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October 12, 2010

Tum Tum Bleh

Yep. The title says it all. Today I've experienced tum tum bleh. It appears that something I ate either today or yesterday has caused my stomach to barricade its walls and skewer my inner muscular lining with deadly steel-tipped pikes. I feel as though I'm hosting some strange, internal monster that was birthed in my duodenum sometime between 10pm and 8am. It's yowling and growling as though it's angry. *stares at stomach with disgust* Well, it'd better be quiet or I'll...I'll...I'll take some calcium.

And unfortunately, I'm not the only one with tum tum bleh. It appears that Benaiah got it too. He didn't warn me, never told me: not even so much as a "Hey Squeaks, I'm not feeling good." He just downright refused to work with me, insisting that he was feeling terrible. If it hadn't been for my own plight of tum tum bleh, I'm afraid I would have forced him to battle a grozzle. :S Good thing I'm not feeling good.

What's that you say? Characters shouldn't be able to act up and go against the will of their author? Oh no no! I beg to differ! Characters have a mind of their own. *sheepish smile* *twiddles thumbs* You see, I'm an author that is governed by my characters. They tell me what to do and I do it. Of course, when one of them must ... decease, I strictly adhere to the laws of writing and dispose of that character in either a humane or inhumane fashion; aside from following the laws of writing, I let me characters do what they wish. *rubs brow* And sometimes I wish I were smarter and grab the reigns while I still had a chance, yet, in a way, I couldn't. I love to watch what my characters throw at me. Sometimes it sends my head for a spin and I smile at their ingenuity. :P

So what'll I do with Benaiah? *sighs* I'll give him a break. I can always work with Kybris...if she's feeling ok with that. You see, I left her stuck in an underground air vent that is filled with putrid water and diseased rats. She just found out that she has to go on her hands and knees through sewage and *grins* she's not too happy. Of course, she has to do it; she must save her grandma (Palacier). I must admit, though, leaving your characters in gross/scary/stressful situations tends to put them in a bad mood.

Thus, today Benaiah gets a break. And I'm certain he's downright thrilled about it. Not that I've been working them out every fact, I've left them alone for a while (over a week), but when I was stretching his character yesterday -- I was editing -- he was NOT excited. In fact, he complained the whole time and it took all of my writing strength to withstand jotting down his terribly annoying language. *turns head to side* In fact, I can hear it right now *grimaces* and when he's annoyed his voice sounds awful. Remind me to give him speech lessons.

What's that you say? Oh, my other characters. Well, I've got a couple that I'm developing. Sir Ritherthorn (a middle-aged knight from Xxydl), Omriel (main bad guy; chief mercenary for King Torus; lord of all filthy, evil, disgusting, gross, battle-oriented, blood-clotted stuff), and Malcohm (head chef of the Vanaajael Forest Chosen One's; terribly moody with a skewed sense of humour). Can I pick a favourite? No!! Of course I can't! They're all awesome characters. Sir Ritherthorn is down-to-earth and smart. He's muscular, kindly, and athletic. I intend to develop him so that he'll give his life to save Kybris if she's ever in danger. You never know, that could come in handy some day. Omriel...*chuckles* he's very evil. He's missing part of his nose (from when he used to be a sailor on the high seas). That sums him up in a sentence. And Malcohm...he's one of those hilarious kinda guys that adds spice to the tale. They're all different and I love them all in different ways :)

Now I have something a little odd to ask you. It might not pertain to you at all, but I know for some people (including myself) it does. *ahem* *walks to old bookshelf and grabs a dust, worn book from the middle* *dusts off book and opens to page 66*

Do you ever find yourself taking a liking to the evil characters? *glances at book and turns red* Well, for all the cheese in the world, look what it says here! *proceeds to quote from book; page 66 paragraph 4*

Many young people find themselves attracted to the gang group (evil characters, bad folks, unclean). Why? As researchers, we have not discovered the reason behind what propels people to love a good evil character, but here are some of our findings:

Most people who find themselves taking a liking to an evil character often do so after seeing/reading that the character has undergone some kind of pain (internal or external).

Thus we are dealing with a human's ability to be compassionate. We've found the same thing with readers/viewers who have read/watched a good character undergo infliction. Therefore, we can tentatively conclude that pain makes a character more appealing.

There you have it! Brilliant eh? It's from *glances at title of book* Squeak's Great Musings. Okay, okay, so maybe it's my own opinion, but honest: if a character (good or bad) undergoes pain and they suffer because of that pain, they become much more appealing to the reader. That's why I intend to have Benaiah undergo some kind of severe pain (one of the reasons he suffers from an old injury *secret material there* and in the future I'll probably end up lopping off a finger). *laughs for a minute and then suddenly stops* So you're not buying this eh? Oh well, perhaps I'll talk with you more about it later.

Anyways, I've got piano lessons to go to and Bible study to attend...(which reminds me, I have a post on the Fellowship that I've been wanting to put up...maybe I'll do it tomorrow). So TTFN!

Signed with chalk,



  1. I find that internal pain makes the character even more appealing. Internal pain, in fact, is a LOT more effective than external pain. But I agree with you...and are you publishing Squeaks' Great Musings anytime soon? 'Cause it sounds like it is pack full of information. :)

  2. I like the sound of that skewed sense of humor. :)

  3. I have that same character-control problem too! Isn't it so annoying? Honestly, I can't tell if they're writing the story or I am.

    No, I don't think I've ever liked a bad guy in a book...except for Gollum. Mainly, I just feel sorry for them.

  4. @Jake, I agree! About the book: unfortunately I'm actually transcribing it from a very very old language (something very hard to translate into English) and most of the pages are currently stocked away into the strangest safe in the I'm afraid I won't be publishing it :( I'll release information from it, though, when I am given access to this wonderful stock.

    @Lady Greenleaf; merci! I like me humorous bone too!

    @Izori, it is annoying when your characters take control XD About Gollum: I hated him at first but when I watched the movie had played Gollum's song on the piano I felt a very distinct twinge of sadness for the old blighter. :P


  5. Heh. I hardly comment as I should, given how I read and how much more I enjoy, but I wanted to stop by this evening and tell you that your musings are appreciated greatly. Keep them up. =D

    And by the way... do you know that people without Google accounts are unable to comment on The Minstrel Warrior? ^^



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