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October 5, 2010

"A Prayer and A Plea" by Squeaks

Hey folks; a couple things today! First, there are now 10 votes on the poll...I've extended the closing time till the 10th of October, just because I'm hoping more votes will come in. So if you haven't voted already please do! (make sure you read the news at the top of this blog to find out where to go to get the rules concerning the voting)

Now for something that strikes more deeply home. Lately we've been having a lot of problems running wild through our church. It's actually coming apart at the seams. You see, our head pastor is leaving and our youth pastor is leaving. There's a lot of gossip running free and tons of junk circulating that network. It bugs me. And because my parents are part of the leadership, well...I get hit hard by the news. A lot of bad stuff has happened and we're being spiritually attacked. Myself and my family are being shunned by various groups of individuals...

Because of all this I wrote a poem. *blink* Yes, I write poems when I get emotional. Most deal with tedious things as does this one, although there are some lighter poems and even nonsense ones :P So I hope you enjoy...and I didn't realize it was in Dr. Zeus rhyme until after I wrote it, lol.

Just a note, on the side: the terms death cup, whore, and pagan are used in allegorical terms. In other words when I use them, I'm not referring to what that word literally means ;) Also the line that says "my head to a gun", as with above, I'm not literally referring to a mode of suicide :P That's the thing with writing can say one thing and mean something different. The thing is, the words evoke a deep feeling in the reader that helps get the message across.

*Ahem* so to sum all that up: this poem is about what's lately going on in my life. It's an intimate plea to God to get me out of the mess that's flowing around me. It's a prayer that He will stop the lies and gossip and sin. It's a hopeful declaration that things will one day be back on the upward path and our church will be free of the hurt it is currently experiencing.

A Prayer and a Plea

Dear God… life is so terribly tough,
The people I love just don’t care well enough.
When I try to do good, I slip up and do wrong
And I don’t seem to fit, I just do not belong.
So Lord, can you help me to walk in your truth?
Please speak to my mind so I won’t act uncouth.
The sin of this world is just eating me up!
If it doesn’t stop soon it’ll be my death cup.

Oh Lord hear my prayer, hear my plea from this earth;
Stop this great lie that prevents a rebirth
Of souls from occurring. Tie up the tongues
Of the people who bicker; dropping down social rungs.

I cannot explain how deeply it stings
To hear from a friend such a horrible thing.
I thought I was safe from this inhumane swell
Of wrongdoers bad-mouthing good people to hell.
And I thought I was in it alone as a bat,
But I forgot Him, one I hadn’t looked at
For a while. How could I forget Christ?
With his blood He bought me, a whore highly priced.
How could I forget Him? Love of my soul,
Who suffered at man’s hand: was pinned on a pole.
Surely He had endured far greater than I!
So why am I crying? Why this tear from my eye?

I will wipe clean my face and put on a smile
And swallow the pain that comes with the bile.
I’ll raise up my chin and humble myself
At the feet of my King, who puts sin on the shelf.
Yes, I’ll ask Him for mercy and strength to withstand
The assault of the devil--his forceful backhand.

If it weren’t for the Spirit, I don’t know where I’d be,
Prob’ly stuck in the mud like a pomp bourgeoisie
Unable to stand in the heat of the Son,
Yeah, I’d sure be a mess with my head to a gun.
But I’m not that way now and I never will be,
I have Christ in my heart, He’s completely saved me.
So I’ll step over gossip and slander and hate,
Since Jesus forgave me and set me down straight.
And though words may hurt more than cuts from a sword,
Jesus will heal me: I trust in His Word.

Goodbye, pagan sinner; you foolish old churl.
I won’t give to swine what I saved as a pearl.
I’ve gone to my Saviour. He’s left this place now;
I pray that you’ll follow us later, somehow.
If my Jesus does call me to go far away,
Then I must obey Him, whether night time or day.
I’m sorry for you and your place in deep sin,
But now must I leave, I can’t live in this din.

Jesus is calling, Jesus is here,
Wrap your arms round Him and with me, draw near.

Signed Hesitantly,



  1. Wow. I love that poem, Squeaks.

    Several pastors resigned not too long ago, one of which was a friend of mine, not too long ago. :P When I think of stuff like that, I think of Jesus' third great command, in John. Can you guess what it was? :)

  2. "How could I forget Him? Love of my soul,
    Who suffered at man’s hand: was pinned on a pole.
    Surely He had endured far greater than I!
    So why am I crying? Why this tear from my eye?"

    Wow. That gave me goosebumps! I hope to see more of your poetry in the future.

  3. @Jake...err *red face* no, I actually don't remember. Was it the "go out into the world" commission? If not then I'm clueless :P

    @Dakota, thanks! I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch people through my writing, and He seems to do it best through poetry and short stories lolz XD


  4. Nope. That's number four. There's 'love the Lord your God', then, 'Love your neighbor as yourself,' and one another. That's giving AND recieving! :) Anyway, it's an important commandment to Jesus' disciples...namely, us. :)

    I'll be praying for your church.

  5. O.o *blink* Lol, I never put the commandments in that way. And thanks for the prayers; we really do need them right now.


  6. Wow... that's a really good poem, Squeaks.

    And I know how you feel. Several years ago (well, more like 10 years ago, but I remember it as if it were yesterday) my family was asked to leave the church that we helped build on false accusations of slandering the pastor... which we NEVER EVER did. We went to another church, one where we thought we still had many friends, but after my dad had his stroke we were asked to leave again first with the excuse that "we didn't go to church anymore" which was an outright lie; we'd just been at the hospital every day all day for 2 months because of dad and second because "Their benevolent fund wasn't big enough to support our family" which was a lame excuse because we didn't ask for money. We are back at the first church now and helping to start a new church in the area... but I know what it feels like when things like that happen; I know the feeling all too well.

    I'll be praying.

  7. That's a wonderful poem. I liked it very much. I could never rhyme that easily. :P

  8. @Nichole: thanks! I appreciate the time you took to write that for me :) God will always work things out for His glory in the end, no matter which way the tide turns.

    @Icewolf; thanks! Actually *whispers* the rough copy was horrid! I clench my teeth each time I see it :S It took several editing sessions and a couple of jogs to the rhyming dictionary to complete it ;)


  9. Beautiful poem Squeaks, will be praying cause though I am in a different boat I am in a similar position.

    Thank you!


  10. That is a very heartfelt poem... thank you for sharing, Squeaks.
    When I was younger, my church (that I thought was the best in the world, with a child's love and loyalty) pretty much fell apart, and the things people were saying about the pastor, about families in leadership, were simply awful. No one knew what was really going on, and when my parents decided to leave and we started visiting other churches, I would seriously just start crying in the middle of the service. It was baaad. I don't think some of those people ever recovered from the way other fellow followers of Christ, people they thought were their friends tore into them. The level of unforgiveness I still see, now almost ten years ago, is absolutely incredible to me.
    So, praying for your family and your church right now!

  11. @Katherine, yes. There's that saying "The people closest to you hurt you most." I always believed that in a church you'd be safe from the horrible political stuff that goes on in the outside world. But humans are humans...the best I can do is trust in the Lord and believe that He'll keep me strong :)



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