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October 8, 2010


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Lots of people come up with lots of crazy things, right? For instance, Lewis Carrol came up with Alice In Wonderland (I think I got the title right). I came up with rabbits being the peak of randomness. Don Quixote is the image of insanity. There are lots of crazy things out there. And I too have been guilty of being very random at times.

For those who have been with me for a long time, you've listened to me rant about my exam and go on and on (in that post) about lac operons and what-not. What about that one on When the Bamboozles Get Blimmety and Snop on the Wimbangles? That was WEIRD. And then there was that random side note about the blue eyed gerbil...hmm...I wonder what I meant when I said that *smiles*. This post (something in the title about someone spilling milk; guess that refers to being random) was perhaps one of the weirdest. I feel bad for myself now that I look back on what I've written :P And what about flowers that smell like something rotting? That was more informational, but still odd. Kitty pirates anyone? How about the interchangeability of blue and green and my insistence that they're essentially the same?

So enough of that randomness! Why, that was only going back to July! I haven't even touched the deep mysteries of this blog :P How about we talk of something a bit more ... interesting?

Jake, the well renown writer and fellow blogger (from the fabulous Teenage Writer and Pen in my Hand) has written a very interesting poem based on the random musings of his mind. He's given me permission to share it here and so I will:

The Flow'st Upon a Midnight

I said to him, and he to me,
That I had gone and ate a tree,
The flow'st upon a midnight three,
And caused the cat to flee.

Upon a straw, upon a star,
I wished my feet would fight them far,
Around a moon, around a car,
I golfed my way to par.

I bought an egg, so dearly bought,
On the spoon the battle twas fought,
But alas and alack, twas all for nought!
A slimy fish I caught.

That twas when I said to him,
"Take my car out for a spin,"
In danger false and danger grim,
The old man gave a grin.
I said to him, and he to we,
That I had gone and found a flea
The flow'st upon a midnight tea,
And caused the gnat to see.

Why and fly I spun my lie,
And on that manger-place did cry,
"A spy, my lord! That spy!"
And took away my pie.
Then I coughed, and came out smog,
Covered the roof--and then the dog,
"Woof and meow," cried the frog,
And I called down a smelly bog.

Take a nap--take a wink,
This will go on, I think,
Over bath and under sink,
I hear a little plink.

Secret poem--yes, it be!
Secret straight from you to me.
Read it backwards, and you will see,
Read it forwards and so will we.
I said to him, and he to three,
That I had gone and ate a flea,
The flow'st upon the midnight me,
And saw the reader, see.

Before you ask, I have no idea what a flow'st is.   That's the price I pay for random poetry. --Jake

Curious eh? What do you think "flow'st" means? At first I thought it referred to a flower, then I reconsidered and thought maybe it meant "flowest". Interesting.

Well, this definitely has turned out to be a random post, much to my dismay (I'm trying to cut back on those). So to make things a bit even, here is some news (again I'm giving too much of this lately, lol).

The Green Giveaway is officially wrapping up. Thanks for all of time the judges took to vote for the pieces. So far it looks like Entry 1 might just win first place! But remember, we have until Sunday at 10:00 AM for voting to if you haven't voted, please do. May the most descriptive piece win! I need to go get my back cracked. I seriously think that sitting in this hard wooden chair for the majority of the day (doing school) is causing me to have back pain. *groans* Not fun. Or maybe it was riding Cerazo several days back. *shrugs* Well, nighty-night folks!

Signed with stardust,



  1. Oh Squeaks and Jake you make my day!


    Flow'st what your mind does when you aren't looking. *shrug* I don't really know either.

  2. I had something like 'flowing' in mind when I wrote that...but it was two syllables, so *poof*! Out came the flow'st.

    And about Don Quixote...he and me are like two peas in a pod. XD LOL. He actually had a word named after him; quixotic, I think it was.

    By the way, I noticed my piece got some votes! Yay! :D

    But I must leave now...


    '"Rule Forty-two. All persons more than a mile high to leave the court."

    Everybody looked at Alice.

    "I'm not a mile high," said Alice.

    "You are," said the King.

    "Nearly two miles high," added the Queen.

    "Well, I shan't go, at any rate," said Alice: "besides, that's not a regular rule: you invented it just now."

    "It's the oldest rule in the book," said the King.

    "Then it ought to be Number One," said Alice.'


    ...For I am too tall. O.o

  3. LOL! Some people just have an extra big humour bone XD



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