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The Fellowship

October 15, 2010

The Dark Hidden Things

Here are some very embarrassing excerpts from some old books of mine that I started but never finished *turns red*. Sometimes I can't believe I wrote these things... XD I got the idea of sharing this with you from Shilah. Enjoy, if you can *chuckles nervously*

Excerpt from Chapter 5 from Heavenly Waters:

  Five hours after her incident with Badamalador, Farina was walking painfully through a maze of limestone tunnels. The tunnels smelled of rot and slime. The floor was slippery, except for occasional animal skins that had been laid across the road. Farina tried to hide the disgusted look on her face as she tried to avoid the puddles of stench and the slime rotting walls. Badamalador led the way with a small sulphur torch. Either way she looked at things, everything still stunk. Rats or at least they looked like rats, crawled across the floor and skittered this way and that. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, Farina saw a change in the scene. Although things still stunk, there were more skins on the floor; the walls looked as though they had been washed at least once a year. Torches hung on the wall every fifty feet. Soon, Farina noticed alternate pathways that probably lead to homes, the kitchen, the dungeon, etc. Badamalador turned to Farina and snarled:
     “Okay pretty little fairy gal, go straight ahead and you will soon find the council room!” 
     Farina looked into Badamalador’s burning eyes and straightened her tiny black shawl. 
     “Sorry Badamalador, but I just am too dumb to find my way by myself. I am afraid you will have to lead me.” 
     At this, Badamalador snarled deeply, but trudged on, and instead of going straight he took a wide turn to the left. 
     Thinking to herself Farina said, I knew it…I just knew it! He wants to kill me! I can almost double bet that there was some kind of trap up there…or a cliff that I could have fallen off of. I am too smart to fall into his trap!
     After ten minutes of walking, the tunnel widened into a large room. The walls of the room were decorated with animal heads…mainly unicorns. There was a large podium of oak on the left side of the room. The rug on the floor was intricately designed with strange figures. They probably used unicorn and dinosaur fur, thought Farina. She turned her attention back to the advancing Badamalador, stepped daintily behind him, and entered the Counsel Room. 

*cringes* Okay, did you survive that? I wrote it about 4 years ago.

Now for something a bit newer: An excerpt from chapter 3 from Shana and Moraya

(*gasp* oh no! It's a cheesy love scene XD )

     Tundulis watched Shana turn her back to him and sit down.  He knew that he had embarrassed her, but still she wasn’t in front of a crowd so it shouldn’t matter.  He looked over her shoulders, she was tall and beautiful.  Her green eyes and curly brown hair made her more like an angel than anything.  Her birthday was next week, not only that but it was her “becoming of age” party as well.  This meant that she would turn nineteen and be applicable for marriage.  He knew that most girls were sold of to high ranking men of the town unless other men proposed before that.  He had only a week to show Shana how much he admired her.  ONLY A WEEK!  He had loved her ever since he first laid eyes on her, some seven years ago.  He thought he would outgrow this, but he still hadn’t.  Just looking at her now brought thoughts of how he cared for her so much.  He stepped quietly away from the vent and sat down beside her, putting his arm over her shoulder.
     “Where is he?” She whispered.
     “I don’t know.  He’ll be okay; we don’t need to worry about him.  We should worry about us.  And that means getting out of here before dark.”
     Shana looked up into Tundulis’s face.  She grimaced and then slowly nodded her head.  Tundulis helped her up and after looking around the cavern for a while started off.

That about says it all. *chokes* That was written 3 years ago.

Now for something written two years ago *barely manages to write this out*: excerpt from chapter 1 from Rifting

“Golly, how’d you do it Willow?” A wide eyed, 17 year old girl peered over her covers at the figure that had suddenly appeared in her room.
“Err…it’s a long story. I’ve been rifting for quite some time now. I thought to might like to join me this time.” The tall, blue-eyed 16 year old crossed her legs on the plush burgundy carpet.
“Is it safe?” The girl on the bed moved closer to the edge of her king sized mattress.
“I believe so. I’ve been practicing taking objects from one point to another. My first attempt failed, but everything after that has succeeded nicely.” Willow’s eyes pleaded with her friend.
“Yah, but how many attempts have you made?”
“Sapphira, do you seriously doubt me?”
“No matter, I’ve made over 100 attempts.” Willow stood up.
“So exactly how long have you had this, um, ‘gift’ for?” Sapphira implored her friend while she quickly threw on some warm outside garments.
“Since I was 7.”
“Uh huh. Do…ugh, these jeans are too small! Sorry, um, do your parents know about this?” Sapphira threw a skimpy pair of jeans against the far wall.
“No. But let’s talk later, I want to get moving.”

            Soon both girls were standing side-bye-side. A gold chain connected them at their waists. Willow, having already gone through the safety procedure and escape procedure, was no gazing into the air in front of her.
“This could be a really rough ride. Just remember what I told you and hold tight.” Sapphira smiled weakly at her friend.
            Willow took in a deep breath and ran her fingers through the air in front of her. She then pushed her left pointer finger into the air; a blue glow emanated in a pulsating circle. She removed her finger and the pool of colour turned yellow. Willow glanced over at her friend who was staring at her art. Moving both hands forward, she pushed her fingers into the swirling pool then grasped it and pulled. The soft sound of ripping fabric filled the air and a black void began to grow. Willow and Sapphira stepped into the inky black hole and disappeared from sight.

Oy. That was a BIT better XD just a bit.

Before I permanently go and run off, I did want to say one more thing. These stories are copyrighted (all ideas, names, concepts, and things) so please don't take them (no matter how much I hate my type of writing). Merci!

Anyways, it's torture time now (school). Bye bye! *waves pen furiously and disappears around corner*

Signed with a bread roll,



  1. Squeaks,

    Great writing! The only thing that troubles me is how you wrote so many books and you can still write to this day! Keep up the good work Children of the Song...:)

    ~Son of the King~

  2. Merci! I shall take that as a compliment :)

    Signed with worms,


    Don't ask

  3. I still think that Heavenly Waters would make a great pre-teen series.


  4. You should see what I wrote three years ago. O.o That would be embarassing beyond belief...I didn't even have good grammar back then, much less writing.

  5. You write great girlie! I love your blog and thank you for that super beautiful poem! So sweet! You mom is so sweet too!


  6. @mom; heh...perhaps if I set aside 12 years of my life to slave over that messy plot XD

    @Jake; I know what you mean. Your writing is EXCELLENT though, especially for someone at your grade (you're still in grade 8 right?) Crazy stuff.

    @Summer; thanks! I'm glad you liked the poem :P I had such a terribly hard time trying to do the last two lines lol; I couldn't think of what I could have Jesus say that would make the setting, I guess I'll improve with practice :P

    <3 in Christ,


  7. Old writing is always fun to see. :) And it makes me braver about posting my own writing... Although I kinda liked the little fairy gal. :) And for sure that's not a place I would ever want to be - your descriptions were very descriptive! *gag* It sounds awful. :D


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