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The Fellowship

September 24, 2010

The Riddle Poems

I've composed several poems for my book Children of the Song and wanted to share them with you. The Maiden Promise has two versions (due to translation from the old tongue) but I won't post both of them. I hope you guys enjoy it!

And thank-you to everyone who has put in the time and effort to write entries for the Green Giveaway! Your work is amazing and I'm sure this is going to be an excellent contest :-) If you haven't read all 5 pieces yet, please check out this page and click the Green Giveaway link for more details on entering the contest.

The Key

Ormer's Deep to Marwen's Fall, 
Moonlight shines through Casef's Hall. 
Breached the wall to Meadowville, 
Hunted down till blood was spill'd

Firey blaze seen from afar, 
Forest torn to leave a scar.
One soul longs to bind the land, 
And one to fill his own demand.

Demons haunt a trav'ler's dream,
Waters cursed turn red in steam.
Hopeful gain is but a lie, 
For it will leave all men to die.

Breath of Sapling turns to dew,
Making hearts refreshed and new.
Key to all that lives and breaths, 
Watch all men fall on their knees.

Blood stains all of Aryenzhal
Force opposing gives up all
Dying breath reveals the way
To sacred lair in mists of gray.

~Prophecy by Gormel, written in the 12th year of Geen Yandor's reign~

The Village

A liquid fire drips down like rain
Erasing memory, breeding pain.
Hidden deep inside the hill;
Touched not by man; it shall not spill.

The evening moons glow from afar
Making wildfire with each star. 
And burroughed deep beneath your feet
A village, dead, from hurtful heat.

This village old, this ancient tomb
Unfettered by the barren womb
Will come alive with ghostly song
Upon the beating of the gong.

Beware! oh pilgrim, of mysteries high!
Of dragon lights in yonder sky! 
For from the east, a wand'rer comes, 
Bearing hope now etched in thumbs.

Once free from chains, the giant paw
Will guard its love, restore the law.
And hope will reign the hopeless land
When leaves the ship of one now banned.

Yet if the fire is not restored
And village deep dissolves to fjord,
A greater worse will then be freed,
And countered but by Sapling seed.

~Prophecy by Kardith, a Silent Wanderer, written in the 1st year of Queen Yandor's reign~

The Maiden Promise I

A maid of honour treads the Way
With blood-filled hands and jars of clay.
Her path, uncharted, falls upon
The secret Children of the Song.

Her lake-blue eyes do captivate
Those who tread before her gate.
And golden hair was spun upon
The silver looms of ancient dawn.

Of two there shall be one who's true
Her heart and mind are pure and new.
And of the two there, one must be
And evil, slaying one of three.

Of three companions, one must flee
And board a ship to cross a sea.
So thus to find a myth-bound isle
Where dreamless sleep shall crush their guile.

And of the one who passed away,
Their tale shall haunt each solemn day.
An oath, once made, now called upon
To save the Children of the Song.

~Prophecy by Gormel; of his IV Volume~

{Note; I've included the alternate version of the fourth stanza for your enjoyment; this is from Gormel's earlier edition, the II Volume}

The evil one shalt fly away
By hidden ship through fabled bay,
And pass to a forbidden isle
Where dreamless sleep shall crush their guile.

I hope that you have enjoyed these poems! :-) Just remember that they lie under a different copyright than my photos. So please don't use them or distribute them in any way. Thanks!

Signed in a flourish,



  1. Wow! You write awesome poems. I can't wait to read Children of the Song...

    Keep on writin', Squeaks! Write til you drop! ;D

  2. Gorgeous! These have some great imagery. I'm hoping to post more of my poetry once I get something decent. I love the implications behind these. Cryptic prophecy is kind of an addiction for me. :D

  3. @ Jake, Thanks! *drops down* uh oh (jk)

    @ Elizabeth; thanks too! I agree with your statement about cryptic prophecy (it goes for me as well lol). Especially the riddle parts about the 1 and 2 and 1 and 3 XD It was fun to write. I'll look forward to reading some of your stuff :)



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