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October 20, 2010

Character Profiles

When you create a character and work with them for a long period of time, their image begins to grow on you. Even if you can't create a firm picture of what they look like (in your mind), you sometimes find yourself saying "That looks so much like ---". A good way to search for what your character most looks like is fashion websites (make sure they're clean) and magazines. Here are a couple images of faces and clothes that seemed to just "hit me" when I looked at them :P {Note: none of these images are mine}

This dress style is something I know Kybris would wear. She would love the bodice and free feel of the skirt, although I'm not sure how keen she would be about the sleeves.

Here is a dress Kyla would love. She tends to veer towards the fancier stuff. I personally dislike this style.

A daily dress Kybris wears, except hers is blue and not silky.

A traveling dress; both girls would like it, although I think Kybris would prefer it best. The hair style (not colour) is something I could see Kyla enjoying.

Don't worry, neither of the girls like this one; this fits Kybris's mother :P She goes for those old-ugly things lol! for faces and hair :P

Very much a Kyla face. If it were to be perfect, her eyes would have to be bluer, her nose a bit more pointy, and her cheeks a wee bit sunken in (since she's in a poor family lol). The sharp gaze and blonde features are definitly her. It captured the emotion beautifully :P

Definitely Kybris hair, but NOT her attitude :P This girl looks a bit too...seductive? Kybris is not like that at all...I think the next picture shows her emotion better. But the hair in this one is nearly perfect.

The face in this one is Kybris. It's nearly perfect except for the hair; Kybris's hair is more blonde and definitely longer.I love the sweet, innocent look here; the facial features are also nice and smooth. Yep, this one fits Kybris :)

Omriel. The look isn't quite perfect, nor is the hair, but it's the closest I could come. Second issue...this guy has a whole nose XD Omriel is missing half of his. So what would be different? Sharper chin, longer-shaggier hair, dark eyes, and a bit more of a beard. Other than that, the look is okay. I think the high cheekbones fit nicely.

Not Omriel, but a face that he uses often. I call it the "intense face".

This is a Kyla eye. Both her and Kybris have blue eyes, but Kyla's are far more dramatic. She likes to use makeup to accentuate the blue, much to my dismay (I don't like my characters being too fancy, unless they're royalty).

More or less a Kybris eye. It's a bit more sea-blue in colour and isn't as dramatic as Kyla's eye. Kybris doesn't like makeup all that much. (Kybris doesn't have freckles)

Traditional Kalendaalian eye jewels XD They also like to use black/grey paint on their eyelids. Eyelashes are sprinkled with tiny stars, snowflakes, or sparkles: these represent purity, beauty, and youth.

Now for something I'm working on a bit in my plot. I intend to put in something about dreaming. Why? Because I'm always fascinated by dreams...put a dream world into a story and you'll captivate me (precisely what Bryan Davis did with Echoes on the Edge; honest to goodness that is my favourite series out of all the latest Christian fiction books I've ever read).

Here are a couple pictures of a dream world...the first one is anime (which I normally dislike) but I put it in because it captured a very sweet, angelical kinda pure element.

That's all for now :P Those images were provided by Google Image searches. If you have any comments please send them in! :) Also, if (when you looked at the pictures of "Kybris" and "Kyla") you thought they looked similar to how you imagined them, let me know.


Now for the informational side of this post. Character profiles. What are they and why should you have them?

Character profiles are, in my mind, simply compilations of information about your character. Unlike some writers, I keep my character profiles in my head :P (thus the reason I tend to forget things about my characters)

What do you include in a character profile? The important and not-so-important stuff. Pretend you're a border agent. It's your job to know all about the person entering your country. You want to keep your nation safe, so you look into everything about that person. You take into account their age, job, appearance, and mannerisms. It should be similar (if not in more detail) for your character.

When should you create a character profile? You can start off a simple profile while you're sketching the plot of your book. Once you start writing, you'll begin to learn more about your characters. You can add to their character profile once you become better acquainted with them. Usually stuff about their past or secrets they have will come after knowing them for some time.

Why should you create a character profile? I don't really know. The best guess I can give is that they will help you (at least somewhat) keep you focused on how your character acts in certain situations; it's also like a little history book about their past, present, and future.

I hope that was informational for you! I know lots of you already create character profiles, or at least know what they are. My suggestion today: pick one character and search up images that look like them. Pull out pictures of what they would wear, facial expressions, hair dos, and post them in a blog so we can see! (Okay, maybe not; perhaps you can just put it together in a word document and save it for later :P )

Now a tiny treat :) Images that come close to my idea of a fwubuloo (half cat half squirrel; they're copyrighted by me, so please don't steal them!)

This is the best image that I found; a fwubuloo has a longer, narrower body but this is the gist of the idea. Image Owner Here.

I shall return with more interesting fluff later!

Signed with blue ink,



  1. I'm lucky; I have a sister that can draw pretty much anyone and anything that my overactive mind can come up with. That, however, doesn't mean that we agree on everything! Facts can get twisted. *mutters* I knew that I shouldn't have told her that Rhyen looks like a movie star. . .

  2. That's awesome to have someone in the family talented with drawing. I really really really wish I could draw...I've been practicing, but I'm just not great with lines and shading and angles and blablabla XD I wish I were a natural...but then again, I can paint with my words :)


  3. I hear you. I'm much better with a keyboard than a pencil or paintbrush, though I used to do tons of horse art before my sister and I each discovered our respective talents. The last time I picked up a pencil, my drawing didn't turn out anything close to what I wanted :)

  4. This is a great post Squeaks.

    I love how your characters personality really pop! This made them really easy to "picture." XD
    I love the way you described them. They sound so real.

    I really should do this more often. It would be healthier for my characters, and maybe we could actually agree on somethings.
    My latest Character that I am etching for NaNoWriMo has been quite a trial. She wanted black hair and then after we sketched her father she was like...but it is so different..."I look like my mother and not at all like my father. THAT needs to change." SO she put on blonde hair. THAT however didn't sit with me I couldn't picture her with blonde hair it just didn't fit so after going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth...endlessly. I changed her father's hair color he didn't object, he kind of liked it so for now it is settled. Hopefully there won't be anymore new developments.

    Thank you Squeaks!


  5. *laughs* If I even tried to find pictures like that (human) for my characters, it would be hard. Most of them don't have normal hair color.

    Interesting post. I very much like the idea of character profiling, but sometimes it's my job to not really now some characters and discover them through writing. But it might be helpful to pin them down.

    Inora: *hrrr*

  6. I love hearing about other peep's character's--so interesting! Character's are the best part of ANY novel. :)

  7. @Eldra; same thing happened to me :P I've started drawing manga (my note about anime refers to looking at other author's drawings; most are really not appropriate). I'm actually not that bad...I think XD

    @Jessica; thanks! Your character sounds funny :P I would tear up paper if Kybris told me she wanted black hair (mainly because there's a prophecy that refers to her blonde hair lolz!)

    @Icewolf: yes I can see your characters being hard to find pictures for XD I agree that sometimes we have to just find out who are characters are through writing :) (sometimes)

    @Margaret: I think characters are awesome too...but I'm not sure if they're my favourite part of the story :P I actually haven't quite decided...I think I swing between the moral of the story and the plot development XD


  8. Cool post! I was looking at those pictures and seeing my characters. =)

    The main reason why I keep character profiles is that I get mixed up a lot. Especially with eye color. One of my characters has gray eyes, but in one part of my story I wrote them as blue, and then another time as brown! I really hate having to look back through my book to figure things out, so I just keep a handy piece of paper at the ready. =)

    I've tried drawing my characters, but I'm not a particularly good artist.

  9. Thanks Izori! I've gotten eye colour and hair colour mixed up before :P It's frustrating, especially when you start wondering how many other "mix ups" have occurred :P


  10. Icewolf - Same here. My profile pic is a classic example of strange hair :)

  11. I never find pictures for my characters, lol. Twould ruin the magic of it. Nothing is ever perfect in real life, unfortunately--and in my novels I try to capture that mystical look in my character's eyes, the look of pain, sorrow, joy, and wisdom intermixed--the piercing eyes of a Sadaar.

    Ack, there I go again with my description. :P But that is why I never find pictures, lol. Nothing would measure up to it.

  12. @Jake, I agree that a mysterious look behind your characters eyes is important to have. :P The pictures I put up are just a general kinda portrait of who really lies behind the mask of my characters :P


  13. How fun! I love doing that kind of thing... :) And it's good for me, because otherwise I don't pin down their looks. :D But some characters are really hard to match up. :P
    You did a great job describing yours though!


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