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--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

The Fellowship

October 11, 2010


A wispy little figure sneaks across the yard, hiding behind the shadow-blackened trees. It makes a mad dash for the front porch of a nearby farm house and slowly cracks the door open. The smell of roasting apples, turkey, and sage greet its cold, red nose. The figure peaks through the door and, seeing no one is within the small house, enters. The light shines down revealing the mysterious intruder. Squeaks has returned.

*snorts* You thought you were going to get a story, right? Har har! Sorry, I just had to welcome myself back home. You see, ever since I created The Minstrel Warrior, I've kinda moved my good ol' rambling mind to that little cubby hole. Yet now that OPERATION: COMBAT is getting underway, I feel pushed out of my cottage. You see, I don't want to make personal posts while people are subscribing to get just wouldn't follow the one month theme, so *holds up worn luggage bags* I'm back! With my randomness and nonsense and good ol' Canadian humour.

So what shall it be? A glass of cool water to quench your thirst? Oh, I want some of that spicy, fruity, nummy yummy apple cider. Gottcha. One side-order coming up!

*runs off to kitchen and pours cider into two tall mugs* *returns and hands you one glass, keeping one for myself*

Now we can talk. *sips cider* How's your autumn going? Good? That's great! Mine is wonderful. The leaves are yellow and red and orange. The wind is cold. The night-sky is a brilliant ebony studded with shiny crystals. In fact, Saturday evening and Sunday evening I thought I caught a glimpse of either Neptune, Jupiter, or Uranus (probably Jupiter, but I'm not sure). I've seen Mercury before; it's red tinged surface heats the whole atmosphere up with a spicy *poof*. Jupiter though, if that is what I saw, was gorgeous! It lit up the night sky with a brilliant whitish bluish light. *sigh* It was heavenly (pun intended).

Aside from that great stuff, we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday!! I was so shocked, when I came on my blog Sunday, to see that NO ONE had posted about Thanksgiving. It was then I remembered that you Americans celebrate Turkey Day after we Canadians do. XD So what did we have?

Well, it was a gluten free meal (since mom is gluten intolerant) but I tell you, it was perhaps the best T-Day we've ever had! My dad cooked the turkey at around 350 F most of the day; he put a cup of water in the pan under the turkey and boy oh boy was it every moist! They also made a rice stuffing (since mom can't have bread) and later dad made a bread stuffing on the stove (not as good as usual, but it was tasty). We also had asparagus, mashed potatoes (fresh from our garden), pumpkin pie, and fresh water. It was very very good.

About my writing *coughs and takes another sip of cider...then takes a gulp and coughs again*. It's not coming along at all. Period. *sigh* Yeah, I've been busy lately with school and preparing this 1 month fast thing that I haven't had time to write. In fact, I've got the writer's depression. I made that up, the term that is, but it's seriously what it feels like. Benaiah, Kyla, Kybris, and Sir Ritherthorn seem to be distant characters from a child's journal, not the humans I know they are. I can't get into the theme of writing and every time I look back on what I've written I groan and wonder how I could have penned such horribly boring, grammatically choppy chapters. I'm told every writer gets this, but now it's my turn (again) and I am having a very hard time standing up under the weight of it. {edit: Thank-you Soooooo much, Nichole, for sending me that critique! It has greatly bolstered my writing spirit!!!}

Aside from that, I suppose I'm doing all right :P I'm loving blogging more and more each day. It's so much fun. In fact, I'm beginning to think of my blog as a house now; a house that I invite people into and share my tales with them. I'm trying to make my house as cozy as possible...and as fitting with my personality as possible. I'm giving my hand at creating blog backgrounds (which I'll be putting up on The Minstrel Warrior sooner or later) and I'm hoping to start learning how to create headers. Sometimes I look at various blogs (created by designers) and wonder how they make everything so flowing and beautiful. One day, I want to be able to do that. Perhaps it won't be for 20 years, but it's a goal that I've made :)

I know I made a post saying what would be coming up in the future...but I haven't gotten around to any of that yet XD I think I'm going to aim for doing a Blogger of Interest post next. It's so hard to choose now because there are nearly 60 followers. So if you really want to be "advertised" let me know and I'll consider posting about you :)

Well, the sun has set and the dark evening clouds are rolling in. The temperature is dropping and my hands are itching to go and write something; either that or I'm going to make a really long speech to myself tonight. Huh? You wha? Oh...I see what you're hanging your mouth open for...I talk to myself, yeah, doesn't every one? Okay...maybe it's just because I'm a writer.

You see, writers talk to themselves. Now when I was really young, I used to talk myself to sleep. No, that's not a bad sign. I actually told myself stories about my little Friends (that's what I called them) and I'd talk until my eyes got heavy, then I'd close my eyes and keep talking until my mouth got tired, and then I'd talk in my head until I finally was lulled to sleep. It was an awesome idea and it never failed to put me to sleep.

The problem? I still do it XD Except now my speeches (if you were ever privileged enough to hear one) are much more sophisticated. I rehearse the day and talk about how I would have LIKED something to turn out. Sometimes I make up a sermon and talk to a pretend audience, going back to fix up things. Or sometimes I make up a story-line and pretend I'm a character. It's really fun...but I bet it would make me look terribly weird if someone overheard me.

I don't speak myself to sleep all the time...only once in a while (aka. 1 a week or so). But now that I've decided to fast for Emily I guess I won't be speaking myself to sleep for at least a month. I've decided to fast words from either 5pm till the next morning or 6pm till the next morning. My family *rolls eyes* seems to think it's an absolutely grand idea. For me it'll be a big challenge. I'm not the type that speaks a lot to others...I just speak a lot to myself. XD It's the writer thing.

For instance, if you were to observe me cleaning the bathroom sink or shower, you might overhear something like this:

"Yeah, sure, fowl scum, go take a dip in the river of death." *scrub scrub*
"Down with you! Gosh I'd think you were a monster; hanging on tough eh? Well, this'll do you in." *squirt squirt*
"Golly! That was a big scratch. Ewww! Bug! SOMEONE GRAB THE VACUUM!!"
"Grab it yourself Squeaks! It's just a bug!"
"Yeah yeah," mumbles to self, "just a bug to you, but to me it's like a dinosaur arisen from the depths of the sedimentary grave of the Pacific Ocean. And it's here to eat me." *sucks up bug with vacuum*

Or if you're especially priveleged you might overhear something like this...

"I was a fine little lass just a livin in the mountain of Elswado.
When along came a pig and it jumped and got me muddy with Alfredo.
And then I took a dip
And washed away the blip
And I was squeaky clean and awaiting the machine from the tiny little town of Bronfiddle."

*ahem* Yes...shower time. *hums and looks away* So, that was interesting. Now you can see the usefulness of me fasting words. XD Around public I don't blab a ton, but by myself...I talk my own ears off. XD It's a wonder I'm not sick of my own voice yet lol!


Signed with water,



  1. "Signed with water"- what a nice way to end a post!

    When I read the word Thanksgiving, I thought that I been put under a spell for a month and a half. . . but no, I am fine and it is yet October. :)

  2. Heh heh, back to the good ol same old, eh, Squeaks?


    Wow, I just felt like an old timer. *blinks again*

    Let's see what's up my comment this time...

    -Fall time is awesome! I am so glad it rained and cooled the weather down some more. And on my birthday too, LOL!
    -I write to myself. No seriously, I write about five blog posts a day in my head--and then forget about them. Every once and a while it makes it to my blog. XD And I make up stories every night... :) Every night. It's all the same story, going from night...

    Anyway, I'll leave now. :D

    Signed with a Flow'st,


  3. @Margaret; thanks! Yes, it's my little unique thing to "sign" my posts XD It's a Squeaks kinda thing lol!

    @Jake, yes, and I think I'd like it to stay this way. I miss being my old self on HD XD I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks and talks to myself constantly throughout the day :P And I still think you must make "flow'st" a real word. I bet if everyone used it enough it would get put into dictionaries. Why don't you come up with a tentative definition and then I'll use it in my posts? Perhaps you can make a big mark in history!!


  4. Thank you for posting this, Squeaks! Laughter is the best medicine, and your post literally made me laugh out loud! The conversations with yourself and running commentary of life crack me up because I do the same thing!
    Thanks for significantly brightening my day! =D

    ~ Liz

  5. @Squeaks

    But the thing so intriguing about a flow'st is one knows what it is. O.o That is the essence of a flow'st...

    Hey! By cheese, I've got it! :D

    Flow'st. (Flow-st)

    a. Something you call a word when you do not know what it is. [coined by Jake in 2010 in a poem titled 'The Flow'st upon a Midnight']

    But in my heart, it is still that mystery that I shall never unveil... Perhaps I should write flow'st in a poem again. I am getting far to poetic for my own good...

  6. @ Liz :) Awesome! I'm glad I made you laugh :P I make myself laugh sometimes too lolz

    @ Jake; by George I think you've got it! *snickers* you know, when I suggested you give it a dictionary term I was thinking precisely what you've just written. I love it! And I'm going to use that word all the time now! (I guess that means it's a noun right?)

    Signed with a pickle,


  7. @Squeaks

    I guess so. :) I have a more literal definition up on my blog right now. As well as another flow'st poem... XD

  8. you bet writers talk to themselves! But I think in third person...

    Ex: She turned and saw him come out of the room, emerging like a dark beast...


    (X-filer is my brother :D)


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