very well."
"And how well are you going to force me to know this person?"
"Well enough that you'll give up your life if needed."
"Great!" Kybris throws her hands in the air and raises her voice, "Just great! Now I'm going to be planning my demise. Wonderful. Can't you give me another part?"
"No honey, you'll get to understand the workings of story-making. How about we just put you back in the book for no--"
"Oh no you don't!" Kybris stands and paces, "I will not go back to sit in that situation of uncertainty! I can't stand being frozen in the position of eyeing that old knight as he tells me we have to find a different way into the castle. I just want to go through the main gates!"
"But don't you get it Kybris? If you go through the main gates the guards will be notified and you won't be able to save Palaceir."
*Kybris stops pacing and thinks*
"Oh, I never thought of it that way before. I see now. Makes a bit of sense."
"Yes, precisely. Now you go wait in the book while I finish my business."
"But your business has been taking place for several days now. Can't you at least write SOMETHING to get me out of that position?"
"No, not now; I can't think of anything."
"Well I guess I'd better go wait then."
"I'll see you later Kybris. Say hi to Hrophna and Falx for me. Those Baelinur are amazing."
*Kybris smiles and waves goodbye*
"I will!"


*wipes sweat from brow* Whoo...that was hard. I can't really think of much more to say now...except, I think I've got a temperamental character on my hands. I never thought Kybris would offer so much resistance! She was supposed to be a quiet gal with lots of guts...Hmm, I guess characters have minds of their own.

Well, I'll leave you with that to think on for now. And remember, if you haven't sent in your entry for the Green Giveaway yet, please do consider it! I'm looking forward to reading some more amazing writing from you crafty folks :-)

Signed with valor,



  1. LOL, I loved that. :D I should try it would probably help with my character development and get my blog :)

    I'm searching through my docs right now to find something...I have a descriptive fight with a 'green' dragon..maybe...uh, perhaps I should write something...Huh...

    *voice fades off into the distance*

  2. Wow. This is an excellent idea, interviewing your character. I might have to do that! I could get very interesting, and it might be the perfect way to break my writer's block!

    By the way, this sounds awesome. And now I'm really curious... Why did you have to put in all those hints and not give us any more? *sad pout* :)


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