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The Fellowship

October 30, 2010

THE POLL EXPLODED! + The Uncovering of Spectacles

That got your attention fast XD So while I'm writing this, there are 4 hours left on the poll, but I do believe that all my active readers (18 of them) have voted, so I'll consider it dead and closed.

Now I wanted to discuss that poll. The one that glares from my sideboard and slows all of HD down till it plods along like a giant stegosaurus.

Let us first start with a listing (in order of most voted for to least voted for) of the items:

13 people -- Writing Tips

12 people -- Squeak's Writing

11 people -- Funny Stuff (aka. Random)

9 people -- Deep Thinking (aka. Philosophy Stuff)

8 people -- Drawings

8 people -- Book Reviews

5 people -- Interviews

4 people -- Pictures

4 people -- Respond to Comments More

2 people -- Originality: HD Doesn't Have Enough :(

1 people -- Crafts (aka. crocheting, blablabla)

0 people -- Different Background (change current)

0 people -- Other

Alrighty, now it's time to tell you what I'm going to do with these results. Of course, the items voted for by the most number of people get highest priority, but there are several key ones that didn't get many votes...but I'll talk about that in a moment.

Okay, first off: You guys (most of you) said you want more writing tips. Since this is a writing blog, I will aim to give you more writing tips. I cannot say that it is the most priortous (is that a word?) thing I will do, but I will aim to write more tips for you :)

Second: you guys (most of you) said you wanted more of My Writing. That is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad thing, because I can't give you any more from COTS (Children of the Song, in case you have not heard the term yet; I ensure you that you will for a long time). Since I hope to publish it, I really shouldn't be giving out too much information. But...but, I do hope to write more short stories in the future, so I will let you read those. If you have a suggestion about a topic for a short story, let me know :) Or maybe I'll do a series of short stories that link together >:) lol

Third: Most of you folks want more funny stuff! Yippee! That I can do with great ease :) So that is on the list...once I get out my required writing tips and personal writing then I will tickle your funny bone so hard you'll be jumping around town trying to stop it from shaking and laughing. XD Okay...maybe not quite that funny...

Fourth: Deep Thinking. *stares at words* I suppose that refers to life and Biblical topics? Philosophy? How about a lesson from my psychology text book? I'll have to think about this one.

Fifth: Drawings and Book Reviews. I can't believe how many of you (gasp: 8 in all!) wanted to see my drawings. *sigh* I knew it would come to this one day...but I never guessed it would be so soon! Okay...I'll let you see my drawings. And I suppose a couple book reviews will be coming down the line as well. is side-ways (crane yer necks folks!). My fingers got in the picture (on purpose XD). About the picture: some kind of dream land I was trying to draw...but it looks more like Flow'st's World of Nightmares. And please don't ask what that big swirly ball is...I don't know. The mushroom *choke* pitiful. I warned you. Do you REALLY want to see more of these drawings :S ? we go to those "insignificant significant" ones. First, there is the one about wanting me to respond to comments more. I shall do my best *salutes with sword and slices off top of hat* *grimaces* I really shall. Sometimes I get so busy so I usually do reply to all comments, but here's when I don't respond:

--When the comment is on a post over several days old (it's in da past!!) XD

-- When the comment sounds as though the reader is simply musing and doesn't want an answer (tis all about tone folks)

-- When the comment is directed to another individual.

-- I am too busy and forget XD

But do know this, I read all of your comments, so don't be afraid!! You are not unheard. Your voice echoes through the halls of Kalendaal and across the world/continent (unsure yet) of Aeil! :)

Now the other one that is important is that two people said HD doesn't have enough originality. Here are some things I've been doing to set myself apart...I believe I shall have to come up with more *snickers loudly and then coughs*

-- I usually "sign" the ends of my post with something of interest (just look at the bottom of this one). This antic started who-knows-when and will continue until-kingdom-come.

-- The layout of THIS particular blog is themed around knights (check the titles of the gadgets if you have not yet)

-- Who else has the name Squeaks and thinks the way I do?

I shall think of more original things to do :)

So that really is all, I do believe. If you want me to discuss more on a topic, just mention in a comment and I shall do my best to quell your fears. Now...for something of a treat (since all 67 of you are good members of the Fellowship; which reminds me...I must talk of MY Fellowship (a real one) soon; tis a dead one).

The following short story was written by me in the fall of 2006. It was a science project. I had to either make a poster, write an essay, or write a story on how I thought lenses were first created (since no one knows). {note: mom and I just watched, right now, a short video clip sent by my aunt. The email said "turn on your volume and watch the girl riding the bike hit the pole". We were both like "huh? Okay." So we turned on the volume and there was this girl riding a bike through a colourful stadium area. She went behind a large something and then all of a sudden this ghoul like thing popped up on the screen and screamed at us. I was so heart is still racing XD we were pranked}

Now for the story (pardon the poor usage of the English language). This was my first "official" short story. I got 100% when I handed it in to my teacher XD

                  The Uncovering of Spectacles
                                                                     ~By {redacted} Squeaks.~
                                                                         (This is a fictional story)
     I would like to invite you to come and travel back in time with me. We are going to the small village of Bylosia, where Uriah, Neriah, and Aquila lived along with their relatives. I am going to show you what really happened with the uncovering of spectacles.
     In the tiny village of Byblosia, located just north of where Lebanon used to lie, is where one of the most important findings was ever made. I would like us not to come to rest in Lebanon during this present year, but in the year BC 80. Before we jump right into the uncovering of spectacles, I would like to introduce you to the characters of my story.
     Uriah is a hard worker, twenty years ago (when glass blowing was first discovered) Uriah was one of the first to show the king of Lebanon his talent. In all of the land, Uriah was the best glass blower there ever would be. Uriah worked day after day blowing vases, bowls, and plates for the king and many other important figures. At the age of thirty two, when Uriah had a steady amount of money, good land, and a little home; he decided to wed. He married Neriah, a beautiful young woman from Egypt. Neriah had sea green eyes and full, long black hair. She was a woman of God, like the rest of her family. At the age of twenty, five years after she had married, Neriah bore their first and only child. Uriah and his wife named their son Aquila which means eagle. Neriah said that before she had birthed
her son, an angel came and told her that her son could be great, but that his own family would stop his good deeds. Neriah said that she was probably just dreaming, but in her mind she knew that it had been very real. Aquila grew up to be a wonderful child, but to tell you any more about him would leave nothing else for this family to explain.
     Aquila yawned as he jumped out of his bed. He got dressed, splashed some water on his face, and then plodded wearily into the kitchen. “Mom,” Aquila said, “Do I have to work in the shop today? Can’t I go show Philip my new pet?” 
     “Now dear, you know how much work your father needs to get done.” Said Neriah as she quietly moved away from the hearth to give Aquila a small loaf of bread, “Father is going to be expecting you in the shop by lunch time, now go run along, and don’t forget,” She hollered out to the quickly disappearing Aquila, “lunch time, you better not be late!”
      Aquila jogged down the dusty trail to where he had built his ‘taming’ hut. This was the place where he kept every single animal that he had caught. He quietly unlatched the door and went inside. The air stank like rotting meat and unclean bodies. Aquila lit some fir and cedar needles on fire (an olden day air freshener) then quietly walked over to the cage on the far side of the little hut. He picked up the thick leather glove, put it on his hand then wrapped the leather cuffs around his arm. He opened the cage door and a huge eagle came fluttering out and landed on his arm. This was the most precious of all his animals. Aquila was nearsighted, this eagle, that he had named Raphael; was his eyes. Raphael could see everything that Aquila couldn’t.
     “So Raphael,” Aquila cooed to him, “are you ready for another day of work?”
     As if it understood him, Raphael let out his piercing scream. Aquila smiled and stepped out of the smelling hut back into the forest. After closing the door he ran cautiously down the path as Raphael flew along behind him.

     Back at the house, Uriah finished his breakfast and then asked Neriah, “Where is Aquila? He is supposed to come with me to the shop.”
     “I told him that he had to be at the shop at lunch time.” Neriah said as she hustled around the small house tidying things.
     “Well, he had better be their on time, or whatever it is that he keeps in that stinking hut will go.” Uriah huffed as he stepped outside and started to walk towards the shop.
     Neriah shook her head and went back to cleaning the house.

    Aquila called Raphael after he had swooped down on his eighth varmint. He held out his arm as Raphael plunged towards him.
     “Good boy Raphael, good boy.” Aquila unhooked the tiny mouse from Raphael’s grip and plopped it into his sack. “Let us go to the secret place and prepare some snacks for Philip.
     Aquila loosed Raphael and they traveled as quickly as wings and legs could take them, which wasn’t very fast since Aquila needed to be careful not to trip.

     “Aquila,” a boy’s voice called to him through the forest shrubs, “Aquila, Raphael, and bony soup!” Philip came crashing through the undergrowth yelling out their secret code every ten steps, “Aquila, Raphael, and bony soup!”
     “Good morning Philip!” Aquila cried as his best friend and cousin tumbled into him.
     “Is the soup ready?” Philip asked after he embraced his cousin.
     “Almost, I just have to find some salt plant and then it will be perfect.”
     “Wonderful, I am starved! Aunt Hadassah said that I had to give up my breakfast in order to come and play with you.” Moaned Philip, while he rubbed his stomach.
      After finding the salt plant, the two boys sat down and dished themselves some rat soup. They small talked for a while, and then Philip blurted out,
     “Aquila, you have to come and see the chariot races! Your father and my father were invited to come and bring their families along!” Philip cried as he got up and paced. “It is going to be fantastic! I have never seen a chariot race, I have always wanted to! This is our big chance!”
     Aquila sat quietly and then answered Philip, “I would love to go, but,” he paused. Philip sat down and finished his sentence,
     “It’s your eye thingy right? You can’t see proper. I am sorry that I told you. I knew I shouldn’t have, but,” Philip bumbled on until Aquila stopped him.
     “Don’t worry about it. Maybe I will go, and Raphael will be my eyes. Just, don’t worry about it okay?”
     “Okay, let us forget this. Hey, let’s play that game we were playing last week!” Philip collected some strong vines and some curved sticks. He started to shape them into some strange object. Aquila followed his suite and started to shape something that looked like braces.
     “I am making something to help you see,” said Philip.
     “I am making something to help you speak better,” laughed Aquila. Everyone knew that Philips teeth were aligned funny and he had a unique slur to his speech. 
     Both children traded their completed objects. Philip put the ‘braces’ in his mouth, and Aquila put the spectacle-like objects on his nose.
     “Promise that you will keep your eye helper forever?” asked Philip
     “I promise,” said Aquila as they both got up and started walking home, “do you promise to keep your speaking helper?” asked Aquila.
     “Yes, I do” said Philip.
     They both said goodbye as they split to go to their homes. Aquila put Raphael back in his cage, and gave him some boiled deer meat. He snuffed out the lingering flames from the fir and cedar, locked the door, and ran to the blowing shop.

     That night, after Aquila had collected all the glass remains from his fathers shop and eaten a hearty dinner, he lay in bed thinking. Suddenly, he shot out of his covers, yanked on his clothes, and pulled out a heavy box from under his bed. He lifted the box up and quietly tip-toed out of the house. Aquila jogged the one kilometre to his fathers blowing shop. He opened the door, closed the blinds, and got to work. At around two o’clock in the morning, Aquila was finished. He had shaped two beautiful round objects from the glass remains that his father had given him. He fastened the objects into Philip’s eye helper and steadied it on his nose. Everything that he looked at immediately became clear. He could see his hands clearly; he could see his father’s brilliant work for the first time without having to inspect it two inches from his nose! He cradled the eye helpers in his hands, and ran home as fast as he could. Aquila yelled into the dark and quiet house,
     “Mother, father, come look, I can see!!”
     Uriah and Neriah came stumbling out of bed. His father took his contraption and steadied it on his nose.
     “What on earth!” his father yelled as he threw the contraption to the floor. It smashed into tiny pieces.
     “I will not allow you to get into witch craft!” He yelled as he picked up the bamboo stick, “Turn over and receive your punishment!” Uriah whipped the boy until his clothes were slightly stained with blood.
     “I will not allow witch craft into my house! You are a disgrace to me and to God!” He beat Aquila more.
     “But father,” Aquila begged, “I can see with those on! I was no longer blind!”
     “I don’t care if you could see with them on! They are from the devil! Nothing from God can change the way you see!! I will not allow it!” Uriah stormed out of the house and ran down the path towards Aquila’s shed. He ran inside, opened Raphael’s door, and killed him. Aquila cried and cried and cried. His special eye helper was gone and now his special friend was gone as well.
     “I had to kill the root of the problem,” Uriah seethed at Aquila, “I hear you, don’t think I am deaf, I hear you tell Raphael that he is your eyes! He was possessed by a demon! He must have been the one to give you this idea. I will have nothing that hates God in my house, and that included Raphael! From now on, no more animal pets for you, you must work with me in the shop and that is all that you will do! You will become a glass blower and you will forget everything that has happened. Understand?” Yelled Uriah.
     “Yyyes ffather,” cried Aquila.

                                                            ~{redacted} Squeaks.~ 

Signed with a cherry bomb,



  1. Excellent. :) I can see how you have improved. :D

    And your originality is just fine. *is rather insulted that two someones picked that HD is not original*

    And my eagle-sharp writerly eyes saw that flow'st you snuck in. >:) Moahaha! But it was almost unnoticable...before long flow'st shall be in the dictionary! :D

  2. I really like your "signed with...". =)

  3. @ Jake, all I can say right now is: ROFL! XD Thanks for your comments :)

    @ Izori *red face* hehe...I've never used one though; in fact, I've never even seen one!


  4. I was not expecting such a sad story... :( But it was good. :)
    And I've always thought Squeaks to be quite original...


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