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October 28, 2010

Celebration of Whatnot + A Million Random Things

{WARNING: The following content contains large quantities of randomness. Do not read if you are faint of heart or mind. --editor}

So we celebrate whatnot? Sure. Tis a grand day to to so. I celebrate Milton and Chaucer, you celebrate derivatives and integrals. We all celebrate whatnot. It's a word that covers the course of everything. History is summed up in one word: randomness whatnot.

What has been on my mind lately? Whatnot. What is the definition of whatnot? I can't say for certain, but the dictionary says it's "bric-a-brac". Unhelpful? How about "miscellaneous curios"? Still not helping? How about..."et cetera"? What? You don't know the definition for that EITHER? Okay...then there is "a shelf used to display curios". Pardon my language, but I don't even know what that means XD. So let's stick with the definition for whatnot as being: "a small unspecified object, something of a kind, whatever". That will suit me for now.

So we've defined whatnot. It is essentially: whatever. What is whatever? Have you ever thought of the word and what it means? Usually we use it in a slang term to brush off a sharp remark. Here's a REALLY helpful *sarcasm* definition of the term whatever: " one or some or every or all without specification". Okay...*drawls* let's move to this definition: "Unexceptional or unimportant; blah; Anything; used to indicate that the speaker does not care about options; A holophrastic expression used discourteously to indicate that the speaker does not consider the matter worthy of further discussion; No matter which; for any; Anything that"

Helpful? Personally, I'd define "whatever" as: a term that indicates indifference or uncertainty.

Now think back to "whatnot". We defined whatnot in terms of whatever, but this really doesn't make sense now. Look at it, if whatnot = whatever and whatever = indifference, then whatnot=indifference. Does that make sense to you?

*advertisement pause*

Do you like Listerine? It keeps your mouth fresher than dog breath and--

HOLD IT! *advertisement crackles and then fades out* No advertisements now. Merci. *slams gavel to desk*

So what's new in the life of Squeaks? Well...SOTK is still banging away on his guitar, learning Skillet songs *groan*. I'm playing a penny whistle song in church on Sunday. I'm studying Chaucer *sigh*. I had refried beans and cheese for dinner *stomach gurgles in an unsettling manner* *gulp* yeah.

It rained all day today. The sky is overcast, the trees are bright yellow/orange, the fog is rolling off the mountain sides in truck loads. Our neighbours motor-bikes are UBER loud *complains* (but not today...they are sometimes).

SOTK rigged a speed trap up for my dad when he comes home from work. He {SOTK} wants to see if dad will fly over the bridge at superspeeds (which he usually does and isn't supposed to do). So SOTK tied a piece of string across the road. I say the speed trap won't work...but SOTK insists otherwise.

I have a half cup of pearl/chamomile caramel tea sitting COLD by the side of my desk. (pearl tea is when you put hot water and cream together and *gulp* drink it)

The ceiling is leaking and so ever 30 seconds I hear *drip* *drip* *splat* *drip* *drip* *splat* on the towel laid down on the fl--drip--oor. Tis semi-annoying.


My writing is NOT coming along. I haven't written a scratch in COTS for a very long time (last week methinks)--drip--but that is my own fault. I don't wake up early enough, lol.


What else is there to talk about? about something to eat? I'll give you--drip--some awesome recipies for yummy yummy things. Easy to make too!

First off, there is the Numiferous Milkshake. Simply fill--drip--the milkshake container 1/2 way with milk. Then add a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter (if you have one of those normal family-sized milkshake makers, then add several heaping tablespoons). Add the same amount of nutella *yum*. You can also add--drip--one banana. Then blend it up. Fill the cont--drip--ainer the rest of the way with milk, cream, and ice cubes (according to your desire). Blend it, serve it, drink it.

Then there is my favourite...the Peanut Butter Whammy!--drip-- *glares at water* You simply take a bowl and spoon. Add--drip--a tablespoon (no more) of peanut butter, then top it off with honey. You can mix it or leave it as it is and munch away! Tis a lovely snack (one--drip--of my favourites).

And that is all for today. My temporary break took 10 minutes. Now for some calculus *sigh*

Signed with a drip,



  1. Haha, lol......drip, drip, splat.

    Peanutbutter, nutella and banana shake, yumm!

    Calculus calls you with an EXAM just around the week's corner.

    Study dear Squeaks, study. DRIP, DRIP, SPLAT.


  2. *pulls on chains and continues to press forward to grind flower in slave mill*

    Yes masta

    *groans as wood creaks against iron* *the moans of many slaves reach the ears of the task master*

    XD Jk; I'm studying :P

    <3 you mom, Squeaks.

  3. Coils the licorice whip and prepares to unleash the punishment for slacking off.......lets whip fly in the direction of the mill slave only to find out that the mill slave ate the whip in mid flight!!

    *Shakes head and walks away* need to get new whip.


  4. *licks lips*

    Thank God it wasn't a mushroom whip *gags at thought*

    *pushes wheel with more strength*

    ...about that Listerine commercial XD *breath smells like liquorish*



  5. Hmmmm, me thinks I need a new whip made out of mushrooms. Haha all Squeaks hate mushrooms, hehehehe..

    Signed Marshmallow taskmaster


  6. *eyes bulg ginormously at thought of mushroom whip* *wrinkles nose*

    I push, masta.

    *pushes grinder at a faster pace* *pants from exertion*

  7. Good Squeaks, good. *Winks at audience* Mushrooms save the day yet again. :)
    Morals or no morals what do you choose?


  8. *eyes grow wide*

    You pulled the moral one on me! *gasps*

    I morals. (in case the audience doesn't know; morals are a kind of mushroom...but we use the term as a play on words).

  9. *shakes head* for shame no morals, for shame. *shakes head and wipes tear away*

    Signes with a snif,

    Love ya Squeaks ;P

  10. Whoa. *clutches head in agony* That was random!! So. . . what you're saying is that a whathot could also be described as a flow'st?

  11. @Mom, *shakes head* I knew that was coming XD morals or no morals, this subject has to stop! *holds nose as I pass by mushroom section of grocery store* BLECH!

    @Eldra, No no! A whatnot is definitely NOT a flow'st. A flow'st is a word you use when you don't know what word to say. A whatnot is an expression used when you're indifferent to something or...*looks back at post* it's a whatever. It an object that doesn't really matter :P


  12. Hehe, ok I'll stop.

    *sheepishly walks away looking of mushrooms opportunities*

    pst, she does't know what I put in her soup. Hehehe.


  13. Ahhhh. Okay. Sorry, I was extremely confused there for a second. *mutters* A flow'st and a whatnot are completely different. Got it!

    And in your profile, is that Malel/hammer reference from The Binding Of The Blade series? It's been a while since I read the books, so forgive me for not knowing it right off the. . . uh. . . hammer?

  14. @MOM! MUSHROOMS IN MY SOUP?? (heh...I do like cream of mushroom soup)

    @Eldra *must check profile* yes, I actually enjoyed those books. The last one was a bit of a disappointment, but they were otherwise pretty good. The first one "Beyond the Summerland" is my favourite...especially with Joraiem's tragedy. :(


  15. Oops I see I didn't answer your question fully, Eldra XD Yes, that reference is from the BOTB series :P

  16. Oh, I know. I was sad for three days after reading it. And the last one was kinda. . . well, yeah, a disappointment. The author, L.B. Graham, is reportedly working on something else. Hope it's as good as the entire BOTB series.

    And you and your Mom's conversation had me clutching my stomach in laughter. That's got to be the most amusing thing I've read/seen all day!

    I love cream of mushroom soup too, though I'm also a fan of normal mushrooms as well. Just not too many at once; they start tasting weird.

  17. *Marshmallow taskmaster sneaks back in and winks at Eldra* heh


  18. Lol! Yes, my mom and I are hilarious...we're giggling away because mom is sitting right across from me and we're conversing over blog and email, not speaking a word out loud XD It's really quite hilarious!

    Mushrooms, GAH! I dislike them, but I LOVE cream of mushroom soup (it's my favourite). Talk about being WEird XD

    I will have to keep an eye out for whatever Graham is writing next. The first book was definitely the best. Did you see that thing about Synoki and who he was at first or did Graham keep you hidden about it until "it was revealed"? I didn't catch it until the 2nd book, but even then I was in doubt until the 4th/5th.

    *laughs* my dad, right now, is waltzing around the house saluting my mom and spouting off some fake German (and we don't even have German descent). He's being a funny goof XD


  19. *grabs broom*

    Shoo! Shoo! Out I say!

    *sweeps mom towards the kitchen*

    Keep those mushrooms in the kitchen.

    *stands indignantly with broom and hands on hips*

    *laughs uproariously!*

  20. Ah Squeaks, dear sweet daughter?


    *sorry folks, drastic displine measures needed to be done*

    Love and huggles,

  21. This is so fun, comments and all.

    Thankfully no drips here and all hail to peanut butter one of my very good friends.


  22. Freaky. My mom is Mennonite, so she has a German background. Believe it or not, we were discussing Low German over supper this evening. My dad, however, does the most convincing East Indian accent you've ever heard in your life. It's rather scary, actually, not to mention hilarious. He also does Russian accents as well. I have a feeling our dads would get along rather well.

    As for Synoki, I was extremely suspicious of him in the first book and had marked him down on my list of "bad guys." It didn't come as a huge surprise to me that he was actually Malek. (I'd forgotten about that until I wrote it ten seconds ago! lol)

  23. Uh oh...penitence time *puppy eyes* Sorry mom *slinks to bed*

    @ Jessica: XD I'm glad you enjoyed it *laughs* tis fun! I guard my peanut butter very well against those nasty mice. *waves sword at mice* They will never sample my share :)

    @Eldra: haha! That's awesome! Yeah, my family has no German in our blood (at least, that we know of...). I knew a girl who had an awesome East Indian accent...they're quite funny to listen too. I amuse myself all the time by trying different accents on, but I think Canadian fits me best XD

    As for your comment on Synoki, LOL! I hear you; sometimes I completely forget about things until I am reminded of them. He was a creepy character from the beginning. But Rulalin was worse! (actually, I did sympathize with the poor romantically inept guy).

    Anyways, I must be off to bed. Night night!

    Signed with a fluffy white feather, freshly plucked from my pillow,


  24. edit that last statement of mine...I just found out that I do have a drop of German in my blood. Mom just told me. For the first time!! *swoons* XD That's cool, another title to add to my growing list of ancestry :)


  25. A wonderful collection of comments :) I'm working on getting my mom to comment on my blog :D Mom are definitely the best for such comments.

    Hehe, great comments EVERYONE!

  26. We did have a lot of fun last night *winks at mom*.

    I agree, mom's are the best for commenting. Either they embarrass you to the point you want to hide under a virtual blog cover and board up your house, or they make you laugh so hard you could literally have a surgery without anesthetic and you wouldn't feel the pain XD


  27. Hmm, *looks at Millard of Swiftstorm*
    'do you like mussshroooms?'
    *need to talk to other mom's about this*

    Smiles innocently, mom. :)

  28. *facepalm* How could I have missed this post?! >_< >_< :P

    Excellent, Squeaks! Marvelous. And your mom sounds suspiciously like my mom. O_O

    And yes, a whatnot is NOT a flow'st! Absolutely different! Whoa! *terrible scare alert*

    Excellent collection of comments. I am sure one day ye will look back on this--like ye look back on your other posts--and say, "Wow, what a collection! Those were the good old days..."

    My grandfather knows a bit of German. >_> He used to say something in German, but I forgot what it meant...some thing about children. O.o But he is Mennonite as well. Mennonite Brethren. :)

    Signed flow'stly (OO)

    Jake of the Sadaar

  29. Haha, Squeaks, I love this banter :D It reminds me so much of my mom and me!!

    Oh, and as a side note: Last weekend I ate a whole open-face portobello sandwich in which mushroom was the main ingredient. XD

    Squeaks' Mom: I'll do mushrooms. Just don't talk to me about crunchy peanut butter. :P

  30. Haha, yep this was tons of fun. Thanks for the space for a good chuckle.

    In Him,

    *walks away, smoke billowing out of the on to figure out how to get Squeaks and any other cyber friends to eat tomatoes* mwhaha

  31. Ack! Not tomatoes! *runs away and hides*

  32. *glares fiercely at Eldra* Tomatooes are utterly EVIL. :|

  33. Yeah? Well, have you ever tasted ketchup? That's tomatoes. . . well, that and sugar too. Or pizza? You can't have pizza without tomato sauce!

  34. I do not like RAW tomatoes. :P Eck. They taste disgusting--they defile cheeseburgers! :O But when dilluted with other elements, they taste pretty good... >_> Depending on the element.

  35. Jake - Wow. You and my brother are peas in a pod. What's with guys not liking raw tomoatoes????

    Squeaks, can you help me out here?

  36. *glares at fellow tomato lovers* BLEACHHHHAA!! I hate tomatoes with a fury! They're sickeningly disgusting *gags* Tomato sauce and Ketchup are ok, but anything else is *ick* gross.

    *shakes Jake's hand* I'm glad to join ye on the frontier of the Land of No Tomatoes! Sounds like heaven to me.

  37. Looks like I'm fighting solo here. *hangs head* But at least I get all the cherry tomatoes to myself!!!!

    Would anyone like to debate the mangosteen?

  38. *eyebrow raises* I've never heard of it.

  39. It's a weird, sweet fruit that you have to physically experience to fully understand. *mysterious look* But it's actually really good.

  40. Aye, Squeaks! Tis a glorious place, the place-of-no-tomatoes. Tis fun to make fun of the name tomato as well. >_> There are many accents ye can put on it.


    Hehehe... >:)


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