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October 27, 2010

Comments of Honour + Tale of Asphyxiation

Have you ever looked back to your first blog post on your blog? I just was well written, to the point, and interesting. Lately, it seems, I have been writing incoherent goop that slides through your brain like yesterday's leftovers. It's not something I'm proud of; I want to change that, which is part of the reason why the poll is up on the left side of my blog.

As the title says, this is in honour of comments. The first non-family commenter on my blog was Jake. He continues to follow my blog diligently and he comments often :) That is really cool. Jake has two blogs (both of which I reference often): Teenage Writer and Pen in my Hand. His first comment? It was on my post "Wingfeather Saga"; he said:

Those books are awesome... In fact, I even reviewed them on my blog.

Awesome blog, anyway. I'll look forward to reading it more often. :)

 My response (yes, it took me nearly 3/4 of a year to respond lol!): I agree, those books are awesome. And thanks for reading my blog often :) Your comments are greatly appreciated! (as are all comments)

Lately I've been brainstorming and thinking. Where do I want this blog to go? What do I want it to look like in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years? What do I want to be known for?

Those questions are all very hard to answer. Anyways, the next non-family commenter on my blog was Joraiem (now known as Andrew K. York), owner of The Fourth Throne. He commented on my post Beyond the Summerland:

I did get my name from the Binding of the Blade. Jory rocks!!

Have you read the series?

At the time I was a great fan of Joraiem in the BOTB series...and I still am :P  And finally, the third non-family commenter on my blog was the amazing Millard (aka. Millardthemk), owner of A blogger's nitch on the net. His comment was in response to my post Writing Game #1:

"A tiny crack in the ground emitted steaming fumes of sulfur and other malodorous chemicals. If only Higgins had been able to come with me, I would have shown him the tiny centipedes that crawled across the cooled lava (he really did love those little worms), but he was careless enough to break his hip. Now I had to journey alone in search of the map. With the sun beating mercilessly down on my back, I squinted at the far ridge and continued to walk upwards."

The blackened ground was jagged and cracked as I traversed it in the hot sun. "Where does one find an ancient treasure map?", O queried aloud. "Hrumph" I muttered in response to my own question, certainly not in the scalding sunlight. I had started the day by putting on Jackson & Jones' sunscreen 50 WPF. Unfortunately for me, I could feel the skin starting to peel on my neck. So much for that idea. I needed shelter to wait for the sun to go down, shelter...away from the centipedes. I had heard they were not picky about what they ate.

 So there ya go! My first 3 non-family commenters :P Congrats folks, if you still read the blog! (I don't know if Andrew does anymore).

Anyways, my poll on the side is for you to vote on. It'll help me determine what I'll dedicate more of my time to.

Also, I'm going to be submitting my very first short story to a contest. Since the stipulations were that it has never been on the internet before, I had to write something from scratch (that your eyes have never read in your life). Essentially it's about a girl (29 years old) who's poisoned. She spends her last hour of life doing random things...all of which lead up to a "climatic" ending. It's probably not what you think it is...anyways, there are some Christian sub themes, but they're hard to get if you don't look closely (I had to hide them well since religious literature is not greatly appreciated in the secular world of writing).

Anyways, I promise I'll release it for your viewing when the contest rules free me to do so :) (probably sometime in 2011 *sigh*). What's the title? I haven't come up with anything to stick just yet...maybe I'll get inspiration from a dream tonight. Who knows :P Titles that are kinda ticking in my brain include:

It's Not All Skin Deep

By the Lake

Enchanted by Gold

November's Chill


Revealing Each Step

Footprints to the Lake

By My Very Breath

Anyways, if you have any ideas, do let me know :) I'm kinda starved for inspiration here :P I think I used it all up writing my 2,200+ word monster-piece (pun intend).

Signed with a fluffy black pen,



  1. *is rather nembarrassed but proud nonetheless* Strange, I thought I was like the third commenter or something...I remember that comment, though. :) It took much on my part, as at the time there were no pop-up comments... :)

    Thanks so much, Squeaks! I hope I can live up to the reputation. I believe that you own one of the first non-family comments as well...Andrew Peterson owns the very first, LOL. ;)

  2. I hope your story win the contest! :) It sounds interesting! Out of the titles you mentioned, I really like the last one. It just seems to stick out and grab my attention! And I voted on your poll. Great post! :)

  3. @Jake, really? Methinks I must check your blog XD (I thought you'd had Teenage writer up for nearly a year!)

    @Shelly, thank-you!I still haven't submitted it O.o but I hope to soon. It's just going through the editorial/brushing-up phase :)

  4. I think I agree with Shelly, 'By My Very Breath', does stand out. :) I still like my suggestion which I have noticed is NOT here. :P 'Hidden Stairway'.

    Love and hugs,
    You know who......:D


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