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October 12, 2010

A Blogger of Interest: Millardthemk

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Yes! Another blogger of interest! Today we're going to visit Millardthemk (aka. Millard). This fantastic folk is burrowed up at Millard's hole in the net ;). I've "known" Millard ever since I first began Hidden Doorways, but I'd never been able to find his blog until several months ago. When I did I was quite please :)

Millard's blog is dedicated to all things involving airplanes (which, from my understanding, he loves very very much) and book reviews (he's a BookSneeze member). Millard has previously posted some amazing shots of unique fighter's (uhh planes lol) from museums. He shares his growing knowledge on planes and I tell ya, it  to is very refreshing to find someone with such enthusiasm! If you're not interested in planes, I'd still advise you to follow Millard (book reviews are very useful) but not just the book reviews! If you're ever in a predicament where you need to introduce a plane into your book you can undoubtedly glean tons of information from Millard's blog :) Just look at Bryan Davis and how he had the Bannister family own a plane. There's one case of someone using knowledge of planes in a fantasy story!

Millard also has a story up that he wrote for a contest; it's called Papa (you can read it on his blog). His writing is vivid and enjoyable :) So I encourage you to go check out Millard's blog and, if you're not already, become a follower!

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