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October 19, 2010

PICTURES! {must see}

*laughs sheepishly* Sorry for posting again today :P I just had to get the word out to all you picture loving folks that there is an amazing photo blog that you're going to have to check out.

A while ago I posted about Dakota L; he has a great devotional blog (I believe that was the reason for my post). For a month or so now, he's had another blog going called Dakota's Nature Photos. I normally dislike photography blogs because the photos are photoshopped and come along with large blurbs of how life is going etc, etc. Not my kinda thing. Yet Dakota's blog is different..."cleaner" if the word applies ;) He take great nature photos (some are photoshopped, some are not) and he provides informational blurbs about the setting. The layout of the blog is very clean (no advertisements) and it's easy to find various photos. He's also selling several of his pictures.

So if you want to join an amazing photography blog, then I highly suggest Dakota's Nature Photos. My personal favourites are his inspirational photographs.

Signed with a snap,



  1. Hey thanks Squeaks! Just so you know, I've been planning to share a little bit about Operation Combat in the next part of my series about fasting. Is that alright? I

  2. That's perfectly fine with me :)


  3. Dakota has amazing pictures, most certainly worth your while. :)



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