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October 13, 2010

The Condition of You

What in the world! *glances at title furtively* *shakes head* I tell you, my hands are getting the better of me. I was originally going to write on "Borks and Bwangs" but I guess I'm not.

Not My Image

So what is the Condition of You? Let me tell you (as it so seems my hands dare to do so without my permission). The Condition of You is a very very special book. Huh? A book? Yes. It's a book. And it's being written right now. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands and millions of these books being written. Strange eh? Billions of these books (each unique, ya know) have been completed. Some are published some are left uncovered. Some are locked away and we'll never be able to read them. And there are billions of these books TO BE written (future tense *heh*). But at this moment, hundreds of these books are being published, finished, completed, started, and all that good stuff. In other words: they're being written.

You don't understand what this fuss is about? Hm, okay, how about I give you an excerpt from my own The Condition of You (yup, I own it lol).

Being a you is very special. There is no other you like you. The word might seem very general: you is a big word. Big enough to cover all of the you's in the world that there ever was, is, and will be. Yet you is very special too. You is uniquely pointed to you. That means, of all the you's in the world (the word you covers them all), this same word means you and only you!

Okay, so perhaps that was a bit...over the top? Sure, I'll take that glare. How about this quote?

The car banged along the road. Black ice rolled away under its tires. The fog surrou--

HOLD IT! *glares at book* I said NOT there. That's...that's not from the prologue! That like waaay into the book! *whispers to book* We cannot, I repeat: We CANNOT show them that part *cringes at memory*. FORGET IT. Okay *ahem* *stands back up with red face*

Pardon that interruption. You see, The Condition of You decided to have a mind of its own. *glares at book* So I'm afraid I'll have to pick out the sections myself. Now how about the prologue page ii?

...and so it was. The Lord created everything and everything was created by Him. The Lord gave breath to every living being. In you His breath was release and you became you.

That one always catches me by surprise. Every time I read it I'm like, "WOW! His breath is in me! Crazy." Unfortunately, not very many people read the prologue of The Condition of You. I know a lot of people who have the book but they skim and start with chapter 1. It's ESSENTIAL to read the prologue. If you don't well, it's like you're missing out on a whole section of your life!

Now how about another quote. Let's take this one xi:

If you are reading this, stop right now and go to page 2,012 paragraph 4.

Huh? Pardon the book, folks. Let's see where it's leading us *grumbles and flips pages*

The car sped along the road--

*pause* Another car scene? *quickly read ahead* Ok, I guess I can show you a bit of this one:

...along the road. It was dark outside. The windows fogged up as the little girl pressed her nose against the cold glass. Her eyes widened as she stared unashamedly at the crystal clear heavens. Blues, golds, and whites sprayed across the dark expanse.
The girl let her gaze touch her friends; the Little Dipper. Orion's Belt.
God, I know you're out there. You made all this didn't you? she thinks quietly.
Well, I want you to know that you win. I can't believe that this was made from goop or a bang. So you're in Jesus. I want you, the one who made all of this, to be my Lord.A smile grows on the face of the little girl and she observes the heavens with even greater wonder.

*sigh* Beautiful. What an awesome place to choose. *takes a few moments to relapse back to the good ol days* *shakes head* Some of you may have guessed by now: The Condition of You is my life story. It's my book. God's writing it even at this moment. Everything I do and say is put onto those fine, elegant pages where it immediately becomes the most unique history in the universe. My history.

You have a book too. I don't know if you know it as The Condition of You. It goes by other names too; I've heard it called Me-saurus and The Life of -- (insert name there). I decided to name mine The Condition of You. It's about the condition my life is in; was I close with the Lord during those moments? Was I far? Was I angry, happy, sad, or melancholy?

Excerpts from The Condition of You are by far the best that I've ever read before. *laughs* Of course, that's because they're excerpts from my life. Everything except the prologue is fact, not fiction. *laughs nervously* Yes, that means the part about the car on the's true too. But you're not going hear that story for a very very very long time (if ever).

*tucks book back onto bookshelf and sits down in chair by fire*

So how is your spirit's condition? Are you writing your book? Have you read the prologue? Did you get the user manual?

User manual? Yes, user manual. You know, I like to call it The Secret Source but it's actually known well by its most popular name: The Bible. Don't cringe like that! It's's perhaps the best manual ever made, because it shows you just how to run your life so you have no problems. You read the owner manual for a car right? Well you have to do the same thing for a human. But before you start investing in biology books and physiotherapy lessons, try reading The Secret Source. It's the best user manual ever. I guarantee 100% that it'll make your life much much better :)

And now about Squeak's Great Musings (the book I introduced you to in the last post). That's not always truthful. *wince* It's actually a compilation of my thoughts and imaginings (and thus it's not always truthful because it doesn't always portray the true circumstance of things). So if you ever read a quote from Squeak's Great Musings remember that you might be listening to a figment of imagination. But if you ever get something from the mysterious chapters (not the prologue) of The Condition of You you can always count on it being true. The prologue is also true, but I made it up *smile* because it helps people understand more about the basis of the book. Plus, it's fun to write those things anyways. It is based on truth, though.

So I will leave you with those things to think on :) I did want to mention one thing before I leave:

The whole idea of books talking to me and characters messing with my mind? Look, I'm not's the working of my imagination, which happens to be very powerful: thus I'm a writer :)

Signed with a floof,



  1. I very much like your perspective, O Squeaky One. :)

  2. *ducks behind barrel in utmost embarrassment* *gets courage and finally manages to say*

    Thanks...but I'm not a squeaky...*grimaces*

    XD lol


  3. Interesting post. I should try having a conversation with my fact, I shall do it right now. *poof*

  4. Haha, Squeaky!! LOL!

    Ok,Squeaks this is a good one, The Condition of You.

    Keep up the good work, I am sure you make God laugh.

    Smiles lots and lots,


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