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The Fellowship

October 30, 2010

THE POLL EXPLODED! + The Uncovering of Spectacles

That got your attention fast XD So while I'm writing this, there are 4 hours left on the poll, but I do believe that all my active readers (18 of them) have voted, so I'll consider it dead and closed.

Now I wanted to discuss that poll. The one that glares from my sideboard and slows all of HD down till it plods along like a giant stegosaurus.

Let us first start with a listing (in order of most voted for to least voted for) of the items:

13 people -- Writing Tips

12 people -- Squeak's Writing

11 people -- Funny Stuff (aka. Random)

9 people -- Deep Thinking (aka. Philosophy Stuff)

8 people -- Drawings

8 people -- Book Reviews

5 people -- Interviews

4 people -- Pictures

4 people -- Respond to Comments More

2 people -- Originality: HD Doesn't Have Enough :(

1 people -- Crafts (aka. crocheting, blablabla)

0 people -- Different Background (change current)

0 people -- Other

Alrighty, now it's time to tell you what I'm going to do with these results. Of course, the items voted for by the most number of people get highest priority, but there are several key ones that didn't get many votes...but I'll talk about that in a moment.

Okay, first off: You guys (most of you) said you want more writing tips. Since this is a writing blog, I will aim to give you more writing tips. I cannot say that it is the most priortous (is that a word?) thing I will do, but I will aim to write more tips for you :)

Second: you guys (most of you) said you wanted more of My Writing. That is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad thing, because I can't give you any more from COTS (Children of the Song, in case you have not heard the term yet; I ensure you that you will for a long time). Since I hope to publish it, I really shouldn't be giving out too much information. But...but, I do hope to write more short stories in the future, so I will let you read those. If you have a suggestion about a topic for a short story, let me know :) Or maybe I'll do a series of short stories that link together >:) lol

Third: Most of you folks want more funny stuff! Yippee! That I can do with great ease :) So that is on the list...once I get out my required writing tips and personal writing then I will tickle your funny bone so hard you'll be jumping around town trying to stop it from shaking and laughing. XD Okay...maybe not quite that funny...

Fourth: Deep Thinking. *stares at words* I suppose that refers to life and Biblical topics? Philosophy? How about a lesson from my psychology text book? I'll have to think about this one.

Fifth: Drawings and Book Reviews. I can't believe how many of you (gasp: 8 in all!) wanted to see my drawings. *sigh* I knew it would come to this one day...but I never guessed it would be so soon! Okay...I'll let you see my drawings. And I suppose a couple book reviews will be coming down the line as well. is side-ways (crane yer necks folks!). My fingers got in the picture (on purpose XD). About the picture: some kind of dream land I was trying to draw...but it looks more like Flow'st's World of Nightmares. And please don't ask what that big swirly ball is...I don't know. The mushroom *choke* pitiful. I warned you. Do you REALLY want to see more of these drawings :S ? we go to those "insignificant significant" ones. First, there is the one about wanting me to respond to comments more. I shall do my best *salutes with sword and slices off top of hat* *grimaces* I really shall. Sometimes I get so busy so I usually do reply to all comments, but here's when I don't respond:

--When the comment is on a post over several days old (it's in da past!!) XD

-- When the comment sounds as though the reader is simply musing and doesn't want an answer (tis all about tone folks)

-- When the comment is directed to another individual.

-- I am too busy and forget XD

But do know this, I read all of your comments, so don't be afraid!! You are not unheard. Your voice echoes through the halls of Kalendaal and across the world/continent (unsure yet) of Aeil! :)

Now the other one that is important is that two people said HD doesn't have enough originality. Here are some things I've been doing to set myself apart...I believe I shall have to come up with more *snickers loudly and then coughs*

-- I usually "sign" the ends of my post with something of interest (just look at the bottom of this one). This antic started who-knows-when and will continue until-kingdom-come.

-- The layout of THIS particular blog is themed around knights (check the titles of the gadgets if you have not yet)

-- Who else has the name Squeaks and thinks the way I do?

I shall think of more original things to do :)

So that really is all, I do believe. If you want me to discuss more on a topic, just mention in a comment and I shall do my best to quell your fears. Now...for something of a treat (since all 67 of you are good members of the Fellowship; which reminds me...I must talk of MY Fellowship (a real one) soon; tis a dead one).

The following short story was written by me in the fall of 2006. It was a science project. I had to either make a poster, write an essay, or write a story on how I thought lenses were first created (since no one knows). {note: mom and I just watched, right now, a short video clip sent by my aunt. The email said "turn on your volume and watch the girl riding the bike hit the pole". We were both like "huh? Okay." So we turned on the volume and there was this girl riding a bike through a colourful stadium area. She went behind a large something and then all of a sudden this ghoul like thing popped up on the screen and screamed at us. I was so heart is still racing XD we were pranked}

Now for the story (pardon the poor usage of the English language). This was my first "official" short story. I got 100% when I handed it in to my teacher XD

                  The Uncovering of Spectacles
                                                                     ~By {redacted} Squeaks.~
                                                                         (This is a fictional story)
     I would like to invite you to come and travel back in time with me. We are going to the small village of Bylosia, where Uriah, Neriah, and Aquila lived along with their relatives. I am going to show you what really happened with the uncovering of spectacles.
     In the tiny village of Byblosia, located just north of where Lebanon used to lie, is where one of the most important findings was ever made. I would like us not to come to rest in Lebanon during this present year, but in the year BC 80. Before we jump right into the uncovering of spectacles, I would like to introduce you to the characters of my story.
     Uriah is a hard worker, twenty years ago (when glass blowing was first discovered) Uriah was one of the first to show the king of Lebanon his talent. In all of the land, Uriah was the best glass blower there ever would be. Uriah worked day after day blowing vases, bowls, and plates for the king and many other important figures. At the age of thirty two, when Uriah had a steady amount of money, good land, and a little home; he decided to wed. He married Neriah, a beautiful young woman from Egypt. Neriah had sea green eyes and full, long black hair. She was a woman of God, like the rest of her family. At the age of twenty, five years after she had married, Neriah bore their first and only child. Uriah and his wife named their son Aquila which means eagle. Neriah said that before she had birthed
her son, an angel came and told her that her son could be great, but that his own family would stop his good deeds. Neriah said that she was probably just dreaming, but in her mind she knew that it had been very real. Aquila grew up to be a wonderful child, but to tell you any more about him would leave nothing else for this family to explain.
     Aquila yawned as he jumped out of his bed. He got dressed, splashed some water on his face, and then plodded wearily into the kitchen. “Mom,” Aquila said, “Do I have to work in the shop today? Can’t I go show Philip my new pet?” 
     “Now dear, you know how much work your father needs to get done.” Said Neriah as she quietly moved away from the hearth to give Aquila a small loaf of bread, “Father is going to be expecting you in the shop by lunch time, now go run along, and don’t forget,” She hollered out to the quickly disappearing Aquila, “lunch time, you better not be late!”
      Aquila jogged down the dusty trail to where he had built his ‘taming’ hut. This was the place where he kept every single animal that he had caught. He quietly unlatched the door and went inside. The air stank like rotting meat and unclean bodies. Aquila lit some fir and cedar needles on fire (an olden day air freshener) then quietly walked over to the cage on the far side of the little hut. He picked up the thick leather glove, put it on his hand then wrapped the leather cuffs around his arm. He opened the cage door and a huge eagle came fluttering out and landed on his arm. This was the most precious of all his animals. Aquila was nearsighted, this eagle, that he had named Raphael; was his eyes. Raphael could see everything that Aquila couldn’t.
     “So Raphael,” Aquila cooed to him, “are you ready for another day of work?”
     As if it understood him, Raphael let out his piercing scream. Aquila smiled and stepped out of the smelling hut back into the forest. After closing the door he ran cautiously down the path as Raphael flew along behind him.

     Back at the house, Uriah finished his breakfast and then asked Neriah, “Where is Aquila? He is supposed to come with me to the shop.”
     “I told him that he had to be at the shop at lunch time.” Neriah said as she hustled around the small house tidying things.
     “Well, he had better be their on time, or whatever it is that he keeps in that stinking hut will go.” Uriah huffed as he stepped outside and started to walk towards the shop.
     Neriah shook her head and went back to cleaning the house.

    Aquila called Raphael after he had swooped down on his eighth varmint. He held out his arm as Raphael plunged towards him.
     “Good boy Raphael, good boy.” Aquila unhooked the tiny mouse from Raphael’s grip and plopped it into his sack. “Let us go to the secret place and prepare some snacks for Philip.
     Aquila loosed Raphael and they traveled as quickly as wings and legs could take them, which wasn’t very fast since Aquila needed to be careful not to trip.

     “Aquila,” a boy’s voice called to him through the forest shrubs, “Aquila, Raphael, and bony soup!” Philip came crashing through the undergrowth yelling out their secret code every ten steps, “Aquila, Raphael, and bony soup!”
     “Good morning Philip!” Aquila cried as his best friend and cousin tumbled into him.
     “Is the soup ready?” Philip asked after he embraced his cousin.
     “Almost, I just have to find some salt plant and then it will be perfect.”
     “Wonderful, I am starved! Aunt Hadassah said that I had to give up my breakfast in order to come and play with you.” Moaned Philip, while he rubbed his stomach.
      After finding the salt plant, the two boys sat down and dished themselves some rat soup. They small talked for a while, and then Philip blurted out,
     “Aquila, you have to come and see the chariot races! Your father and my father were invited to come and bring their families along!” Philip cried as he got up and paced. “It is going to be fantastic! I have never seen a chariot race, I have always wanted to! This is our big chance!”
     Aquila sat quietly and then answered Philip, “I would love to go, but,” he paused. Philip sat down and finished his sentence,
     “It’s your eye thingy right? You can’t see proper. I am sorry that I told you. I knew I shouldn’t have, but,” Philip bumbled on until Aquila stopped him.
     “Don’t worry about it. Maybe I will go, and Raphael will be my eyes. Just, don’t worry about it okay?”
     “Okay, let us forget this. Hey, let’s play that game we were playing last week!” Philip collected some strong vines and some curved sticks. He started to shape them into some strange object. Aquila followed his suite and started to shape something that looked like braces.
     “I am making something to help you see,” said Philip.
     “I am making something to help you speak better,” laughed Aquila. Everyone knew that Philips teeth were aligned funny and he had a unique slur to his speech. 
     Both children traded their completed objects. Philip put the ‘braces’ in his mouth, and Aquila put the spectacle-like objects on his nose.
     “Promise that you will keep your eye helper forever?” asked Philip
     “I promise,” said Aquila as they both got up and started walking home, “do you promise to keep your speaking helper?” asked Aquila.
     “Yes, I do” said Philip.
     They both said goodbye as they split to go to their homes. Aquila put Raphael back in his cage, and gave him some boiled deer meat. He snuffed out the lingering flames from the fir and cedar, locked the door, and ran to the blowing shop.

     That night, after Aquila had collected all the glass remains from his fathers shop and eaten a hearty dinner, he lay in bed thinking. Suddenly, he shot out of his covers, yanked on his clothes, and pulled out a heavy box from under his bed. He lifted the box up and quietly tip-toed out of the house. Aquila jogged the one kilometre to his fathers blowing shop. He opened the door, closed the blinds, and got to work. At around two o’clock in the morning, Aquila was finished. He had shaped two beautiful round objects from the glass remains that his father had given him. He fastened the objects into Philip’s eye helper and steadied it on his nose. Everything that he looked at immediately became clear. He could see his hands clearly; he could see his father’s brilliant work for the first time without having to inspect it two inches from his nose! He cradled the eye helpers in his hands, and ran home as fast as he could. Aquila yelled into the dark and quiet house,
     “Mother, father, come look, I can see!!”
     Uriah and Neriah came stumbling out of bed. His father took his contraption and steadied it on his nose.
     “What on earth!” his father yelled as he threw the contraption to the floor. It smashed into tiny pieces.
     “I will not allow you to get into witch craft!” He yelled as he picked up the bamboo stick, “Turn over and receive your punishment!” Uriah whipped the boy until his clothes were slightly stained with blood.
     “I will not allow witch craft into my house! You are a disgrace to me and to God!” He beat Aquila more.
     “But father,” Aquila begged, “I can see with those on! I was no longer blind!”
     “I don’t care if you could see with them on! They are from the devil! Nothing from God can change the way you see!! I will not allow it!” Uriah stormed out of the house and ran down the path towards Aquila’s shed. He ran inside, opened Raphael’s door, and killed him. Aquila cried and cried and cried. His special eye helper was gone and now his special friend was gone as well.
     “I had to kill the root of the problem,” Uriah seethed at Aquila, “I hear you, don’t think I am deaf, I hear you tell Raphael that he is your eyes! He was possessed by a demon! He must have been the one to give you this idea. I will have nothing that hates God in my house, and that included Raphael! From now on, no more animal pets for you, you must work with me in the shop and that is all that you will do! You will become a glass blower and you will forget everything that has happened. Understand?” Yelled Uriah.
     “Yyyes ffather,” cried Aquila.

                                                            ~{redacted} Squeaks.~ 

Signed with a cherry bomb,


October 29, 2010

Fo-Toe-Graa-Ffs + Short Story @ Ivory's

The following pictures are mine :) Please observe the copyright rules of this blog. You'll find information about Ivory's short story below.

These were some taken from a walk in our backyard on October 14th :)

I drew my nickname in dirt. The little stone looks like an egg, eh?

The beautiful hillside.

Across the Valley

A sage bush


Stompeth on the evil shadow!!! If thou canst!

Through the forest of the Flow'sts!

The prettiful portrait of nature

Beautiful clouds :)

My beloved: Shinzou

And one last thing: if you want to read (girls) are really cute short story by a gal named Ivory, check it out at her blog Another Once in Time. It's awesome!! I can't say that the guys would appreciate it all that much though XD (hint: it's about a masked dance)

Signed in water,


October 28, 2010

Celebration of Whatnot + A Million Random Things

{WARNING: The following content contains large quantities of randomness. Do not read if you are faint of heart or mind. --editor}

So we celebrate whatnot? Sure. Tis a grand day to to so. I celebrate Milton and Chaucer, you celebrate derivatives and integrals. We all celebrate whatnot. It's a word that covers the course of everything. History is summed up in one word: randomness whatnot.

What has been on my mind lately? Whatnot. What is the definition of whatnot? I can't say for certain, but the dictionary says it's "bric-a-brac". Unhelpful? How about "miscellaneous curios"? Still not helping? How about..."et cetera"? What? You don't know the definition for that EITHER? Okay...then there is "a shelf used to display curios". Pardon my language, but I don't even know what that means XD. So let's stick with the definition for whatnot as being: "a small unspecified object, something of a kind, whatever". That will suit me for now.

So we've defined whatnot. It is essentially: whatever. What is whatever? Have you ever thought of the word and what it means? Usually we use it in a slang term to brush off a sharp remark. Here's a REALLY helpful *sarcasm* definition of the term whatever: " one or some or every or all without specification". Okay...*drawls* let's move to this definition: "Unexceptional or unimportant; blah; Anything; used to indicate that the speaker does not care about options; A holophrastic expression used discourteously to indicate that the speaker does not consider the matter worthy of further discussion; No matter which; for any; Anything that"

Helpful? Personally, I'd define "whatever" as: a term that indicates indifference or uncertainty.

Now think back to "whatnot". We defined whatnot in terms of whatever, but this really doesn't make sense now. Look at it, if whatnot = whatever and whatever = indifference, then whatnot=indifference. Does that make sense to you?

*advertisement pause*

Do you like Listerine? It keeps your mouth fresher than dog breath and--

HOLD IT! *advertisement crackles and then fades out* No advertisements now. Merci. *slams gavel to desk*

So what's new in the life of Squeaks? Well...SOTK is still banging away on his guitar, learning Skillet songs *groan*. I'm playing a penny whistle song in church on Sunday. I'm studying Chaucer *sigh*. I had refried beans and cheese for dinner *stomach gurgles in an unsettling manner* *gulp* yeah.

It rained all day today. The sky is overcast, the trees are bright yellow/orange, the fog is rolling off the mountain sides in truck loads. Our neighbours motor-bikes are UBER loud *complains* (but not today...they are sometimes).

SOTK rigged a speed trap up for my dad when he comes home from work. He {SOTK} wants to see if dad will fly over the bridge at superspeeds (which he usually does and isn't supposed to do). So SOTK tied a piece of string across the road. I say the speed trap won't work...but SOTK insists otherwise.

I have a half cup of pearl/chamomile caramel tea sitting COLD by the side of my desk. (pearl tea is when you put hot water and cream together and *gulp* drink it)

The ceiling is leaking and so ever 30 seconds I hear *drip* *drip* *splat* *drip* *drip* *splat* on the towel laid down on the fl--drip--oor. Tis semi-annoying.


My writing is NOT coming along. I haven't written a scratch in COTS for a very long time (last week methinks)--drip--but that is my own fault. I don't wake up early enough, lol.


What else is there to talk about? about something to eat? I'll give you--drip--some awesome recipies for yummy yummy things. Easy to make too!

First off, there is the Numiferous Milkshake. Simply fill--drip--the milkshake container 1/2 way with milk. Then add a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter (if you have one of those normal family-sized milkshake makers, then add several heaping tablespoons). Add the same amount of nutella *yum*. You can also add--drip--one banana. Then blend it up. Fill the cont--drip--ainer the rest of the way with milk, cream, and ice cubes (according to your desire). Blend it, serve it, drink it.

Then there is my favourite...the Peanut Butter Whammy!--drip-- *glares at water* You simply take a bowl and spoon. Add--drip--a tablespoon (no more) of peanut butter, then top it off with honey. You can mix it or leave it as it is and munch away! Tis a lovely snack (one--drip--of my favourites).

And that is all for today. My temporary break took 10 minutes. Now for some calculus *sigh*

Signed with a drip,


October 27, 2010

Comments of Honour + Tale of Asphyxiation

Have you ever looked back to your first blog post on your blog? I just was well written, to the point, and interesting. Lately, it seems, I have been writing incoherent goop that slides through your brain like yesterday's leftovers. It's not something I'm proud of; I want to change that, which is part of the reason why the poll is up on the left side of my blog.

As the title says, this is in honour of comments. The first non-family commenter on my blog was Jake. He continues to follow my blog diligently and he comments often :) That is really cool. Jake has two blogs (both of which I reference often): Teenage Writer and Pen in my Hand. His first comment? It was on my post "Wingfeather Saga"; he said:

Those books are awesome... In fact, I even reviewed them on my blog.

Awesome blog, anyway. I'll look forward to reading it more often. :)

 My response (yes, it took me nearly 3/4 of a year to respond lol!): I agree, those books are awesome. And thanks for reading my blog often :) Your comments are greatly appreciated! (as are all comments)

Lately I've been brainstorming and thinking. Where do I want this blog to go? What do I want it to look like in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years? What do I want to be known for?

Those questions are all very hard to answer. Anyways, the next non-family commenter on my blog was Joraiem (now known as Andrew K. York), owner of The Fourth Throne. He commented on my post Beyond the Summerland:

I did get my name from the Binding of the Blade. Jory rocks!!

Have you read the series?

At the time I was a great fan of Joraiem in the BOTB series...and I still am :P  And finally, the third non-family commenter on my blog was the amazing Millard (aka. Millardthemk), owner of A blogger's nitch on the net. His comment was in response to my post Writing Game #1:

"A tiny crack in the ground emitted steaming fumes of sulfur and other malodorous chemicals. If only Higgins had been able to come with me, I would have shown him the tiny centipedes that crawled across the cooled lava (he really did love those little worms), but he was careless enough to break his hip. Now I had to journey alone in search of the map. With the sun beating mercilessly down on my back, I squinted at the far ridge and continued to walk upwards."

The blackened ground was jagged and cracked as I traversed it in the hot sun. "Where does one find an ancient treasure map?", O queried aloud. "Hrumph" I muttered in response to my own question, certainly not in the scalding sunlight. I had started the day by putting on Jackson & Jones' sunscreen 50 WPF. Unfortunately for me, I could feel the skin starting to peel on my neck. So much for that idea. I needed shelter to wait for the sun to go down, shelter...away from the centipedes. I had heard they were not picky about what they ate.

 So there ya go! My first 3 non-family commenters :P Congrats folks, if you still read the blog! (I don't know if Andrew does anymore).

Anyways, my poll on the side is for you to vote on. It'll help me determine what I'll dedicate more of my time to.

Also, I'm going to be submitting my very first short story to a contest. Since the stipulations were that it has never been on the internet before, I had to write something from scratch (that your eyes have never read in your life). Essentially it's about a girl (29 years old) who's poisoned. She spends her last hour of life doing random things...all of which lead up to a "climatic" ending. It's probably not what you think it is...anyways, there are some Christian sub themes, but they're hard to get if you don't look closely (I had to hide them well since religious literature is not greatly appreciated in the secular world of writing).

Anyways, I promise I'll release it for your viewing when the contest rules free me to do so :) (probably sometime in 2011 *sigh*). What's the title? I haven't come up with anything to stick just yet...maybe I'll get inspiration from a dream tonight. Who knows :P Titles that are kinda ticking in my brain include:

It's Not All Skin Deep

By the Lake

Enchanted by Gold

November's Chill


Revealing Each Step

Footprints to the Lake

By My Very Breath

Anyways, if you have any ideas, do let me know :) I'm kinda starved for inspiration here :P I think I used it all up writing my 2,200+ word monster-piece (pun intend).

Signed with a fluffy black pen,


October 25, 2010

Oopsie Daisy!

I'm so very sorry that I haven't been posting lately. I hope to write SOMETHING worthwhile for your eyes within the next few days :P I just have been SOOO busy. I'm finishing application bla bla for 2nd year university and I'm studying for a calculus exam. I'm hectically trying to write devotionals and its proving hard. I'm also annoyed with my writing and feel like ripping all my work to shreds (thankfully it's on the computer, so I can't rip it up, but the temptation to throw it in the trash bin and delete it forever is very strong).

So pardon my absence. I'm quite a grumpy moose right now :P And with all the posts from SA, Millard, and Whisper about the tribe party just top off this wonderful mud cake with fly icing XD (not that the posts are bad, they're really just makes me feel sorry for myself lolz).

Anyhoo, if you're on reading this, then congrats for getting through that jam packed nothingness of verbal explosion. :P

Signed with weariness,


October 20, 2010

Character Profiles

When you create a character and work with them for a long period of time, their image begins to grow on you. Even if you can't create a firm picture of what they look like (in your mind), you sometimes find yourself saying "That looks so much like ---". A good way to search for what your character most looks like is fashion websites (make sure they're clean) and magazines. Here are a couple images of faces and clothes that seemed to just "hit me" when I looked at them :P {Note: none of these images are mine}

This dress style is something I know Kybris would wear. She would love the bodice and free feel of the skirt, although I'm not sure how keen she would be about the sleeves.

Here is a dress Kyla would love. She tends to veer towards the fancier stuff. I personally dislike this style.

A daily dress Kybris wears, except hers is blue and not silky.

A traveling dress; both girls would like it, although I think Kybris would prefer it best. The hair style (not colour) is something I could see Kyla enjoying.

Don't worry, neither of the girls like this one; this fits Kybris's mother :P She goes for those old-ugly things lol! for faces and hair :P

Very much a Kyla face. If it were to be perfect, her eyes would have to be bluer, her nose a bit more pointy, and her cheeks a wee bit sunken in (since she's in a poor family lol). The sharp gaze and blonde features are definitly her. It captured the emotion beautifully :P

Definitely Kybris hair, but NOT her attitude :P This girl looks a bit too...seductive? Kybris is not like that at all...I think the next picture shows her emotion better. But the hair in this one is nearly perfect.

The face in this one is Kybris. It's nearly perfect except for the hair; Kybris's hair is more blonde and definitely longer.I love the sweet, innocent look here; the facial features are also nice and smooth. Yep, this one fits Kybris :)

Omriel. The look isn't quite perfect, nor is the hair, but it's the closest I could come. Second issue...this guy has a whole nose XD Omriel is missing half of his. So what would be different? Sharper chin, longer-shaggier hair, dark eyes, and a bit more of a beard. Other than that, the look is okay. I think the high cheekbones fit nicely.

Not Omriel, but a face that he uses often. I call it the "intense face".

This is a Kyla eye. Both her and Kybris have blue eyes, but Kyla's are far more dramatic. She likes to use makeup to accentuate the blue, much to my dismay (I don't like my characters being too fancy, unless they're royalty).

More or less a Kybris eye. It's a bit more sea-blue in colour and isn't as dramatic as Kyla's eye. Kybris doesn't like makeup all that much. (Kybris doesn't have freckles)

Traditional Kalendaalian eye jewels XD They also like to use black/grey paint on their eyelids. Eyelashes are sprinkled with tiny stars, snowflakes, or sparkles: these represent purity, beauty, and youth.

Now for something I'm working on a bit in my plot. I intend to put in something about dreaming. Why? Because I'm always fascinated by dreams...put a dream world into a story and you'll captivate me (precisely what Bryan Davis did with Echoes on the Edge; honest to goodness that is my favourite series out of all the latest Christian fiction books I've ever read).

Here are a couple pictures of a dream world...the first one is anime (which I normally dislike) but I put it in because it captured a very sweet, angelical kinda pure element.

That's all for now :P Those images were provided by Google Image searches. If you have any comments please send them in! :) Also, if (when you looked at the pictures of "Kybris" and "Kyla") you thought they looked similar to how you imagined them, let me know.


Now for the informational side of this post. Character profiles. What are they and why should you have them?

Character profiles are, in my mind, simply compilations of information about your character. Unlike some writers, I keep my character profiles in my head :P (thus the reason I tend to forget things about my characters)

What do you include in a character profile? The important and not-so-important stuff. Pretend you're a border agent. It's your job to know all about the person entering your country. You want to keep your nation safe, so you look into everything about that person. You take into account their age, job, appearance, and mannerisms. It should be similar (if not in more detail) for your character.

When should you create a character profile? You can start off a simple profile while you're sketching the plot of your book. Once you start writing, you'll begin to learn more about your characters. You can add to their character profile once you become better acquainted with them. Usually stuff about their past or secrets they have will come after knowing them for some time.

Why should you create a character profile? I don't really know. The best guess I can give is that they will help you (at least somewhat) keep you focused on how your character acts in certain situations; it's also like a little history book about their past, present, and future.

I hope that was informational for you! I know lots of you already create character profiles, or at least know what they are. My suggestion today: pick one character and search up images that look like them. Pull out pictures of what they would wear, facial expressions, hair dos, and post them in a blog so we can see! (Okay, maybe not; perhaps you can just put it together in a word document and save it for later :P )

Now a tiny treat :) Images that come close to my idea of a fwubuloo (half cat half squirrel; they're copyrighted by me, so please don't steal them!)

This is the best image that I found; a fwubuloo has a longer, narrower body but this is the gist of the idea. Image Owner Here.

I shall return with more interesting fluff later!

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October 19, 2010

PICTURES! {must see}

*laughs sheepishly* Sorry for posting again today :P I just had to get the word out to all you picture loving folks that there is an amazing photo blog that you're going to have to check out.

A while ago I posted about Dakota L; he has a great devotional blog (I believe that was the reason for my post). For a month or so now, he's had another blog going called Dakota's Nature Photos. I normally dislike photography blogs because the photos are photoshopped and come along with large blurbs of how life is going etc, etc. Not my kinda thing. Yet Dakota's blog is different..."cleaner" if the word applies ;) He take great nature photos (some are photoshopped, some are not) and he provides informational blurbs about the setting. The layout of the blog is very clean (no advertisements) and it's easy to find various photos. He's also selling several of his pictures.

So if you want to join an amazing photography blog, then I highly suggest Dakota's Nature Photos. My personal favourites are his inspirational photographs.

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Trillium's Mist

I've heard some mumbling about wanting to hear a bit of "Trillium's Mist", so I figured I'll go ahead and post a wee bit. This is an excerpt from a scene from the first chapter :P It's unedited, so what you see is what came off my finger tips when I began this whole thing :) Enjoy! And if you have any feedback, please comment about it because I'd love to hear!



The door stood staring at me like some menacing giant. I have to go through there, I thought to myself. Hoisting my J22 cyber sniper onto my shoulder, I carefully reached for the door and tested the handle. Locked. I would have pelted the door with B15 acid pellets, but that would make far too much noise.

Glancing down at my Sol-Trak boots, I grimaced and heaved my right foot against the metal. Crunch.

"Can you break through?" Lioli's voice crackled through my earbuds.

"I think so." I whispered back.

"You'd better."

Of course I'd better! If I didn't get through the door I wouldn't be able to complete the rest of the quest. And if I didn't complete the rest of the quest, I wouldn't get to move off the base. Resuming my focus, I kicked the door again, this time feeling a satisfying snap as the door buckled under the weight of the boots. Two more kicks and I was through.

This next room is dark, like a spider's den. I hate spiders. I duck low under a beam of solid wood and slink along the floor like a cat.


That sound...I crane my neck around what I think is a corner. Ahead is a network of ugly red lazers. Not your worst, Zira. I creep forward to examine the rest of the room. Looking up at the ceiling I groan. Eight inch spikes point downwards. Knowing Zira, they'll be as sharp as razors.

Okay, so I can't disable my Sol-Trak's. I sit down on the cool floor and pause for a moment. At least we aren't timed on this quest, but I'm certain Zira will watch who gets through fastest with least casualties. I think it's time to call in for some aid.

"Lioli." I whisper into the darkness, "I'm in a jiffy. Zira's laced the place with red lasers and spikes. Any suggestions?"

It seems as though I've waited forever when Lioli get's back to me,

"Lasers and spikes eh? Well, the best thing I can suggest is to observe the angles and heights of the lasers. See if you can walk through by manuvering your way over and under the field. It'll be slow going."


I move forward, careful not to set off the motion monitors. The laser field seems to go on for eternity. Oh well, I'll just think of this as the toughest gym class in my life. I sling my J22 sniper off my shoulder and strap it onto my back. Then I remember the acra dust that Lioli gave me before I entered the maze. After ruffling through my pant pockets, I find it next to the dynamite. I hold up the precious bit of powder and promise myself I'll only use it to get through the field if I'm going fall.

With acra dust in hand, I approach the first beam. The soft sizzlling sound of the lasers tickle my ears, as usual. It's only about a foot high, so I carefully step over with my right leg and then haul my left leg after.

It took me twenty minutes to get most of the way across the laser field. I can see the end now, it's pitch black. Since I had little trouble getting through the beams, I decide to save my acra dust for later. Perhaps there are more lasers ahead.

I manuever my way across the rest of the field and collapse at the end. My legs ache, my back aches, my feet hurt.

"How're you doing?"

Lioli again. At least she checked in at the right time.

"I just got over the laser field."

"Good, keep moving. According to the tracker screen, if you keep moving at a good pace you'll be first to finish."

My heart pounds in my chest and I quietly get to my feet.

"Okay, see you at the finish."

I move forward, taking a moment to adjust to the darkness.

Dim lights begin to glow from the walls on both sides. They arch upwards to the ceiling. I stare at these for a few seconds and then it hits me, flame throwers! I hastily grab my bag of acra powder and run into the fleeing darkness. I can now hear the first set of flame throwers roar to life. The heat from the flames falls upon my back in waves, but I keep pressing on. My legs really ache now. Another set of flame throwers begin to glow ahead. I'm sprinting like mad to make it through before they release their fury.

I manage to get through just as the flames begin to descend to the floor in a sheet. Oh no, please no! Another set of flame throwers is ahead and the fire is already beginning to descend. I can't make it in time.

So now I'm trapped between two flaming geysers.

"Lioli, what do I do? I'm trapped!"

My earbuds aren't working right, Lioli's voice comes in all crackly now,

"Use the--okay?"

"Use the what?" I shout in frustration. The voice monitors won't be able to pick up my tone with the fire geysers roaring.

"The fla--"

I feel a burning sensation in my ears, what on Kiovi?

Plucking out my earbuds, I realize in frustration that they've melted. Great. I shove them into my pocket and try to decipher what Lioli was trying to tell me. The fla...the flame cape! I hastily dig through my supplies and pull out the white flame cape. After securing it into position, I say a quick prayer and close my eyes as I run through flames. The heat is so intense, I don't think I can describe it. It literally made me feel like I was burning from the inside out.

I roll to the ground as I get through the flames and rip off the cape. It's a smouldering bit of nothing now; I can't believe I'm unharmed. Realizing that I can't stop or I might make another mistake, I run forward away from the wall of flame. Blissful blackness presents itself in front of me. I rush into it, putting as much distance between my body and the fire as possible. To my utmost excitement, the finish line is just ahead. I can see the doorway out of this maze; a soft glowing light flows from the cracks around the door. Just as I'm about to finish, I feel the land slip away from beneath my feet. Twisting over, I claw at the ground and manage to get a grip on the impossibly smooth floor. As I pull myself back to safety, I realize that I just about fell over into a chasm. I don't bother to look at the bottom, I know I'll only find more of Zira's spikes.

Frustrated, I search through my pack for rope or grappling hooks, but I find none. Great...just great. I observe the distance between my edge and the other edge. It's just too far...wait! I look up at the ceiling and see no spikes. I've got a plan. I take several steps away from the edge and check the disabling device on my Sol-Trak; it looks fine. I'd better check it before I jump. So I pull the pin and feel myself suddenly lurch towards the ceiling. I snap the pin back in place and suddenly I'm falling. I hit the floor with a hard bang. Hoping that there are no sound monitors here, I cough loudly, expelling the spittle that just slid into my lungs. They work, I thought grimly.

I double check my stuff once more and then take several deep breaths. Before I rethink my decision, I'm running towards the gap. I jump and at the same time pull the pin on my boots. Now I'm flying forward and up. By the time I get to the other side I'm a good twenty feet high. This is going to hurt. I press the pin back into my boots and drop the distance almost instantly. Yanking the pin out, I slow my descent and begin to go back up; now I'm only five feet from the ground. I push the pin in once more and fall to the ground. Victorious, I run to the door and push it open.

The simulated sunlight momentarily blinds me as I enter the main center of the Vortex. Lioli is standing just off to the right with a couple other trainers. I swipe sweat from my forehead and breathe a sigh of relief.

"Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers

"Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers is a book I picked up in our church library. I expected it to be a mushy love story about a girl and a guy who end up getting married but it was much much more than that. This is perhaps the best Christian romance novel I've EVER read and I will highly suggest it to all girls over the age of 13 (there is a bit of sketchy content). Guys, you can go ahead and skip this post now :P

California's gold country, 1850. A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their bodies for a place to sleep.
Angel expects nothing from men but betrayal. Sold into prostitution as a child, she survives by keeping her hatred alive. And what she hates most are the men who use her, leaving her empty and dead inside.
Then she meets Michael Hosea. A man who seeks his Father's heart in everything, Michael obeys God's call to marry Angel and to love her unconditionally. So
wly, day by day, he defies Angel's every bitter expectation, until despite her resistance, her frozen heart begins to thaw.
But with her unexpected softening come overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear. And so Angel runs. Back to the darkness, away from her husband's pursuing love, terrified of the truth she can no longer deny: Her final healing must come from the One who loves her even more than Michael does...the One who will never let her go.
 Essentially, this book is a powerful retelling of the prophetic book of Hosea (from the Bible). I was captivated for all 464 pages and finished the book within 1 day. The story of Angel, while not necessarily applicable to our physical lives, can definitely be applied to our spiritual lives. I found myself fascinated by her life story and excited about the change that overcame her as she started falling in love with Michael, her husband.

Many times I found myself thinking of my relationship with Jesus. How many times have I run away from Him like Angel ran away from Michael and Gomer ran away from Hosea? Too many times, I'm afraid. My spirit has been given up in adultery to other gods, sometimes I don't even know this, but it happens to everyone. Aren't we blessed to have such a forgiving, loving God?

I would definitely give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was wonderful. There were some sketchy scenes, but I found that Francine never went into details about intimate relationships. She focused on the relationship building rather than the "mushy stuff" that most girls want to read about (and by the way, that's not good for you if you do read the "mushy stuff" :P ).

The only part I thought wasn't done neatly (concerning the writing of the book) was how Michael fell in love with Angel. It's just too "good" to be true :P Unfortunately that's usually the way it is when it comes to romance novels. My thoughts, though, were that Francine could have expanded a bit on their relationship prior to their hilarious marriage (depending on the way you look at it; I thought it was hilarious).

I enjoyed the book so much I decided to look at the Bible and flip through Hosea. Although Redeeming Love didn't follow the story line of Hosea to a T, it did cover the highlights of relationship Gomer and Hosea had. The difference? Angel's life is changed for the good; she doesn't stay the same like Gomer did.

So what is my suggestion to you? If you're a girl and over the age of 13 I think you'd love this book (that is, if you're into romance novels lol). I ensure you it's a fascinating read and definitely will get you thinking about your relationship with Jesus!

Signed with reds and pinks,

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