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October 29, 2010

Fo-Toe-Graa-Ffs + Short Story @ Ivory's

The following pictures are mine :) Please observe the copyright rules of this blog. You'll find information about Ivory's short story below.

These were some taken from a walk in our backyard on October 14th :)

I drew my nickname in dirt. The little stone looks like an egg, eh?

The beautiful hillside.

Across the Valley

A sage bush


Stompeth on the evil shadow!!! If thou canst!

Through the forest of the Flow'sts!

The prettiful portrait of nature

Beautiful clouds :)

My beloved: Shinzou

And one last thing: if you want to read (girls) are really cute short story by a gal named Ivory, check it out at her blog Another Once in Time. It's awesome!! I can't say that the guys would appreciate it all that much though XD (hint: it's about a masked dance)

Signed in water,



  1. That reminds me...all the photos were unedited, so if they look un-prettiful...well, there is your reason :) I particularly like the one of Shinzou. He looks FIERCE! (errm, more like a cuddly teddy bear XD)


  2. Hmm good pics. I love the one of Koji, clouds and through the forest of the flow'sts. The one of Shinzou makes me think of, stink, ah if you know what I mean. *winks*

    Hey all....Shinzou is an awesomely amazing dog BUT oh boy does he smell!
    Like plug your nose around this puppy.


  3. The one of the hillside is my favorite. :)

  4. These pictures are beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing them on your blog. The way you talk about your home on your blog I knew it was beautiful (and I wanted to see it) but that is gorgeous...I am tempted to be envious the trapped suburban city dweller that I am but *sigh* I shall just admire your pictures all the more.

    Thank you for recommending Ivory's blog, that story was great!


  5. Thank you so much for posting about my story and I'm so happy you liked it! I'm working on the next one now... It was a pleasure to write it, especially when you know some one is looking forward to it!!

    Thanks again!


  6. It doesn't matter that they aren't edited. They are great! It is very pretty where you live :)

  7. forest of the flow'sts is so pretty, and mystic.

    I enjoyed Ivory's story, quite interesting!

    Question for you (I know, I'm being very matter-of-fact) how do you sign with water? :-P

  8. @Ashely, I thought so too (about the forest of flow'sts XD). About the signing with can do it. It just fades away.

    @Emily: Thanks!

    @Ivorydancer: Your story was really great and every good story deserves lots of readers XD

    @Jessica; :S I hope I don't make you too jealous :S I know you probably won't believe it, but there once was a time when I hated where I live and wanted to be in the city (I don't now). I must admit, though, being in the country is very pretty.

    @Dakota; thank you! Are you talking about the first hillside picture? The one with the yellow/red/brown meadow of weeds, bordered by the stalwart evergreens? XD

    @ Mom, I love that one of Koji too. It's very pretty and "noble" looking. Which reminds me of what you said about watching a movie today; my suggestion? Hachiko (sp?)

    Thank you, one and all, for your lovely comments :)


  9. Aha! I saw that flow'st. (: LOL.

    Excellent pictures! I see why you prefer your homeland over *choke* Kansas. :P

  10. "thank you! Are you talking about the first hillside picture? The one with the yellow/red/brown meadow of weeds, bordered by the stalwart evergreens?"

    That's the one. I wish I could come to your place and spend a day photographing your beautiful scenery. Canada is quite a drive though. haha.

  11. The land is absolutely gorgeous, Squeaks! What I needed to see tonight - I miss my forests and fields. :) And Shinzou looks darling. :D
    and lol, I think all dogs stink...


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